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February 5, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

2020 has already brought in a lot of new changes for eCommerce. We can expect a lot of new innovations in eCommerce that transform the customer experience in 2020 and the coming years. Organizations need to focus on new modern strategic initiatives to deliver personalized experiences to the users in order to make more sales from eCommerce stores. It is important to keep an eye on digital commerce trends 2020 to grow your business and increase profits.

Small and large eCommerce businesses that are ready to adopt the latest digital commerce strategies for 2020 already should read this blog and gather the best ideas to prepare themselves to engage their customers and see their business grow.


Top 10 Latest Digital Commerce Trends for 2020

1. Personalization

Customers love personalization and so, eCommerce business owners should focus on creating relevant and individualized interaction to enhance the user experience.

There are different ways in which you can delight your users with great user experience. Offering an awesome search or product recommendation based on their preferences can be a good idea to make them interested in your products.


2. Visual commerce

Believe it or not, but visual commerce using augmented reality or visual reality is gearing up since the last few years. Brands are investing in such visual technologies to grab the attention of their users by using 360-degree videos or 2D and 3D configurations for their brands.

Most of the users prefer voice assistants to search for the products. Using a visual search for your brand can surely help you meet the growing customers’ expectations.


3. Omnichannel marketing

This is one sure-shot way to reach a wider audience easily. Omni-channel eCommerce marketing can help you expand your horizons and grow your sales in no time.

Create your brand across different channels and build new opportunities to make sales online. Provide an opportunity to allow your customers to shop from your store and buy products to drive growth.


4. Try storytelling strategies

Traditional storytelling strategies can do wonders for your business. Create compelling stories for your brand and let your audience know the unique story behind your brand. Describe your personal brand experience to let people connect with your company.

You can also motivate the customers to leave reviews and testimonials through videos describing their experience while shopping at your eCommerce store.


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5. Subscription programs


You might have come across subscription programs at some of the online stores where the users can subscribe to the products weekly or monthly. That’s the way most of the newspapers and magazines work.

Subscription-based revenue stream models are a great way for eCommerce businesses to make more sales as the business owners get repeated sales from existing customers.

This type of business model ensures recurring sales from users and it becomes easier for eCommerce business owners to bill and ship the orders each month.


6. Seamless In-store and online experience


Brands that have brick-and-mortar locations should focus on creating seamless experiences between in-store and online stores. The modern customer expects a seamless experience across physical locations and websites. Ensure that all the prices of the products are consistent and make sure that the customers get hassle-free in-store pickups along with free in-store returns and exceptional customer service at the store.


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7. Live chat feature

Live Chat

In today’s busy times, people do not wish to wait for email replies when they are stuck while ordering online or need help with exchanges or returns of the products. They demand immediate help. Hence, the live chat feature is a must for such eCommerce websites.

The live chat feature on the website is a required digital commerce trend for 2020. It can be integrated into your online store to provide support to the customers seeking answers to their queries. You can also use chatbots for making it easier for the users to find answers to their questions.


8. Multiple payment options

One of the major reasons why giants succeed is that they accept multiple payment options. Offering multiple payment and shipping options to the customers can be a good idea to attract them. No matter what type of payment method the user wants to add, he or she should be able to shop from your site. The customer should be able to choose the right shipping method too.


9. Be transparent about pricing

Customers would not like surprises on the last page of checkout. Hence, be as transparent as possible about your shipping and delivery charges. If there are any additional costs, mention the same on the product page itself so that the customers are aware of such costs they may have to bear. Mention all the return and exchange policies on your website so that there are no confusions later on.


10. Offer guest checkout option

Did you know that you can increase your sales by offering a guest checkout option on your web store? Yes, that’s true? Most of the users leave the site when they discover that they have to register to the site for placing an order. Some of them feel that they should not register as they need to place just a single order. A few others think that they would receive too many emails from the online store.

You can provide an option of guest checkout so that they can place their order without registering. Providing an option to login via Facebook or Google can also be a good idea to help users save time and effort.


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In a Nutshell:

2020 will surely bring in extraordinary growth in the digital commerce industry and if you want to stay on the top of these trends, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends in the market. Follow the latest and upcoming trends to stay on the top. Study the competition in the market and create the right strategy that works for your business. Plan the best strategy and have a great year ahead.

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