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July 20, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you send emails to your website visitors? If not, then you are missing a major chance to convert visitors into consumers. Nowadays, most ECommerce business owners take advantage of newsletters to keep their brand in the consumer’s mind.

Here, in this article, we will define what exactly newsletter marketing is? Apart from this, the advantages of the ECommerce website. In the end, we will explain some common types of newsletters.

So, let’s just start with a basic definition of newsletter marketing without any further ado.


What is Newsletter marketing?

Newsletter marketing is the strategy in which companies forward information and product data using an email letter to the subscriber as well as existing customers. Newsletter marketing is also called Email marketing. Moreover, they build authority in the space and suggest the products to the readers that may interest them.

Furthermore, emails are used to sell the products by forwarding offers to users who left the shopping cart without purchasing any products. Sometimes, they provide some offers using email and more and more people are curious to know about the latest product discounts.


Top Benefits Of Email Newsletter Marketing To ECommerce Websites

Ecommerce businesses make use of Newsletter marketing to reach their target audience and build brand awareness. Each online company designs its distribution uniquely depending on the requirements and wants of its users.

Let’s just begin with Email newsletter benefits.


1. Greatly Effective

Emails are an amazing way to marketing messages to your visitors as well as customers. Moreover, the email average measured quarter, the open rate exists at 34.1 percent, however, the click-through rate determines to 3.1 percent.

The emails reach approximately 77 percent of individuals you send it to, but according to one research maybe even near to 89 percent.

Surprisingly, 4.24 percent of people from email marketing go and buy products. It is almost double the rates from the visitors finding out the products. As well as, more than seven times rates from social media.

It is a powerful and most effective way of getting more revenue from the ECommerce business.


2. Reactive Customers Using Emails

Sometimes, there is a possibility that the most eminent ECommerce company has customers who forgot about the company for a while. And it happens generally.

However, in order to make the most out of it, you must know about whom you are dealing with. You can be sent reactive emails to those consumers who have not bought any product from your website for the last 3 months. You can also send emails to those visitors who abandon the checkout process on your ECommerce site.

Email list
By the use of reactive emails, there is a chance of customers returning to your site. After forwarding one or two reactive emails, you want to consider eliminating inactive from your list. So you can concentrate on the other visitors who really want to purchase.


3. Boost Conversion Rate Using Segmentation

Focusing on email segmentation is the best way to enhance the conversion rate on your ECommerce website. You can develop the segments of the list depending on the information of the customers.

Moreover, you can also segment the list using the geographic location or purchasing behavior of the customers. Most importantly, emails are also personalized to insert the name and address of the customers. Apart from this, it also helps you to increase the engagement of the customers.


4. Rewarding Trustworthy Customers

Generally, ECommerce companies are working hard for getting customers back on their websites. One of the most important ways is to do this is to conduct an automated reward program using email.

You can offer a reward to the customers who have purchased from your website. So, they are more curious to buy new products from your site.

Apart from just discounts on some selected products, you can provide other rewards like buy one and get one free, provide gifts after purchasing some amount of products and many more. It also helps to make a strong bond with your customers. Moreover, you can get more revenue from your ECommerce business.


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5. Maintain Brand Prestige

Always managing the reputation of the brand is really important for online businesses. So, you can do it using email marketing in a great way. By forwarding the emails you can attract the customers to write a product review on your websites and other social media platforms.

This idea does not just help you to boost the brand image but also helps you to get more customers.

And, after getting honest feedback from your real customers you can improve your services and make a great customer experience.


6. Uphold ECommerce Sale

Email is not just remembering about your brand that is still online, but it is the most useful tool that helps the ECommerce website owner to keep in touch with their customers about their product orders. They use emails to send the product tracking number as well as happy purchasing information to the customers.

The prompt order and confirmation tracking generally help you to enhance the customer experience. And that ultimately helps you to get customers back to your site.


7. Cost-Effective

Compared to the traditional marketing method, emails are really pocket-friendly effective marketing solutions. You have to pay a cent or less for a single mail. You do not have to pay for any prints, posters, space, and other generally associated costs.

