20 Best Magento Books
December 15, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

Magento, the PHP-powered is a renowned open-source E-commerce solution for the modern web. Though it is one of the most complicated CMS platforms to learn, it still has perks to learn. If you are interested in learning Magento by masters, this article is just written for you. In this article, we are glad to share with you the 20 Best Magento 2 Books For E-commerce Development. It will cover each and every aspect and step to let you build your website at its best.

These books are especially for you to educate on how to start building Magento themes and extensions and manage the admin panel. No matter whether you’re a brand new Magento user or just want a push to your present skills. We can assure you that you’ll find everything from this book in this post.

Let’s get started:

1. Learning Magento 2 Administration

Authors: Bret Williams and Cyndi Williams

Learning Magento 2 Administration

What you’ll get:

Dealing with a custom Magento store is similarly as detailed as figuring out how to top over the Magento platform. Also, with Learning Magento 2 Administration you can take in completely everything from an initial basic setup to product creation and point by point client management. There are such a significant number of guides for Magento however none have this much depth or clarity. Furthermore, this isn’t quite a bit of a specialized guide so it relates any hoping for Magento user regardless of background.

All in one, this would be the #1 suggestion for anybody simply starting with Magento. It truly covers everything that you have to know without the technical details. Furthermore, it’s a valuable book notwithstanding for engineers since it shows you the Magento framework first.

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2. Magento: Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition

Authors: Robbert Ravensbergen and Sander Schoneville

Magento: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition

What you’ll get:

For a delicate yet detailed prologue to Magento as an E-commerce stage, I’d recommend Magento: Beginner’s Guide. This book covers 300+ pages loaded with guides to help you install, arrange and launch a Magento site. This book takes you a long way past the essential establishment by demonstrating to include products and handle payments. In addition, order satisfaction all from the backend as well.

You’ll additionally learn out how to deal with customers in your database and how to form a protected store that empowers purchases. Security is a huge piece of E-commerce development and this book gets you security for Magento organization.

If you have no genuine technical experience then this is the best book Magento you can get. It covers every real feature about Magento without getting excessively technical.

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3. Mastering Magento

Author: Bret Williams

Mastering Magento

What you’ll get:

Once you’ve officially built a couple of Magento themes you’ll be prepared for big street. This is the thing that you get with Mastering Magento Theme Design by Andrea Sacca. In this book, you get a decent mix of design and development combining regular interface patterns with the backend theme development process.

You’ll figure out how to assemble themes over frameworks like Bootstrap and how to utilize CSS3/JS animations for normal page elements like dropdown menus. You should as of now have learned in frontend development and basic Magento theme improvement skills. This book doesn’t get too far into the technicals of PHP for the Magento theme.

But, it covers further advanced tips for responsive theme design and refreshing the Magento admin panel. This is the ideal book to bring your Magento theming up to the next level. In opinion, this book matches kindly with an introduction direct like Magento 2 Theme Design since you can follow with steady progress without hardly lifting a finger.

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4. Grokking Magento Book 1: Basics & Request Flow (Volume 1)

Author: Vinai Kopp

Grokking Magento Book 1: Basics & Request Flow

What you’ll get:

This book is helpful for experienced PHP engineers who need to find out about the Magento platform. Grokking Magento gives a great opportunity to the Magento Certified Developer Exam (MCD) arrangement and Magento engineering practice studying.

It also incorporates particular issues solutions. With Grokking Magento you will get all the best tips and recommendations by Study Group Kit in easy to follow form.

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5. eBay Commerce Cookbook: Using eBay APIs: PayPal, Magento, and More

Author: Chuck Hudson

eBay Commerce Cookbook

What you’ll get:

This one of a kind cookbook gives a collection of practical recipes you can put to use in each step of the mobile clients’ lifecycle. You’ll learn how to include highlights and functionality through a wide set of eBay APIs-including Magento, eBay, RedLaser, Hunch, PayPal, Milo, and ql.io. Author Charles Hudson merges his expertise in web and mobile product strategy with code answers to enable you to address item revelation, introduction, installment, order satisfaction, and consumer loyalty. On the off chance that you have involvement with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you’re set.

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6. Magento Template Cheat Guide

Author: Pesach Zirkind

Magento Template Cheat Guide

What you’ll get:

Magento Template Cheat Guide is magnificent for the reference to the block names that Magento is composed around. If you are not going to make any programming or config. document changes, the book won’t be helpful.

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7. Magento Best Practices Handbook

Author: Alessandro Ronchi

Magento Best Practices Handbook

What you’ll get:

In this book, Alessandro Ronchi offers an extreme collection of practical advice that went for Magento developers. The authors cover all the vital points related to Magento development. Alessandro Ronchi has enormous 5-year experience in working inside the platform. So, he knows for sure any doubt how to maintain distance from the nasty situation and concentrate the most out of Magento.

