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February 26, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you want to boost customer loyalty? Are you looking for the latest customer loyalty program ideas?
Every shopper loves to save money while shopping for products or services. When customers join a loyalty program, they expect great benefits to gain from the best deals.

In today’s competitive times, brands find it difficult to make customers loyal to their brands. They look for the best customer loyalty program ideas to keep customers happy. Also, they look for different ways and tactics to satisfy the customers’ requirements and demands and increase customer engagement.

However, if you are looking for customer loyalty program ideas, you should focus on delivering a seamless experience and make the customers happy.


Features of a good Customer Loyalty Program

  • It helps to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Bridges the gap between brands and customers.
  • Also, it helps to adopt new technologies to deliver personalized experiences.

Businesses can try to offer free extras to grab the attention of potential clients and make them interested in their products or services. Everyone loves to receive a little extra for free. You can offer some freebies or extra discounts to your customers to gain customer loyalty.

According to recent research, online eCommerce stores that offer free shipping enjoy higher sales than the ones that charge shipping charges from the customers.


Why are customer loyalty programs important?

Let’s look at the advantages of customer loyalty programs:

A. Better customer retention: Customers make buying decisions based on the price of the product along with engagement, shipping cost, timelines, and overall brand experience.

B. Cost efficiency: It is important to provide cost-efficient products and services to the customers and help them get the maximum value for the money so that they become happy and satisfied.

C. More customer referrals: If your customers are happy with the benefits you provide, they are likely to refer your brand to their friends and family members.


How to build an effective customer loyalty program?

There are different ways in which you can boost customer retention and build brand credibility. We’ve listed the top 5 advanced customer loyalty program ideas that are easy to adopt for eCommerce businesses and physical stores also. Modern businesses can reach out to more customers and create personalized experiences for their brands:


1. Unique offers in exchange for reward points

It can be a great idea to create special offers to the existing customers in exchange for the reward points.

Ecommerce website owners and shop owners can create special programs for the members of loyalty programs. Members can redeem the points and purchase products and services. This would encourage the members to spend more and business owners would be able to make a lot of profits with this type of customer loyalty program.



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2. Provide special rewards for referrals


A great customer loyalty program idea could be a referral program for customers. If an existing customer refers your brand to his friends or family members, you can reward that loyal customer.

You can send messages to your loyal customers asking them to provide referrals. This will help you make new loyal customers and make huge profits. You can offer discounts to the people who refer and the new sign up customers too.


3. Social media engagement for deals and discounts

Your social media followers can be your potential clients. Using social media engagement for posting deals and promotional discounts can be a great way to run customer loyalty campaigns for your brand. This will help your customers feel engaged and they would feel excited about the deals and offers.


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4. Share positive customer experiences

Testimonials And Reviews

If you have client reviews and testimonials, feel free to share them on your website and other platforms so that the other customers and potential leads can know about your products and services. They may also realize the benefits that your company offers. Client and product reviews play a major role to maximize customer value.


5. Create VIP tiers

Most of the brands have started realizing the benefit of creating VIP tiers and they have already started offering extra perks for the active loyal customers.


Valued members should be offered something extra and treated really special.

Whether you want to provide them with early access to the sales, free products, free shipping, or freebies, make sure that you treat them special in some or the other way. Give them some additional reward points for every dollar spent.



In a Nutshell

You can choose one or multiple customer loyalty program ideas to make more sales. A strong loyalty program has to be dynamic to accommodate changing customer trends. It is important to monitor the loyalty programs and optimize the campaigns from time to time. This will help you understand what works well and what requires improvement.

You can make the changes in the customer loyalty program by discovering the weak points in the campaigns. Focus on long-term success and improve customer retention.

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