Storytelling in ecommerce - Simple tips
August 20, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Storytelling is one of the most prominent content marketing strategies that help you increase your retention rate. Storytelling, as we all have some idea, is about telling stories that help people understand an idea better. It is creative and impactful. However, when you mix marketing, that too marketing of an eCommerce platform and talk about incorporating storytelling, things start to get pretty serious. In today’s blog, we will be discussing storytelling in eCommerce, its importance, and some e-commerce storytelling tips for you to gain a competitive edge in the market. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Let’s go by definition

Storytelling is a sales tool that is based on telling effective stories that help you in getting the attention of your potential customers through emotions. It helps you gain your customer’s trust and allow you to become a preferred choice in the market.

Some of the factors that are positively affected by storytelling are:

  • Sales
  • Loyalty
  • Brand Image

Here is how storytelling can impact your eCommerce platform.


Why should you invest your time and money in storytelling?


Storytelling is not something new for us. Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, and we hold a very soft place for it in our hearts. Since early childhood, we have been told stories of princesses and dragons and kings or queens, and we felt an instant connection with them.

What changes when you incorporate a story into your brand is a similar effect to those stories. People start to feel attached to your brand and become loyal customers to you.

Of course, once they start interacting with your brand, you have to focus on crucial aspects of business operations to provide the best services, but the important thing is– you built a connection with the people you want to sell.

Here are a few examples of how you can use storytelling to impact your brand positioning.


1. Enhances brand value for your content

Brands are now focusing their marketing efforts on content marketing. And they are not getting disappointed at all. We live in the information age where people can gather the right information from multiple sources and experts from any part of the world. If you want to be looked up to like someone, they turn to.

Storytelling can help you propagate your image as an expert by instilling trust in the brand and creating more hype. People get excited when they have some genuine results to look at. Researching your audience and industry is going to help you in capturing people’s trust. You would have points on which you want your marketing strategy to play around.

The use of modern communication tools and content avenues such as graphics, videos, and stories is going to increase engagement to a certain level. A multi-tier approach can increase the size of your audience as well as the value of the brand.

2. Connection


A connection between a brand and customers is very important to establish. A prospect must feel excited about a brand and feel valued. Storytelling helps you achieve that. Stories help people get to know people that are similar to them and how they are positively impacted by your business. This subconscious impact makes people want to engage with your brand too.

Through your storytelling, you can touch people’s emotional cords. It would provide real-life context to the products and services and thus inspire people to want to know more. You can create a lasting impact on the people that wants to make them come to you for possible solutions.

3. Build a strong brand

Building a brand identity is one of the toughest marketing tasks. Especially when you are a small business, it becomes difficult to find your voice in a sea of businesses. Another reason thus for using storytelling is brand building.

A person that sees you making an impact in people’s life will have a totally another effect on their understanding of your brand. They would come to your website to know more about you, how you work and what makes you different in the competitive environment.

Think of your brand in terms of culture and values. Showcase them in your stories and what makes you so much different than your competitor. This alone is going to make a lot of difference in people’s life.

4. Drive Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty comes from trust. Not a lot of brands understand it, but for this reason alone, they spend thousands of dollars each year to bring people back to their brand. But your interactions with prospects, if they are able to build a bridge of trust, would always prefer you over competitors.

Brand loyalty helps you in boosting your sales and reduces your marketing efforts. With the referrals, new leads are generated, and the same thing happens over time and time again. Ecommerce brands should work on building strong relations with their customers. Partly, it depends on their overall experience with you. Once you have a good story to showcase to the world, make them a part of your storytelling campaign. If people feel valued by your brand, it is going to make a lot of impacts.

5. Stand Out from the Competitors

An emotional connection with your brand can help you achieve a distinctive position in the market. A brand that is emotionally connected with its prospects would be more efficient in convincing people to buy their other chain of products and services. As people’s trust grows in a brand, more opportunities in the market grow for you as a business.

You get to outshine your competitors that are also doing the same thing but are not able to make people trust them. They would require more time to push the people towards conversion even when they are generating leads. As we know, lead generation is not the ultimate goal. It is just an opportunity.

