Ecommerce Marketing Strategies
November 25, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Setting up your e-commerce platform is just the first step in starting your entrepreneurial journey. The next important step is to get the right kind of attention or brand awareness. You must, therefore, invest in aggressive marketing so that you stand above the competition.

Getting the right marketing strategy for the company will not be easy. However, once you get it right, all you need to do is keep tweaking it to ensure that it remains current. It will help ensure that it continues to give you the right kind of results. We will share with you the best eCommerce marketing strategies to beat your competitors.


1. Start with a plan

Business Planning

It does not matter what you are thinking of doing; you must have a plan. Your marketing plan will determine everything you do, how you hope to do it, timelines, and financial implications. Consider this a living document, because you will need to keep updating it. You must also note that your marketing plan will be different from your social media strategy and your content strategy. Many people make the mistake of thinking that once you have a marketing plan, you have all your bases covered.


2. Email Marketing


Some people may argue that email marketing is losing its effectiveness. The reason is that many people will junk or spam such emails. However, we beg to differ; this will occur in the situation where you bombard your audiences with irrelevant, spammy emails. If you use it correctly, email marketing continues to remain a potent marketing tool. Start by generating an email list, then define your target depending on your audience persona. You must then craft messages that directly target those who need the solution you are providing.


3. Optimize For Mobile

The modern shopper uses their smart mobile devices to do any of their online transactions. Search engines such as Google will also rank your website depending on whether or not it is mobile-friendly. You must, therefore, ensure that you optimize your e-commerce platform for mobile.


4. Understanding Social Media Platforms


Social media can be a fantastic platform if you take the time to understand the different channels. Your first step should be to have a social media strategy. Many marketers do not invest the time in really understanding the audiences and the platforms they use. They are also guilty of not crafting appropriate messaging for the different social media platforms. While it is a fantastic idea to diversify across the various platforms, you must be careful. Only go for those that work well for your brand, measure your performance, and encourage audience engagement.

The key to having a strong social media presence is to grow your online community. You can do it organically or use the paid-up option. The latter is faster, but the organic community is better because the people genuinely like your product. Encourage your audiences to like, share, and comment. If you have a video channel on YouTube, you must also encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

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5. Automating Your Social Media Marketing

With so much technology available, it does not make sense for anyone to put reminders to put up a post on a particular day and time. Automate the process, thus freeing up time to focus on your business.


6. User-Generated Content

Use User-generated content to create audience engagement. It could be in the form of inviting your audiences to send in pictures, videos, articles, among others. It is cost-effective and time-saving when you compare it to coming up with the content yourself. Remember to give due credit, and thank the audience for participating.


7. Loyalty Programs

We all want to feel that whoever we are purchasing goods or services from appreciates us in some way. A Loyalty Program is one such way of thanking your customers for being with you. Not only will you continue to keep that customer, but they are likely to refer other people to you.


8. Personalize Everything You Do

Take the time to understand your customers and find a way to reach them on a more personal level. Address them by name, send cards on special occasions, and respond to queries promptly, among others. You will find fantastic CRM tools in the market. You will achieve more if your customers feel like they are engaging with a real human being instead of a faceless company.


9. Utilize Long-Form Content

While it is true that the online user has a very short attention span, long-form content continues to be relevant. It is time-consuming, but you can come up with some fantastic articles that give in-depth information. You stop competing with everyone who is developing blog posts. You can quickly become the go-to source for well-researched information.


10. Test Ad Ideas on the Social Media Platform

Since you have so much freedom on what you can post on social media platforms, it becomes an ideal place to test your ad ideas. The reaction of the audience will let you know whether you are on the right path or not. By encouraging engagement, you can also get some valuable feedback that can allow you to tweak your campaigns appropriately.


11. Utilize the FAQ Section

An FAQ section is an effective way of responding to customer queries by pre-empting their questions. You save time, and the customer has access to information without even needing to ask.


12. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a cost-effective way of marketing your business if you do it correctly. Test whatever campaign you want to run to determine the effectiveness.


13. Reddit

Reddit is popular with many users because of the range of topics available on the platform. You also get massive advertising opportunities for your company. You must, therefore, make it a part of your marketing strategy.


14. Upselling

Upselling can be useful, but, you must be careful not to bombard the audiences with advertising. Target your communication to the right audiences, and provide relevant links that will allow you to make conversions.


