Deadly Web Design Mistakes
January 27, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

The most crucial website design tip a web designer can give anyone, whether a beginner or a more experienced person, is that it should be useful to the users.

Yes, it is vital to have an attractive website because most people are very visual, and that is the first thing that would attract them to your site. But you must also pay attention to the functionality, page loading speed, ease of navigation, among other factors when designing a website. If you do not pay attention to such factors, it will have an impact on your website.

Web design mistakes will determine your ranking on the search engines and how mobile-friendly the site is. You must, therefore, strive for a fantastic user experience, which will result in more traffic to your site. You also get the opportunity to capture leads so that you convert them into sales.

It is very easy to know a website with a poor design. There are certain web design principles you need to look out for to achieve a good web design. If not, you will notice that its performance on Google analytics will be very poor. The number of people visiting your website will be low, and most of all, the conversion rate will be absolutely dismal.

However, getting the perfect website can be very difficult because of some common web design mistakes. We will explore some of them below and what you can do to correct the situation.


1. Not Understanding Who The Target Market Is.

Before you set out to design the website, you must have a good understanding of who the target market is.

If, for example, you are targeting very young people, you may need a layout that is attractive with many images, videos, or animations.

If a target is corporate or business people, you may want to simple design or template that screams professionalism. It may be the best time to avoid splashes of color or moving images because it will not communicate well with that particular demographic.

You must remember that the website will be a representation of you as the owner, and the target market will draw a lot of reference from it.  If it appears unprofessional, they will think the same of you as an individual or business owner. It could even impact on whether or not they transact with you.


2. Not paying attention to the design and user experience

User Experience
The user experience looks at things like the instructions, labeling, and the layout of the website. The interactive design takes into consideration how easy the infrastructure sign is to interact with. The website user needs to be able to easily understand what is on the website because this will determine whether or not they will come back to it.

If the website is not user-friendly, most visitors will quickly click off. You must remember that there is a lot of competition on the online platform, and you are competing for a very limited attention span of the online visitor.

Most people will stay on a website only if the design is good, and it has a user-friendly interface. Fortunately, you will find very many plugins that you can integrate into your site to increase functionality. You must, however, be careful about the number of plugins you download because they could interfere with the overall running of your website.

If you are using very advanced features, you will also need to have the latest hardware configurations and browsers. Carefully consider whether adding certain features on the website will make sense to the end-user or not. Having a good look at the larger picture will determine whether or not it is worth taking the risk.

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3. Not Paying Attention To The Page Layout

One major mistake many people make when designing the website is not being consistent with the pages. Consider factors such as pixel width, which will determine; alignment of objects, the browser window, the screen resolution, and the monitor size. People will form an opinion about your website immediately they land on your homepage.

If the layout seems haphazard and you have too much clutter, no one will want to engage with the pages. You will find very many templates and themes that can help you with the page layout.


4. Haphazard Use Of Motion Graphics

Whether or not you should use motion graphics depends on the audience you are targeting. For instance, if you are designing for the entertainment industry, then motion graphics are a good idea. However, if you are creating a website for a more serious audience, you need to be very careful about your graphics.

If, for example, you are designing a website for corporate or government bodies, avoid the use of animations or motions graphics because it gives it a less serious look. If you decide to include graphics, only include those that are relevant and not distracting.


5. Not Paying Attention To The Coding

Attention to the Coding
Web designers should conform to website design standards; if you deviate from this, you will find that your website becomes unusable. Web design standards consider factors like readability and the layout of the page, among others. There are some tools, which will help identify any coding errors, allowing you to make the relevant corrections.


6. Neglecting The Homepage

Having a good homepage is something that Web design experts agree is one of the most crucial web design tips any designer can have. Make your homepage attractive and relevant. Be careful not to clutter the page or include too much irrelevant content. Use the right key phrases and consider a call to action at the bottom of the page.

The jury is still out on whether carrousels add any value to the homepage. It will likely depend on what you want, but you also have other options such as stacked slides or featured images instead of carousels.


7. Ignoring SEO

The search engines will not find your website if you do not optimize it for them. Pay attention to your keywords, both long-term and short-term, and use your blog to push out relevant content. You must keep up with the posting of content regularly so that you attract more people to your website.