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What should you include in your eCommerce storytelling?

Now to build engaging stories for your brands, you need to know the structure of a story. A well-structured story would make a lot more impact on your brand than an unstructured one. So here are the parts that are a must-have in a story.


1. Learn what your audience wants to listen

Target Audience

Knowing your buyer persona is going to help you in developing meaningful content so much. If you know what is the key to unlock a huge sales potential, you will work out much more efficiently than throwing your efforts into meaningless directions.

Your story must gear towards your buyer’s profile. Remember that you don’t just want to generate leads but want to convert it too for improved sales. Know the problems faced by your buyers, what are the things that truly matter to them, and how you can promote your services that solve the problem in a story format.

2. Define the main characters

A well-defined character writing would help you to build characters that are more relatable to people. Choosing your main character properly is important since you need your client to feel the connection between them and the character. If they cannot relate to the problems of the character, you have failed in your storytelling strategy completely.

Make your story look credible. Choose people that are like your customers. Sharing real stories from your clients too works. If you can collect video testimonials from your customers, it would be a good start to give your content marketing a push.

3. Build the stories structure

Any story must have three parts to make an impact – Setting, Problem, and Resolution. You must place your character in a relatable situation, introduce a problem and solve it with your product or service. This structure is going to help you in developing a story well. Do not try to create an overly complex story since, most of the time, talking about a specific situation is enough.


Where to publish the stories?

Once you have a story that would make a great impact on your brand image, you must know that this is not about telling a story once. In order to generate more engagement, you have to think of stories as an integral part of your business communication. You can use them in various ways to boost your marketing operations.

Some of the popular choices of using storytelling are:

  • Homepage
  • Product cards
  • About us section
  • Social Media Pages
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube channel
  • Newsletters and more. (Check out this great extension for newsletters)


Ecommerce Storytelling Tips for Proven Results

Ecommerce is a dynamic environment, and it is a saturated market. There are big and small enterprises that are venturing into eCommerce and are working wonders for themselves. You too can reach there if you have a roadmap to improve your marketing strategies. If you are looking for ways to improve the experience of your eCommerce stores through marketing tools, here is a list of plugins. Along with improved marketing efforts quality, customer experience would make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Talking about storytelling, here are some proven strategies for improving your marketing game.


1. Focus on how people feel about your brand

Having a clear knowledge of your user base would give you a major advantage in creating meaningful messages. You must know what people want to know from you. You can tell the broader experiences of your customers with your brand. People would love to hear about the common issues that they experience on a daily basis. People want you to raise a voice for these issues and tell them how you are breaking the prejudices and working on solving the problems.

2. Sell the idea of what your product does

It is not a product that is getting purchased; it is the solution that attracts. Rather than focusing on the product, make the solution a highlight of the story. You must not emphasize how you are better than the other brands in the market; people would know that once they buy your product. Talk about their issues and how you are solving them. Staging your product in a story should not be intimidating. Keep it subtle. Because a product is not what people are looking for, they need a context to buy it.

3. Express that you value your customers


If a story is not touching an emotional cord, it is a waste of time. You must make an emotional connection and, for that, make your customers feel valued. Use various types of creative elements that can help you achieve that goal. It is not just about words or just talking to your customers. It should be a heart-to-heart conversion with your customers through the use of various elements.

4. Keep the message simple

As said, it should be a meaningful conversation with your customers. It should not be a difficult story where people would be flipping the pages of a dictionary to know what you meant. You have to make sure the engagement is not lost. For this, keep the message simple. Do not go overboard and complicate the story. Keep it concise and shareable. The whole point of storytelling is to develop a connection.


Wrapping Up

Hope you liked our blog on developing user stories to boost your marketing efforts. Meanwhile, storytelling is a great opportunity to build meaningful and long-lasting relations with your customers; there are also other things that you need to take care of, such as – customer experience.

Being a leading eCommerce development company, we have a range of eCommerce solutions that would help you in improving your customer experience. Connect with your technical experts to know more about how we wish to help resolve your biggest eCommerce challenges.

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