Ecommerce Lead Generation Techniques
September 9, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

If you own an eCommerce store, you may be looking for different ways to pull the attention of potential customers and make more sales online. In today’s competitive times, you should look for the best ways to increase your sales volume and make profits with minimum investments. One of the most popular ways to increase your sales is SEO and digital marketing solutions.

This article is just for you if you want to boost lead generation. Every customer is different and so are the shopping trends and habits. It is important for the website owners to understand the target audience and their preferences before planning a lead generation campaign.

Before we throw light on lead generation tips and tricks, you need to understand what is meant by a lead. A lead can be any contact that has shown interest in your eCommerce products or brand. For instance, a user who may be interested to buy a particular perfume comes to your website via a Facebook ad. This particular person is a lead for your business. Even if a visitor arrives at your eCommerce website, he/she can be considered to be a leader.

One of the simplest ways is by generating leads for your eCommerce store. It’s simply because the leads of today are the potential customers of tomorrow. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can generate your leads.


We’ve listed some important ways for lead generation for your business:


1. Search engine optimization

Google and SEO friendly

On-page and off-page optimization SEO techniques can help you improve your search engine rankings, and pull the attention of potential leads. Optimize your website for relevant keywords you want to target and get more targeted organic traffic to your website. Hire expert SEO professionals to help you optimize your eCommerce website and grow your sales.

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2. Easy navigation

You could be losing a lot of business if you fail to have a website that is not user-friendly. An eCommerce website should have simple and easy navigation. Even the first time visitors should be able to reach the desired pages with the minimum number of clicks. Uncluttered navigation bars and categories would provide easy access to the products they are looking for.


3. Great engaging content

Ecommerce store owners need engaging and user-friendly content.

Most of the buyers make purchasing decisions after reading product descriptions and reviews on the website. Create valuable product descriptions that provide the right information to potential buyers.

Gone are the days when cold calling and email marketing helped eCommerce business owners gain more sales. You can use blogs and other content marketing techniques to bring in more leads to your website.


4. Offer discounts and promotional deals


When a prospective customer lands on your website, you should try to find the best ways to compel them to make a purchase from your store. Online customers love discounts and coupons. You can provide a coupon code or discount for the products you sell. It can be a good idea to offer free shipping to the customers to stand out in today’s competitive times.


5. Optimize your CTA for lead generation

It is important to use proper Call to action (CTA) on relevant places on your website to direct the visitors to the next step. You can use CTAs like “Get free eBook” or “Get Discount code”.


6. Run different campaigns for returning visitors

Some customers would land on your website several times to check out new products and offers. You should run separate campaigns for such visitors. Think of offering them something fresh each time they arrive at your site, and you would be able to grab more sales.


7. Live chat on a website

Make it easier for the users to contact your team for any doubts they may have. You can add a live chat option on your website so that the visitors can contact the customer service team and get their queries resolved. You can install live chat software on your eCommerce store and make your website more appealing.


8. Responsive website

Mobile Friendly E commerce Site

Mobile-Friendly E-commerce Site

Google states that 65% of shoppers purchase products and services via their mobile devices.
Most of the shoppers may love to shop from their mobile phones and tablets. Hence, it is important to have a mobile-optimized website to improve your conversion rate for your eCommerce store. Make sure that your site works seamlessly on all the major devices.


9. Use the power of social media


You can reach out to a wider audience with social media marketing. Spread the word about your products or services on your social networking profiles and join groups and communities relevant to your business. You can offer freebies or discounts to the users for sharing your products on their social networks as well.


10. Guest blogging

You can pull the attention of a lot of users with guest blogging. Use the best content marketing techniques to get more visitors to your site. Post blogs on high PR sites to improve your website rankings.


11. Simplified checkout process

Easy checkout

No user would like to flip through multiple pages for completing their purchase. Ecommerce website owners should make the checkout process seamless and easy for the users.

Provide guest checkout options and multiple payment methods to the users so that they can choose the best one that matches their choices. State your shipping policy and the timeline on the checkout page so that the customers know the estimated delivery date of the products.

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12. Email marketing isn’t dead

Some marketers and business owners have forgotten the use of email marketing for eCommerce businesses. The fact is that email marketing isn’t dead. You can collect email addresses of the users and send email newsletters from time to time to capture their attention. Be wise enough to plan your email marketing campaigns in such a way that you can enjoy good conversion rates.


How can Solwin Infotech help eCommerce businesses improve lead generation?

We use a mix of marketing techniques to help you improve lead generation. We understand that each eCommerce business is different and so are its needs.

Here, we plan the most effective digital marketing strategy for your business that generates a good number of leads each month. You would be able to enjoy more conversions and profits when you hire Solwin Infotech for lead generation services. Making use of the latest tools and techniques, we help you get the best lead generation solutions.

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