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April 6, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

You must have used a website or a mobile app for searching for a local restaurant. Have you tried searching for the gyms around you? Or you may need to find a local book store in your town. The business providers that show up high on the local searchers use local marketing strategies to acquire new customers in 2020.

Digital marketers use the best local internet marketing ideas and tactics to help businesses stand out from the competition. Local SEO helps to improve the website performance in search engines and makes your website rank higher for local searches.

You can reach your business objectives and rank higher for keywords that improve local search engine optimization. Local SEO involves specific keywords that are used by people for searching for services around their location. Your website gets a lot of brand credibility to appear on the top searches in Google.

Your local clients may be using the search engine, online directories or social media platforms to seek your products and services. Offering an excellent user experience can help you rank higher in local searches.


1. Use keywords to target local areas

Longtail Keywords

Achieving high rankings in local search engines may be less competitive. Using keyword phrases including the local area names in your city can help you get targeted customers. For instance, if you are a handyman in New Rochelle, New York, you can target the keyword “handyman in New Rochelle” instead of “handyman in New York.” This will help you gain more customers locally.

Optimizing your website for relevant local keywords can help you rank higher and drive more customers around you.


2. Google My Business – Your Top Priority

You need to list your business on Google My Business, which is a service provided by Google to enhance your online visibility. Google My Business offers a roadmap to follow for making your business show up on Google Maps and Google Search. So, make sure that your Google My Business listing is verified and all the information is up-to-date. Add company name, your website URL, address, contact numbers, payment methods, and every detail possible to describe your business.

It can be a good idea to ask your customers to leave a review of your business. Capturing your clients’ feedbacks can help you increase your sales. If a customer leaves a good positive review, you should thank them sincerely.


3. Build local backlinks to your website


Building high-quality backlinks from local sources should be your top priority. Focus on local link building activities by creating relevant high-quality backlinks.

You can reach out to local newspapers and media outlets for requesting them for backlinks. Also, collaborating with a local influencer can be a good option to get local links. Besides, you can approach guest bloggers to help you get high-quality backlinks for your website.


4. Choose long-tail keywords

long tail keywords


Keyword optimization is a trick to good local marketing. Whether you are a small business or a large one, you can focus on long-tail keywords using keyword planner tools and select the best ones.

Be selective in choosing the right long-tail keywords to optimize the traffic to your website. Talk to expert SEO professionals to help you with the right keywords for your website. Make sure that you include those keywords in your content.


5. Responsive website

Kosmic Magento 2 Multipurpose Theme by Solwin

It is important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly as most of the users prefer searching for products or services using their mobile phones and tablets. With more than half of your target customers searching for your products on their mobiles, you should focus on building a responsive website.

Mobile-friendly websites deliver a seamless user experience irrespective of the device it is accessed on. You can ask an expert web developer to ensure that your site is responsive.


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6. Optimize URL, title tags, meta description, and headers

When it comes to local marketing strategies, we cannot ignore the importance of optimizing URL with the right title tags, meta description, and headers so that it becomes easier for the search engines to show your website up when a user searches for your products locally.

Whenever you write any piece of content, you should use high-volume keywords in the URL, meta description and title tags. Geo-targeted content can help you rank higher in Google.


7. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice Search

With the increasing popularity of Alexa and Siri, people have started using voice search online. It is important to optimize your website for voice search so that the users can land to the desired product page without any difficulty. Further, make sure that your product pages have relevant keywords to help users reach the desired page using Voice Search.


8. Use Social Media platforms


Engaging your audience through social media platforms can be a good idea to gain more customers. Google pulls search results from social networking profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and others. It will crawl your website by referring to your social networking profiles.

You can think of creating profiles on all major social media platforms and start posting engaging content to get more new customers and retain the existing ones.


9. Get online reviews

Customer Product Reviews.

Customer Product Reviews.

You should contact existing customers and get reviews and testimonials from them to provide social proof to other users and convince them to buy your products or services.

Satisfied customers would not mind leaving positive reviews for your brand. Customer reviews leave a positive impact on the minds of users who are interested to buy your products or services.


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10. Sponsor Local Events

To increase brand awareness sponsoring charitable events in your local community is the best way.

Assured that the event is not something you understand, though it is something that may suit to your target audience. For instance, a sports company might not do so good at sponsoring an event in the local night club. However, Sponsoring a kid’s sports team could be an appropriate option to increase the company’s growth.


11. Register With Local Business Directories

Usually, local consumers view to catalog to find businesses or someone professionals from a particular area. You have to sure about your business is listed in relevant directories or catalog without any type of faulty data.

Do not overlook your local small compartment of business, yellow pages, and niche catalog. Let me give you an example, the restaurant owner can list their services on websites like Menue list and Ratings.


12. Cross-Promote With Other Local Businesses


If your company gives a special offer to customers, then you are reaching the people who already know about your business. However, if you and other companies offer a promotion together, then customers from both businesses are likely to become aware of it.

For example, a local restaurant may partner with the nearest movie theater for promoting “dinner and a movie” special offer.


13. Start a Referral Program


A referral program means offering an extra business card to satisfied customers and asking them to refer their near ones and dear ones.

You can also offer a discount or award to the referrer and even to the customer being referred.

For example, you are a website designer. You might offer a $50 discount to your past customers who refer your work with their friends or family member and an equal discount to the referred person as well.


14. Introduce Yourself to Local Media

Introduce yourself to journalists and editors and offer your expertise topics related to your business. You can also send out press announcements to suggest article ideas, especially tired to make a current news event. Be persistent and do not irritate editors by being too offensive.


15. Advertise a Loyalty Program

Provide Loyalty Programs

This is one of the most important local marketing strategies due to customers love to feel valued. Create special discounts for the only local consumers, maybe bring everything collectively in a loyalty scheme.


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16. Bring Your Staff into Your Referral Plan

To begin with, your dedicated staff is superior to act as a promoter for your company’s brand. Offering a bonus to your staff for referring new clients and customers is the best way.


17. Tell Your Story

Storytelling plays an important role in promoting your brand.

If you belong to the local area you are addressing and have a great story about how your business got started.

Mostly, consumers like to support a local business, especially those run by a hard-working local citizen. Moreover, you can make a video or create a series of blog posts and share it on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more.


18. Use Targeting Tools for Online Marketing

Social media platforms are the most powerful tool for marketing. For instance, Facebook offers different ways to target consumers in the local area.

Furthermore, You can also use paid advertising features to raise your sales.


19. Send Out Targeted Email Campaigns

Email list

Approximately 75% of marketers discover that targeted personalization will raise consumer engagement, that is why as your local marketing strategies, make sure you modify your email campaigns to customers in the local sector.


20. Consider Running a Coupon Deal Site Offer

cool summer sale 2019 - solwin infotech-magento
It might not fit all businesses, however as sometimes Solwin Infotech offers special deals or discounts to the user who wants to purchase Website themes and plugins.


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Final Thoughts

Spending enough time for local marketing ideas and providing accurate information on all the networks can help you win more customers. Local customers should be able to get the right information about your business when searching for your products or services.

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