Most importantly, email marketing has the highest ROI among any other types of marketing.


8. Highly Significant

Email marketing is a highly significant form of marketing. There are data like open rate, CTR as well as conversion rate to take account of the effectiveness of the email. Moreover, data like spam complaint rate bonus rate and many other related data helps you to update your list data.

The most important benefit of tracking all things helps you to improve your ECommerce website. It really helps you to grow your ECommerce business revenue.


9. Consumers Need It

Sometimes customers expect some useful emails from the companies. They also need some forthcoming sale or launch of a new product email for the ECommerce website.

Approximately, 61 percent of consumers tell that emails are the most preferred way of communication from companies. As well as, around 91 percent of individuals say that they get promotional emails from the ECommerce companies in which they purchase some products in the past.


10. Determine Your Subscriber List

Owning your subscriber list is really important for your ECommerce business. Because there is a basic risk with following on social media since they are working with others sandbox, in which they make their own protocols. What do you do when they ban your website? Or change some algorithm? Or what if your posts can reach a group of followers who already used to?

However, email marketing has a few risks compared to other marketing strategies. You can take your subscriber list with you though you change the platform. So, it is really great to reach out to your customers if any protocol or platform changes in the forthcoming days.


Bonus: Common Types of Newsletter Content

1. Welcome Email

The welcome email is a wonderful way to build a first impression with the new customers or subscribers. Moreover, welcome emails are designed to establish your relationship with new customers.

Welcome emails are distinct compared to order and subscription configuration. Most importantly, welcome emails bring more revenue than any other email type.

In your welcome email, you can include information like company products, backstories, values, and various other data. In addition to this, if you want to welcome your customers, then showcase the introduction of your company, highlight some reasons related to why your company is special? And also provide a call to action to direct the customers to your ECommerce website.


2. Cart Abandonment Email

Approximately 69 percent of the cart is abandoned before going to the checkout process. For instance, for every 50 orders you process, there are about 115 visitors who put the products in the cart but never purchase.

A cart abandon email list includes a number of automated emails designed to bring the consumers back to the ECommerce website to complete their purchase.

You can forward the abandoned email after some time to remain the customer about the product and encourage customers to buy the product. Moreover, you can also send an email a few days later, with some discount and emergency to complete the checkout process for, who still want to purchase the product.


3. Discount Offers Email

Send discount emails to the customers who stopped engagement with your company. This is the best way to reactivate and encourage inactive customers to visit the website again and buy new products.

This type of email has an approx 21 percent open rate. You can also send this email to the person who is inactive. However, if after your email they are still inactive, then without a doubt you can remove them from your list.


4. Company Update Email

Company update emails are important because your visitors sometimes get the latest news related to your ECommerce company. Moreover, if your company wins some awards, makes a partnership, or deals with another eminent company, gets the highest sale, then the email newsletters are a wonderful way to tell your audience.

You can also provide the share option with this, so they can share this newsletter with other people.


5. Survey Invitation Email

By providing the survey emails you can take the feedback from your customers. Sometimes people like to share their views, they normally deny to compare their answers with other people.

You can also take feedback on your ECommerce products or events you have organized in the past through email. And according to the survey data, you can make changes in your service to give a better customer experience.

So, ultimately surveys really help you in the forthcoming online product sale.


6. FAQs, Product Instructional Content Email

Without a doubt, you like to showcase the frequently asked question as well as product information on your blog or another page of your ECommerce website. But, you also have to take in mind while forwarding newsletters related to this information.

You can generally target consumers who bought products and forward information related to the product. Ultimately, people love product instructional content emails when they are purchasing a product from an ECommerce site.


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Final Thought

Newsletter marketing is really important for ECommerce businesses because it is the best way to directly connect with your customers without depending on social media or any search engine rankings. So, in this article, we explained the definition, newsletter marketing benefits for the ECommerce website, and common types of the newsletter.

We will recommend you to use the Advance Newsletter popup Magento2 Extension on your Ecommerce website. It is a powerful extension and permits you to showcase newsletter popup on your store whenever consumers visit your store.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding this topic, feel free to contact us or let us know about it. We will always be happy to help you out.

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