Why Should One Go For WordPress Development
January 18, 2014 Sanjay Dabhoya

Among all the web development platforms, WordPress is the simplest and fastest tool to build a functional website for many of the obvious yet unique reasons. The custom-built website can be created by using this open-source platform. One can build a website within minutes to an hour. So, let’s discuss why should one go for WordPress development.

Why you should choose WordPress:

Gone are the days when WordPress was only used as a blogging platform. WordPress is drastically changing and develop within a few years. Being a flexible and simple open-source, it is used for creating CMS websites. There are next to infinite free plugins for almost all kinds of functionality available for WordPress. There are professional WordPress developers to hire who can design a website for you. So, you will find many WordPress developers in the market. You can choose the best one that suits your requirements.

Being total SEO friendly CMS, WordPress uses to make the websites to rank higher in the search engines. It considers a cheaper option for building CMS websites. You can use many default themes and develop a website within a few minutes. You can also look for experienced WordPress designers to customize the themes. One can also use third-party plugins for WordPress websites.

WordPress is easy to install. This makes it a trusted choice of many customers and developers across the globe. The WordPress admin panel is easy to use. Even a layman can make the changes to the website via backend. There is no need of technical knowledge to manage WordPress websites.

The doubts and queries can be solved easily as WordPress has a large community. The experts would provide the solutions. Hence, if you are looking for an SEO friendly website, WordPress development can be the right option.

Let’s take a quick look at the points about why should one go for WordPress development:

Points that Why you should go with WordPress:

  • It is an open source platform that gives all the rights to develop it as you want. The flexibility of WordPress is one of a kind.
  • Even if there is no coding qualification to one, WordPress is easy to use and customize for non-coders with the help of more than 60k plugins for different functionalities.
  • Even though WordPress was initially used as a blogging platform, but now it evolves itself with time. It also allows users to create an eCommerce website too majorly with the help of WooCommerce plugins and others as per requirement.
  • The admin of the website can add their users, admin, editors, authors, contributors as their role and can make a team of it.
  • There are immense different ways to improve Search engine page ranks with the help of WordPress as each post and page can have its own tags and keywords.
  • The percentage of websites on the Internet that is using WordPress as a platform is consistently rising and including top companies of the world such as Google, Facebook, Sony, etc. The recent numbers have jumped from 27% to 31%, of the total website on the internet.
  • Even though WordPress comes with a multitude of customization options from the default, it is even easier to make your website and customize it on your own.
  • Developing WordPress is easier than any other thing. You can also learn it by yourself without any help if you have a basic knowledge of coding and CSS.
  • I recommend not to invest more money in buying WordPress themes for your website. Instead, you can hire a WordPress developer that can do many many things to your website. It can build up almost all the things and functionalities for you.
  • WordPress developer can even work with the bunch of some plugins that can work magically with its coding and its functionality for your website as well as for the admin panel.
  • A WordPress developer can even help to choose the best domain and hosting services packages that can work out with your budget. They also make sure that it configures properly and can work without any errors.

A WordPress developer can be the best option for you to build your website if it is on the WordPress platform. This can directly affect your business and its success. There are a lot of technical heads out there that will work perfectly for you and your business. It is far beyond, choosing a theme or a plugin.

So, now you know many things about WordPress and also, why should you choose WordPress Development. Choose wisely and get the WordPress developer.

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