15. Instagram Image Boosters

Instagram is the perfect platform for a business that deals in products that can move with the use of images. You can also take advantage of user-generated content for better engagement. Take high-quality pictures, and upload them on Instagram. Encourage your audiences to comment, share, and like the posts.


16. Deal With Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts continue to be a significant challenge for e-commerce businesses. You must, therefore, find a way of dealing with them, using tools such as A/B and user experience testing. It will give you a good indication of why customers continue to leave your store without completing the transaction process.

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17. Use Images

Images are a fantastic way to break up the monotony of text and generate more interest in what you have to share. Invest in good quality photographs, and if you can, avoid stock images.


18. Become a Media Outlet

It is possible to have your media outlet as a company. The content must, however, be original and provide news value.


19. Stay Up To Date with Industry News

Staying up-to-date with industry news means that you get content to share with your audience. Make it digestible by simplifying whatever it is you are trying to communicate.


20. Controversy Is Not Always Bad

The debate can create a lot of interest and discussion. You must, however, be careful about how you present your argument because you do not want to alienate specific audiences.


21. Be Careful About Optimizing For Search Engines

It is fantastic if the search engines find you easily through optimization because it helps send audiences to your website. You must, however, not stuff your content with keywords because it could distort your messaging. It could also interrupt the flow of your blog content, making it difficult to read.


22. Bring Your Company to Life

Do you know how some companies invest in advertisements that showcase the people running the show behind the scenes? The thinking is really simple; it helps the audiences engage with the company better. They also start to build an emotional connection with your company, which is essential for brand loyalty. You must, however, have guidelines for any messaging from the staff members.


23. Introduce Your People

One thing many people will do when they are on a Company website is to go to the ‘about us’ section. They will most definitely go to the team page so that they attach faces to the titles. You must do the same on your eCommerce platform so that people get to know who is responsible for the excellent content they interact with daily.


24. Have a Face for Your Company

A face for your company is a way for people to identify your business. As the business owner, you could be the face, but other companies opt to use fictitious characters. Choose the right face because you will need it to build a brand Association.


25. Become an Authority

You must position yourself as an authority in your industry. Join the right networks, social media groups, among others. Participate in the discussions so that people start to seek you out actively.


26. Personalize Your Communication

Personalizing your communication is a fundamental step when talking to your customers. A customer is more likely to open an email that starts with their name, than one that begins with ‘Dear Customer’.


27. Use Multi-Channel Platforms

You have set up your business on one of the e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify or Bigcommerce. But that is not enough; you need to link your store to other channels so that you reach a broader audience base. Link your store to other platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, Facebook, among others.3


28. Email Capture

You may be doing your email, capturing all wrong. The pop-ups may annoy some of your audiences, making them leave your platform without completing their transactions. Test your platform and the tools you are using to determine how effective they are.


29. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an effective way of sharing company and product information. Use the online tools to automate the process so that audiences know when to expect new content. You must also ensure that the articles are informative and respond to a particular need. Schedule a maximum of two monthly, so your audiences do not feel like you are sending too many.


30. Wishlist

You may notice that your audiences set up Wishlists, but never take steps to realize them. The problem may be as simple as the fact that they forget to follow up. Send out communication reminding them that there is something they wanted to buy, but have not had an opportunity to do so.


31. Simplify Your Processes

Too many processes on your online platform can be a turn-off for most people. The one place many companies fail is in the Checkout. There are so many forms to fill and so much information that it truly becomes bothersome trying to complete a purchase. Simplify the processes as much as possible and remove any steps that may not be adding any value.


32. Utilize Free Marketing

If you are starting your business, you may find that you do not have the money for paid advertising. You, however, have free resources that you can use for your business. Such include blogs, press releases, social media posts, videos, among others. Utilize such platforms, and you will generate a lot of awareness for your company.


33. Engage with your online visitors

Chat boxes are a fantastic way to engage with your online visitors. Social media platforms also allow you to do the same. When you engage, the customer feels that you care for them and is likely to come back or refer other people to you.


34. Do Not Be Afraid Of Ratings


You may be afraid of ratings, but they are an excellent indicator of what the customers think about your business.


35. Report Generation

Report generation is an essential component for anyone who is running an online platform. You will use the information to improve upon your strategies and to do away with what is not working. Tools such as Google Analytics are a fantastic way of measuring the performance of your website.