Kindly note that all the advice is explained through the analysis of Magento’s code base and design. You can purchase the Magento Best Practices Handbook by Alessandro Ronchi for $19.90 only.

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8. Getting Started with Magento Extension Development

Author: Branko Ajzele

Getting Started with Magento Extension Development

What you’ll get:

This book is helpful for both experienced Magento developers and beginners, however above all Getting Started with Magento Extension Development is focused at new and moderate PHP developers.

If you need a fresh start again with module development for Magento, this book can be beneficial for you. You can get Paperback for $31.49 and Kindle Edition for $14.64. To take in more visit this page.

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9. Magento Search Engine Optimization

Author: Robert Kent

Magento Search Engine Optimization

What you’ll get:

Magento Search Engine Optimization is composed of both SEO masters and Magento developers who wish to optimize search and end-client elements to guarantee the structure and design of their online stores to increase sales in the best way.

If you are searching for the source of data about SEO in Magento than this book is for you. It covers essential concepts of keyword research and the significant external factors that are required for effective SEO campaigns and the ensuing presence of the project.

Magento Search Engine Optimization is composed in the form of an easy-to-follow tutorial with practices and valuable references. The book will help you to take a full favorable position of SEO in Magento. The cost of Kindle Edition is $14.64, Paperback expenses $31.02.

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10. Mastering Magento Theme Design

Author: Andrea Sacca


What you’ll get:

In this book, Mastering Magento Theme Design by Andrea Sacca, you get a nice blend of design and development by joining common interface patterns with the backend theme development process.

You’ll learn how to create themes over frameworks like Bootstrap and how to use CSS3/JS activities for common page elements like dropdown menus. You should be having knowledge of frontend development and basic Magento theme development abilities. This book covers further advanced tips for responsive theme design and refreshing the Magento admin panel. This is the ideal book to convey your Magento theming up to the next level.

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11. A Developer’s Guide to Magento Backend

Author: Silver Touch

A Developer's Guide to Magento Backend

What you’ll get:

With the help of this book, you will have the capacity to use all core features of the Magento backend, install third-party modules, and modify the admin by means of some basic codes. It is extraordinary for both Magento developers and advanced merchants.

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12. Magento 2 Primer: Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2

Author: Alan Kent

Magento 2 Primer: Getting Stuff Done

What you’ll get:

In case you’re searching for a dirt-cheap introduction to Magento then you may like the 45-page Magento 2 Primer. This book essentially targets existing Magento users who intend to upgrade to the Magento 2 system. It is similar to many points and ways yet also different with new phrasing and updated admin features.

We don’t think this book can take a rookie to finish competence with Magento. It’s excessively generic and there’s insufficient room in 45 pages to get a beginner moving with Magento’s interface. Be that as it may, if the cheap price fits and you’re OK with a general introduction to Magento 2 then this book will be up your ally.

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13. Magento 2 Development Essentials

Author: Fernando J. Miguel

Magento 2 Development Essentials

What you’ll get:

Here’s a much more recent book that likewise targets developers of Magento 2.0, however, educates the content from a more laid-back viewpoint. In Magento 2 Development Essentials you’ll learn in each of the fundamentals of Magento 2 from introductory setup to nitty configuration.

The book’s writer Fernando Miguel has more than 10 years of experience developing on the web. He shares tips for stretching out Magento to themes and plugin/extensions that enhance SEO and mobile user experience. You’ll learn how to build custom Magento themes, extensions, mobile-only features, and SEO techniques to get your pages ranking in Google.

However, if you are a total complete beginner to develop with Magento this is an incredible place to begin. It covers the most recent version of Magento 2 and the tips are broad enough that you’ll learn everything you need to begin.

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14. Learning Magento Theme Development

Author: Richard Carter

Learning Magento Theme Development

What you’ll get:

This book covers frontend theme development with HTML/CSS and JavaScript alongside a few basics in PHP. In any case, you needn’t command of PHP to get going. You’ll learn how to change color schemes, customizing a site’s logo, refresh product image styles, and how to build your own particular theme from scrawl. Nonetheless, you can learn in a great deal as you go because Magento’s PHP library is despicably thick.

However, even with next to no PHP information you can get this book and begin developing your own particular Magento themes. Simply make sure that you have some frontend development experience and that you’re open to coding HTML/CSS subjects without any preparation.

