How to Beat First Day Anxiety at New Job
September 19, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya


Show up on time:

Reach at least 10mins earlier than your scheduled time. Reaching late on the first day at a new job may give an impression that the person lacks seriousness towards his work. Make sure your work clothes are washed and neatly pressed, all your material, documents are ready and kept in your bag. Sleep early the previous night and wake up early the next day. Have a filling breakfast to keep you energized till the next meal. If you are going to ride your own vehicle, make sure there is enough fuel, and it is in working condition. Or if you are taking public transport then find out what mode of public transport is convenient, accessible and will take less time to reach the office.

Learn to be reliable and a person of integrity by adopting the discipline necessary to be on time.


Put your cellphone off:

Once you reach the office put your cellphone in silent mode to avoid any distractions. Attending phone calls during meetings or important conversations can create a bad impression.

no personal cell phones


Introduce yourself:

This is one thing you will have to repeat in the first few days of your job. Hence, prepare a brief introduction about yourself beforehand like your education, last city, last company name, etc. Remember, you are already hired and not required to impress anyone. It is just done to break the ice!



Listen and observe:

The first day in a new job would be just to listen, observe and speak only when required. When you think you are in a position to ask, do ASK! Clarify doubts.
However, frequent and irrelevant questions should be avoided. Make notes, judge behaviors of people around you so that you know what type of conversations should be done with them.

We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.
– Epictetus (AD 55 – c.135)


Talk to peers:

Don’t be hesitant to talk to your colleagues or immediate team members. After all, you have to sail with them through your job. Hence, strike the right conversation with them. Don’t just talk about yourself, but also show interest in listening to them. Build a bond that will last long.

The working connections we have with our associates can make us or break us. Growing great correspondences with them benefit everybody and make coming to work a whole lot easier.

Your turn: Do you have any other tips to overcome new job anxiety? Or a story to share?

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