36. Market Research

You must research the market within which you are operating. It is an essential step to take before starting your business. You must also undertake it before you launch a new campaign or new products. Market research is an ongoing process and is a critical element in the success of your business.


37. Use Influencers

Influencers can sway their audiences to adopt a new product. You give them the products to test, and then they provide a review. Some may require that you pay them, while others are okay with receiving products for you. Work with a credible influencer who has taken the time to build a large following.

Product testing also works well for Media, who will write about your product once they are tested. Again you must ensure that your products are top quality to avoid any negative reviews.


38. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is critical because it helps the search engines find your website. Take the time to research the right keywords so that you increase your visibility. You must also check what words your competitors are using to describe the products.


39. Ask for Product Reviews

Many people will base their purchase decision on the reviews they read on a particular product. You can ask your customers to give product reviews. You must, however, note that if you do not have a superior product, the feedback may not be very positive. So make sure what you have in your store is quality and responds to an identified customer need.


40. Analog Advertising

Analog advertising continues to retain its relevance, even with the explosion of the online space. If you can afford it, you can utilize adverts on television and in print. It may be more costly, but if you do it well, you will reach a large audience base.

Mobile advertising takes your advertising to wherever your customers are. It could be on a train, on a vehicle, among others. You take advantage of geolocation to directly target your audiences.

Also, take advantage of branded merchandise such as t-shirts, among others, to spread awareness of your company. You can use them at different events, as giveaways, or even brand your brick-and-mortar store if you have one.


41. Wearable Technology

The rage right now is around wearable technology. It could be in the form of a watch, sunglasses, and bracelets, among others. It could explain why some of the big companies are all making inroads towards wearable technology.


42. Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to share your knowledge with your audiences. You must have a content marketing strategy. It could be in the form of blogs, vlogs, tutorials, among others. Be engaging, original, and consistent.


43. Targeted Marketing

So many marketing efforts will fail because they are not targeted. When you start selling a product, you must have the target customer in mind. Contextualize your messaging so that it makes sense to whoever you are trying to reach.


44. Go Native

The online space has opened up the global market, but language continues to be a barrier. Well, you no longer need to contain yourself to a particular region because you do not understand someone across the borders. Use the translation services on platforms such as Word Press or Woocommerce to reach more customers.


45. Improve the Checkout Process

Easy checkout

One major cause of abandoned carts is the tedious checkout process; you must find a way to simplify it. You will, for example, find some extensions on platforms such as Magento that allow you to put everything on one single page. It leads to greater efficiency in the checkout process. You must also ensure that you keep testing it to ensure that it is running smoothly.


46. Service and Products Delivery

Some companies stand out because of the obvious attention they pay to ensure that service and product delivery are top-notch. Your customers need to be sure that when they order anything from you, it will get to them in time. The goods must also arrive in good condition. This is one aspect of e-commerce that can build or break your business.


47. Localize Your Marketing Efforts

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you should think about localizing some of your marketing efforts. Use banners, window branding, mobile branding, branded caps, and T-shirts to build brand awareness.


48. Use Videos

Advanced Product Video - Product Video in Fancybox

Advanced Product Video – Product Video in Fancybox

Take a look at YouTube and see how popular videos have become. You get to pass so much information and can basically talk about anything under the sun. It is a powerful way of talking about your products, and show your audiences how to use them. You must, however, be engaging and consistent. Remember to ask the audience is to subscribe to your channel so that you grow your audience base.


49. Automated Messaging

Automated messaging can help build better customer connections effortlessly. Collect necessary information such as birthdays, anniversaries, among others, and send congratulatory messages on such days.


50. Giveaways and Promotions

Giveaways and promotions are a fantastic way of generating conversation around your business. Everyone is looking for a way to save some money, and if you can do it for them, the better for you.

With the right promotion, you get to increase your brand and product awareness. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get some user-generated count; it could be in the form of product reviews. You could also encourage them to take excellent photographs or videos while using your product and then upload them on your website.



We have shared with you some fantastic ways to generate brand awareness for your eCommerce platform. Whatever measures you put in place must be well thought out so that you get a return on investment. The online platform also has fantastic free opportunities that you can use. You must, therefore, take the time to understand the market. Also, see what your competitors are up to and then do it better than them. Good luck with marketing your e-commerce platform using our tips above.

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