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May 23, 2014 Sanjay Dabhoya

Check out the best 10 Benefits of WordPress CMS Development here.

The web world is surging with business websites as more entrepreneurs tend to choose the online option for promoting their business. But then, the competition among business sites has been significantly increased. WordPress CMS Development

As a result, the website with an appealing interface and seamless performance can excel. There, CMS (Content Management System) development comes into the picture. From targeting a specific audience to retaining existing customers, the CMS can serve various objectives.


What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Basically, CMS is a software application or set of programs that are designed to create and manage digital content of all types. The digital content can include images, documents, videos, and other audio-visual content. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Textpattern are a few popular CMS platforms. In layman’s terms, the CMS can manage the online content in a structured way and enables the users to edit, delete, recover, and publish the content rapidly on the website.


What is WordPress?

Currently, the trendiest Content Management System. Before knowing the key benefits of WordPress CMS development, let’s see what exactly is WordPress and how does it manage the content.

WordPress is PHP and MySQL-based open-source CMS. Though it has gained fame as a blogging platform worldwide, it supports all types of web content including forums, mailing lists, and online galleries.

The WordPress platform is rich in plugins and themes. One of its plugins WooCommerce can help retailers develop an online store with ease. In a way, WordPress is a robust and reliable platform for managing your business content.

Now we will go through ten noteworthy reasons why WordPress web development is preferable for your business in 2019 and beyond.


1. Simple to Access and Use:

Easy to access

You will find WordPress simple to access at any time. Multiple users can access WordPress from anywhere. You can even personally use or modify the WordPress website without having much coding knowledge. The WordPress CMS development enables you to keep on updating posts, add new pages, images, and videos on a daily basis and speedily too.


2. Excellent Features:


WordPress includes excellent features covering integrated link management, search engine friendly, fresh permalink structure and automatic filter that offers appropriate text formatting in blogs or articles.

The WordPress website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, and therefore, it can have a better chance to come on the top pages of SERPs. Highly customizable SEO components can give complete control on the pages you want to give a higher ranking in search engines.


3. Easy to Expand:

Easy to Expand

The design features and tools provided by WordPress help in expanding and incorporating professional or personal blogs on the websites. Blogs act advantageously towards your business as you can always update new contents for your target audience and clients.

Apart from the blog, you can add or modify necessary features in the WordPress website by using customized plugins. Free and Pro WordPress Plugins help you address the changing business requirements and growing competition online.


4. Administer Your Website from Any Computer:

WordPress is known to be browser-based; thus you can take the benefit of logging from any internet connection and administer or manage your website easily.


5. HTML Editing or FTP Software Not Needed:

HTML Editing

WordPress is considered to be a self-contained system. Therefore, you can craft a new blog post, arrange text, upload documents, upload images, image galleries, video files, etc., without using HTML or FTP software.

It also means that even a non-technical person can also manage the WordPress website with a little coding knowledge.

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6. Your Website Design is 100% Customizable:

Website Design

As the WordPress works as an engine for the site, you can make 100% customized look of your website for your brand to outshine superbly on your site and also provide an ideal experience for the people visiting often.


7. Broaden the functionality of your site with plugins:

WordPress includes plugins via which you can add video gallery, event calendar, Facebook Fan Box etc to your site. WordPress CMS development also enables you to run aggressive content marketing campaigns. You can update the website’s design and content rapidly in line with the content marketing campaign and business model. It can help your business to thrive and build a good reputation among people.


8. A Proper Built-in Blog and Set to Go:

blogging platform

As WordPress is a blogging platform and considered as well-known blogging software in the market, the potential of blogging is built-in and simple to incorporate.

It is very easy to set up the RSS/email subscription in your blog; commenting below the blog will also be easy, and you can also add current blog posts to the other distinct pages of the sites in an easy way. What’s more, in WordPress, themes can be customizable as per business needs. Also, you can choose the right theme from a collection of trending WordPress themes.

Thus, these will assist in taking your company to heights and it will become more interactive.


9. Responsiveness:


One of the most noteworthy benefits of the WordPress platform is it can enable the web developers to come up with responsive web design. The WordPress web development ensures mobile-friendly design for your business website and enables you to get rid of developing separate websites for different devices.

As per Google’s ‘Mobile First’ policy, a mobile-friendly website is a must for your business.


10. Social Media Integration:

Social media integration

These days, it becomes increasingly necessary to integrate social media network in your business website. However, The WordPress theme development services allow you to get a website with seamless social media integration in your selected theme.

This integration facilitates you to post on various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter without a separate login. Also, your social contacts will also get notified about the fresh content on your website for them.

Wrapping Up

WordPress CMS development has many business benefits to offer. All you need to hire WordPress CMS developers from a reliable web development company to leverage all these benefits in a cost-effective way.

Solwin Infotech is a renowned WordPress CMS development company. We provide end-to-end solutions in the domain of WordPress web development to the global clientele. Email us at to get the best-in-class website development services in the WordPress platform at affordable rates.

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