Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers
April 15, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Affiliate marketing programs are beneficial for bloggers. Here we give some tips for beginners to earn money with affiliate marketing along with some noteworthy platforms.

It’s 2019 and blogging becomes more powerful than ever. The blog serves many objectives of individuals and enterprises. From making money to promoting business, the blog can act as a powerful online knowledge-sharing tool.

A reader-friendly and informative blog can help companies get frequent visitors on their websites. In a way, the blog can assist the enterprises to build a loyal customer base. Individuals can earn money through blogging. Many options are available to make money in 2019 through a blog.

Out of these options, affiliate marketing programs are relatively easy, quick, and effective means to monetize your blog.

This article shows how you can earn through an affiliate marketing program. We are going to discuss the affiliate marketing from scratch and give the list of a few noteworthy affiliate marketing programs at the end.

So, are you ready to monetize your blog? Let’s know how you can do it through affiliate marketing.


What is affiliate marketing?

When it comes to making serious money through a blog, affiliate marketing has no substitute.

As a form of blog advertising, affiliate marketing is about putting a link or a banner to a product in your article. You can receive a commission if someone clicks through the link and buys the product.

Affiliate marketing is a bit different than PPC ads. The plus point of affiliate marketing programs is you can earn more money as compared to other blog monetizing options.

Companies like to pay more commission because they can save money from spending on Google Adwords and they need to pay only after actual selling.

In a way, affiliate marketing for bloggers is more rewarding.

It is possible to earn good bucks if bloggers promote the right companies and products. When someone clicks on the link, a cookie is placed on their computer. It can last up to a few months. The product purchase during this time can enable the bloggers to earn a commission.


How to Promote products or services on your blog?

Well, there are different ways to promote the affiliate’s products or services on your blog. Some of them are:

  • Banner Ads
  • Create videos
  • Internal linking (URLs)
  • Reviews
  • Write blog/articles
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns

All you need to take care that your blog posts do not look spammy due to your links and banners. You need to put a unique link every time in the blog to get an optimum outcome. Now, let’s go through a few effective tips to earn money with affiliate marketing.


Top Tips to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more difficult and challenging as compared to other monetization options for bloggers. Let’s see some useful tips to make money through affiliate marketing as a beginner:


1. Product selection is important

Do you know about the biggest mistake of bloggers when it comes to participating in affiliate programs? Well, they register with too many such programs and try to promote almost everything. Instead, it is better to understand the needs of your target audience and the theme of your blog before selecting the affiliation companies.


2. Use online tools for promotion

How about running ads of your affiliate partner on various channels?

In today’s social media-driven age, you have many online channels available to promote products and services among a huge audience. It reflects in generating more traffic on the sales page and thereby increasing the chances of selling the products. In a way, you can have a better chance to make money soon.

Also, various websites provide different tools to track the campaign and make it more efficient. These tools are advanced and capable of helping vendors and bloggers alike. For example, a WordPress plugin like Affiliate Link Manager is useful for running affiliate marketing on a WordPress website.


3. Treat it as campaign

This is interesting. You should promote the products or services of an affiliate program as if you’re running a campaign for your own products. You can use a few strategies for the online promotion of products. Split testing and measurement of each effort’s impact on the readers can be good options. You can ask the partner companies to show the basic statistics of affiliate programs.


4. Stay updated with new techniques

The affiliate marketing domain is thriving and becoming more competitive with time. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated with technological advancements in online promotion and affiliate marketing trends to stay ahead of the curve.


5. Select the right vendor

This is very important because you need to promote a reliable and tested product to gain the reader’s trust.

The affiliate marketing programs are developed to promote the vendor or organization that own the product or offers the services. Therefore, it is advisable for the blogger to check the quality and after-sales services before promoting any products. The vendors with a good track record of customer service are preferable.

You can meet people who are already using affiliate marketing to earn. It is also beneficial to build relationships and establish productive partnerships. Finally, it is the quality of content and better collaboration with the vendor or companies that can ensure your success in affiliate marketing.


How to Make the Most of Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should keep the following aspects in mind to get the desired outcome from affiliate marketing.


1. Stay Relevant

The first and foremost factor to consider is your targeted audience. You need to select the products, offers, or services that can offer a solution to the common problems of your specific audience. It is obvious that if you show the most relevant ads to the readers, they will attract to use the products for once.