Link your website to your social media pages and ensure that you share your content across the different platforms. Encourage people to like share comments, among others, because it will increase your ranking on the search engine.


8. Using Poor Quality Visual Images

Images are essential for breaking up the monotony of text.

Research indicates that 80% of people will interact with the content because of the use of images. 64% will remember your content long afterward.

Images are essential to help people interact with the pages, and Google will use this information to determine your ranking. They also contribute to the attractiveness of the website. To optimize your images for SEO, you must do the following:

  • Use high-quality photos and try as much as possible to avoid stock pictures.
  • Add alt tags for your images.
  • Consider the file size; the heavier the pictures, the more it will slow down your page loading speeds.
  • The file type also has an impact. JPG uses small files, but the picture quality is not good. PNG has high resolution but is large in size, while GIF will work well for simpler images.
  • Your images should have relevance to the content.
  • Do not violate copyright laws. There are sites you can find free pictures on the online platform while others will require that you buy or get permission before you use the images.
  • Have the right captions for your pictures, among other practices.


9. Choosing The Web Hosting Provider

The right web host provider is essential for the proper running of your website.  You must, therefore, be very careful when choosing one because you do not want to experience slow loading pages and downtimes. Some of the factors you must to consider include:

  • Whether they have sufficient bandwidth and Storage.
  • Do they allow for scalability because the more your website grows, the  more functionality you will need.
  • Do they have excellent customer support that you can reach on multiple platforms such as email telephone or chat.
  • What is the price of the package, and what other benefits do you get for each level. There are some free host providers, but you may want to avoid them. Nothing good comes for free, and you may find that you have more challenges than benefits.
  • What kind of  security do they offer you?
  • Are they dependable?
  • What do other customers say about them –  make sure you read the customer reviews

One of the biggest challenges you will have when you choose the wrong web host provider is slow loading pages. The attention span of people on the website is so short that within five seconds, you can lose your website visitor. Your bounce rate will be high, and the number of people coming to your website is very low. Other factors will contribute to the slow loading pages, including the types and sizes of the images, animations, and videos.

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10. Not Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

mobile friendly website
In modern times people are moving away from using their desktop appliances to interact in the digital space.

Almost 50% of online shoppers will do so from their mobile devices, and more than 60% of website traffic comes from mobile.

It is, therefore, essential that you make your website mobile-friendly. Your visitors should have a pleasant experience whether they are looking at your website from a desktop device or mobile phone.

The experts recommend that you design your site for mobile and then format it to fit the desktop appliance. The reasoning is that with more people using their mobile devices to browse the internet, it no longer makes sense to focus on the laptop or computer.

Do not make the mistake of disabling the zoom functionality on mobile. Sometimes the text may not be large enough, and someone will want to read something but cannot do so because they are not able to zoom.


11. Not Having Contact Information Or A Clear Call-To-Action

Call To Action
It may come as a surprise, but leaving out the contact information and a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) continues to dominate in the list of mistakes. When you are setting up your website, you have a particular need for it. It, therefore, makes sense that you must have a clear contact information section on the home page and its own page just for emphasis.

Give your visitors multiple ways of reaching you, meaning you must include a phone number, email address, social media accounts, among others.

Your online visitors may also need a little nudge before they can take any action. That strategically placed Call to Action is, therefore, a key consideration. Remember, the perfect CTA is a command, but you deliver it persuasively. It should prompt your website visitor to take a particular action such as contact us today, by now, sign me up, among others.


12. Ignoring The Analytics

You will not know how well your website is doing if you do not pay attention to the analytics. You need to monitor and track the performance using tools such as Google Analytics.  Only then can you know what works and what does not, and which areas require your urgent attention.


Final Thoughts

To have a good website, consider how user-friendly it is and whether it serves your purpose, which would be to convert leads into sales. You must also make sure that you are visible to the search engines by optimizing the pages using the right keywords.

Most importantly, do not forget to do page tests to determine the loading speed. Remember, people on the online space like convenience and speed. If your website takes up to 5 seconds before it loads, no one will stick around.

You must also monitor how well your site is performing using online tools such as Google Analytics. It will help you know whether to make any changes so that you have a responsive website and the right kind of traffic.

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