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15. Magento Site Performance Optimization

Author: Mathieu Nayrolles

Magento Site Performance Optimization

What you’ll get:

When developers discuss optimization they’re usually referring to server load and memory use. Littler applications once in a while have issues however a large platform like Magento can swell rapidly. That is the place where a book like Magento Site Performance Optimization becomes possibly the most important factor. This is a short guide of just 92 pages whole. Yet it offers certain techniques for optimizing your MySQL database, configuring Magento caching, and even updating your server with Varnish/Memcached.

You’ll learn huge amounts of functional techniques that you can apply to your own setup that will enhance stack times and lessen bounce rates. We do wish this book was a bit longer since it feels like there would be quite a lot more to cover. But in case you’re experiencing difficulty with Magento performance and don’t know where to turn, this book offers a great deal.

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16. Magento 2 Developer’s Guide  1st Edition

Author: Branko Ajzele

Magento 2 Developer's Guide

What you’ll get:

The Magento 2 Developer’s Guide spans 400+ pages loaded with custom Magento development tips and techniques. This is one of the most precise Magento dev books I’ve ever seen. It covers the basics of themes and extension development yet it likewise gets into the web API and backend development with cron jobs, logging, profiling, etc.

You should as of now have some information about PHP before jumping into this book. Also, you don’t be a Magento master to understand this book. It’s smoothly the best Magento 2 guide for developers and this will keep you occupied with months of activities to work through.

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17. Mastering Magento 2 – Second Edition

Author: Bret Williams

Mastering Magento 2

What you’ll get:

This is a definitive Magento 2 book for everybody from website admins to advertisers and designers/developers. Mastering Magento 2 covers the latest highlights of Magento in 340 pages crossing the range of Magento organization to theme improvement and security.

The book additionally instructs how to manage products in the shop, how to include extensions for marketing, and how to optimize your Magento installation to run easily on your server. Taking care of payment regularly means payment gateway for multiple currencies, or working with an intermediary like PayPal. You needn’t bother with any prior experience yet it helps a ton if you’ve officially done stuff with Magento 1.x earlier getting this book.

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18. Magento 1.3 Sales Tactics Cookbook

Author: William Rice

Magento 1.3 Sales Tactics Cookbook by William Rice

What you’ll get:

The Magento 1.3 Sales Tactics Cookbook covers 300 pages full of formulas, solutions, and techniques for SEO and marketing. You’ll learn out how to customize your Magento store to enhance clickthroughs and streamline the checkout process. Everything about promoting in Magento truly comes down to specific tools and strategies.

You’ll learn how to build coupon codes and free gifts for giveaway contests. Moreover, it will also teach you how to offer upsells right inside the product page. Specially, these formulas are very important for all Magento store owners. Hence, I would highly recommend this book to genuine Magento users.

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19. Magento 2 Development Cookbook

Author: Bart Delvaux

Magento 2 Development Cookbook by Bart Delvaux

What you’ll get:

Magento 2 Development Cookbook is more like a reference guide for Magento 2 users. The book offers 300 pages loaded with more than 60 unusual recipes for developers. This is a code-heavy book and every recipe offers common solutions for features like product search, checkout security, and client management. Other detailed recipes cover bug testing for new features previously launching them live.

This is essential for bigger E-commerce shops that require to check for bugs and blunders before putting anything live. E-commerce business projects need to put security first. Gratefully this cookbook understands the importance of security and offers handy tips with every formula.

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20. Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to

Author: Nayrolles Mathieu

Instant Magento Performance Optimization

What you’ll get:

Optimization is a basic point for every single developing business because a misconfiguration could make you lose profit. “Moment Magento Performance Optimization How-To” is a practical, hands-on guide. It provides well step-by-step activities to enable you to achieve a high-level Magento store and keep your clients satisfied.

This book takes a glimpse at tweaks and tips used to support your Magento Performance. As well as breaks down the confusion that surrounds the subject. You will learn how to compress your pages, styles, and contents by right almost 80%. Also, you will find new applications that enhance performance.

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Bonus Offering (Magento Forums)

Almost everybody out there who is tech-savvy must be familiar with what Forums are. And, if not, let me give you a short description; Forums are list online discussion site. In other words, you can consider forums online rooms where people discuss particular categories and hold conversations.

No, here we have the best Magento forums from all around that can be helpful to you in a lot way. No matter what your problem is, these forums will be having a solution or answer for it. You can simply bookmark this forum to get them frequently:

1. Official Magento Discussion Board:
This is the official Magento discussion forum where most Magento users, admins, and developers will ask and answer questions.

2. Stackoverflow Magento Tag:
Stackoverflow is a place for programmers to get answers. Many people ask Magento related questions and you may find answers in an old thread. You can easily ask a question if you can’t find an answer to your problem.

3. Magento community:
The official forum of Magento where developers and coders from all around the world meet and discuss. Really Helpful.

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