For example, if you have a travel blog, it is better to be a part of an affiliate program run by a travel agency, rather than a manufacturing company.


2. Be Trustworthy

It is always better to promote the products or companies that you trust because the readers can readily make out whether you want to take advantage of their visit. Your online reputation matters when it comes to affiliate marketing success.

If the readers think that you recommend products or services for your profit, the chances are high that they won’t come back to your blog. Therefore, you need to focus on adding value to your blog.


3. Remain Helpful

Your blog should address the reader’s problems efficiently and give them useful information. In a way, you can remain helpful. If you want to earn money with affiliate marketing, you need to write a product review with all necessary information and mention the case study if possible. Without the reason or a proper review, the product you recommend will have no use for the readers. If you can convince your readers that the products you are recommending are helpful for them, they may consider buying them.


4. Keep Trying

It is fair to mention that affiliate marketing cannot provide overnight success. You need to try different products as per your blog’s category. With this, you need to select the products carefully because it makes no sense that you promote products that are contradictory to one another.

For example, it makes no sense to promote a standard razor and an electric razor together! Also, you need to look for new products or services to enrich your affiliate marketing portfolio.


5. Focus on Content

Content can play a significant role in ensuring your success in affiliate marketing programs. You should write timeless content that can attract a huge audience. You should remain updated and write the content with the latest information.

Now, you can make your older blogs timeless by adding links to new articles in them. Also, you can come up with unique ads for the products or services to stay ahead of the curve if your affiliate partner company permits.

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Key Rules of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

“Every game has rules. Obey the rules, win the game; disobey the rule lose it!” –Israelmore Ayivor

If you want to stay ahead of other bloggers, you need to maintain the quality of your writing as well as follow these rules of affiliate marketing.


1. FTC Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made it mandatory for bloggers to disclose affiliate relationships. As a blogger, you need to disclose it in a brief yet clear way on every blog that has affiliate links. FTC guidelines are necessary to follow to get rid of any possible action in the future.


2. Google’s No-follow Attribute

Google wants all sponsored and paid links including affiliate links to have the no-follow attribute. No addition of the no-follow attribute to your affiliate links is considered as the violation of Google’s policies. Your blog may get banned from Google as a consequence.

Here we recommend the top five Affiliate marketing programs for bloggers in 2019. As a blogger, you can start any of these programs and start earning from your blog.


Top 5 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs


1. Amazon Associates

We cannot forget the eCommerce giant here. The program offers up to 10% commission on the sales of any qualifying products. What is more interesting is the fact that Amazon counts all referral-related purchases toward all associates’ affiliate revenue. Amazon has a huge selection of products that are bought by many people worldwide. However, here its cookie lasts only for 24 hours and there is no provision of digital payment.


2. Clickbank

It is a diverse marketplace with merchants for various products. You can choose the product from its easy-to-navigate product database. It is fair to mention that you can readily find something in line with your blog’s theme. But, here also, there is no digital payment method available. Also, there is an upper limit for earning at just $150.


3. Leadpages Partner Program

It is a very powerful online marketing tool. Your digital audience will like the products of Leadpages. The program is based on tools and all you need to show on your website or blog that the tool is available. The program offers 30% commission on the spending of referral. Though Leadpages program sells well, it will sell only to people who are trying to utilize their websites to excel.


4. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

It is a leading email marketing platform based on providing an individual experience to every user. ConvertKit program provides a great email marketing opportunity for the bloggers. If your audience loves emails, they will certainly appreciate ConvertKit. However, it is fair to mention that everyone does not use email marketing.


5. Solwin Affiliate Program

A renowned website and eCommerce store development company offers a reliable and rewarding affiliate program. The company enables the program partners to utilize their websites, blogs, newsletters, and various social media account to promote various high-quality plugins, Magento 2 themes, and web development services. It offers up to 50% commission in its affiliate marketing program.

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Concluding Lines

Affiliate marketing campaigns are capable of offering you many bucks. This blog will certainly help you to earn money with affiliate marketing. All the vendors mentioned above are reliable and supportive for the bloggers. You can start earning by offering your readers an excellent blend of tested products and unique content.

Solwin Infotech is a leading IT services provider in the domains of web development, design, and SEO services. The company has earned fame for developing customized Magento 2 Themes, WordPress Plugins, and Magento 2 extensions. Just connect with us through with your business requirements. Our business consultants will help you out to get the most suitable web solutions for your business.

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