How to Excel at Work?
October 14, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

There are several of us who wish to become a successful representative and excel at work. Aside from doing the work that you are employed to do, it’s also about giving people the prospect that you’re competent, hardworking and flexible.

Exceeding expectations at work isn’t generally simple yet with these speedy thoughts, we guarantee you will have the capacity to make a decent impression among your seniors and associates. So proceed! Give it a good read!

Here’s the list of 17 best tips for how to excel in your job.

1. Strive to exceed expectations

There’s a big difference between just doing your job and doing your job well. Making the extra effort, which will take your game a notch higher. Thus setting up an example for others.

2. Work hard

Work hard but at the same time work smart. Know what’s expected of you and put your 100% in achieving that. Avoid distraction by keeping away from personal calls, checking personal emails, texts, etc.

3. Professionalism

No matter what your job, be serious and focused on your job. Act professionally in all situations. Professionals are those who follow company rules and regulations and are well mannered and courteaous.

4. Dress up

Follow the dress code as prescribed by the company. Avoid being over the top.

Dressing well is a form of good manners. – Tom Ford

5. Show positive attitude

People like to be in the company of other positive people. No one likes a person who is constantly cribbing, nagging. Be thankful for what you have and what you are.

6. Be a good team player

Your ‘team player’ qualities will certainly matter especially if you are part of a large team.

7. Take (constructive) criticism gracefully

One of the hardest things for all of us is to handle constructive criticism. Yes, some bosses may be nit-pickers, wanting everything done their way, while some bosses simply provide feedback so you can perform your job better. Hence, take criticism positively and grow from it.

8. Take initiative

You may excelling and exceeding expectations in your daily job, but do you ever try to push the limits of your work? In other words, do you ever think of ways in which your work could be done more efficiently? Or ways in which your department/process work more efficiently? Do you come up with process improvement suggestions? If not then you should. Take initiatives that may be beneficial for self and team’s growth.

Take Initiatives


9. Know your boss

You don’t have to be best friends with your boss neither you have to be like your boss. However, you should know your boss. It means you should have a fair understanding of how your boss thinks, acts, and manages. Accordingly you can strike the right chord and work in harmony.

10. Understand your employer

Foremost important thing that you should be aware of is knowing your organization’s mission, goals, strategies, and products/services even before drafting your objectives. Only then your performance will add value to your job and your performance. Many people work for years together without knowing what their organisation does. Thus, their work is highly appreciated and they may be stuck at the bottom of the growth ladder for years.

11. Build relationships

Workplace relationship are generally cherised by people in and out of the organisation. Also, it is no news that work is where you make the best of friends. You are not expected push hard to make friends, but be cordial with people you work on a daily basis or people near you by simply exchanging a smile or striking a simple conversation. This positive environment will result in motivation and greater job satisfaction. Just be sure you make friends with optimistic people, who appreciate you work for your work and constantly motivate you.

Build relationships


12. Take opportunities to learn new skills

Working in the same job for long time may result in boredom for people and thus the efficiency level will drop gradually. Hence, be responsible for your own learning. Take utmost benefit of the training options given by your organisation. Enroll in self-learning courses. Keep learning. Yours efforts towards increasing your knowledge and skills will definitely count.

13. Come up with solutions

Everyone knows there is a problem. No one will appreciate a person who is constantly talking of the problems. However, people will definitely appreciate someone who comes up with well studied solution for the problem. Be a problem-solver.

14. Avoid unnecessary talks

You are likely to find people around the corner, who are engaged in gossiping, bitching,etc. It is always best to turn a deaf ear to gossips and rumors. No matter how good you are as an employee, but getting caught in the web of gossips will take no time in ruining your impression.

15. Volunteer for new projects

Despite of you being good at your job, in order to seek a little variety with your job or to try to score some points from your boss, volunteer to take on additional work and responsibilities. It will lead to greater job satisfaction, better work performance, and perhaps even a new direction for your career.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. -Elizabeth Andrew

16. Mentor new employees

One of the best things to see in the workplace is when an experienced worker mentors a younger, inexperienced worker. Helping the new worker will provide you great personal satisfaction – and will also put you in good standing with the boss.

Mentor new employees

17. Making a 30-60-90 days plan at work

The great businessmen have attained success because they had a PLAN. They aimed high and knew how to get there. Obviously, the journeys were rocky but they faced competition, overcame challenges and ultimately reached their destination. It is understood that you cannot afford to fly blind while working in a professional work atmosphere. In the end you will be judged based on achievements. Hence, you should set objectives right at the beginning of your career or probably right after passing college. In order to excel at work, you should define your objectives clearly, you should know the company’s expectations from you, assess your strengths and weakness and what do you need to reach your goals. These objectives should be divided over 30-60-90 days.

30days- The first 30 days will be more of learning, interactions and understanding the company and people better.
60days- The next 30 days will be interacting more with your supervisor, learning about existing procedures and practises.
90days- Next 30 days will be providing process improvements suggestions if any, review and implement.

Remember, it will take time to build these objectives, and cannot be done overnight.

Now that you have explored how to succeed at work, what else can you add? We would love to answer your queries. On that note, good luck!

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