Top 10 Magento 2 Quotation Extensions
December 27, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

The Magento 2 Quotation Extensions is a useful and entirely necessary tool for any kind of business. You can use it to provide price quotes for your clients, get leads for an email list, and so on.

Finding the right Magento 2 Quotation extension amongst thousands of options is a tough job. And even if you do find something, it could be riddled with bugs and other errors, meaning you have to start from scratch anyway.

But, the good news is, We’ve collected the top 10 Magento 2 Quotation extensions, out of hundreds in the market.


What is The Purpose of Using Magento 2 Quotation Extension?

The goal is to simply offer a complete and flexible source of quoting for the Magento 2 platform. Magento 2 Quote Extension helps online stores take orders quickly and accurately.

It enables real-time interaction between your business and potential customers right when they are thinking about buying your product. This way, you can build a truly personal experience and retain more customers.

It also encourages higher sales because it is helping people make decisions faster, which means they are more likely to convert on the spot.

If you are interested in promoting your store’s products and reaching a wider audience, we will be happy to share these Magento 2 Quotation extensions with you.


Top 10 Magento 2 Quotation Extensions

This collection will give you a full overview of the best Quotation extensions for Magento 2. Based on our review, we recommend these as the best extensions for you.


1. Request For Quote | Solwin Infotech

Request For Quotation Extension

Magento 2 Request For Quote extension offers an easy way to allow your customers to submit quotation requests for multiple products at once. Customers can negotiate price and contact you with one click, putting them back in control of the buying process.

It is a better user experience than Magento 2 default quote/invoice page; it also increases conversion rates as your customer can make multiple requests directly with one click without leaving your site.

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2. Request a Quote | Mageplaza

Price negotiation via a quote cart

The extension implements features such as quoting products or whole cart, price negotiation directly from store frontend, export/import quote requests to CSV, import/export customer and product data.

It helps to quickly manage order quotation and requesting process, get rid of emailing back and forth with customers, and excessive phone calls.

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3. Quick Request For Quote | LandOfCoder

Quick Request For Quote

Magento 2 request for a quote allows customers to quickly submit an RFQ for single products. The store admin can manage and reply to any customer quotation from the back-end.

When new quotes are created, this Magento 2 quote extension will send email notifications to both merchants and customers. This extension is an essential B2C & B2B solution for Magento 2.

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4. Magento 2 Email Quote | MageComp

Magento 2 Email Quote

Magento 2 Email Quote extension allows you to receive quote requests from customers on the front end and build, send, and manage quotations in the backend.

MageComp’s Magento 2 Email Quote extension allows your customers to email their shopping carts to you. This saves time by allowing the administrator to view all of the selections, quantities, and other options that have already been selected in the email.

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5. Free Request For Quote | FME extensions

Free Request For Quote

FME’s Magento Quote extension allows you to automate your Request for Quote procedure on your online store with an automated RFQ form.

It uses simple entry fields to assist your clients in filling out their information and sending their quotes in order to obtain an accurate cost. Customers can upload files and receive notifications regarding their RFQ submissions.

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6. Magento 2 Quote System | Webkul

Magento 2 Quote System

Magento 2 Quote System: Customers will be able to quote for products in the Magento 2 store using the Magento 2 Quote System. This module is extremely useful for placing bulk orders for admin products.

Buyers can contact the administrator with any questions about the products that have been quoted.

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7. Request a Quote | Amasty

Request a Quote by amasty

With the Magento 2 Quote Extension, you can easily communicate with clients about new best pricing for products. By knowing buyers’ needs, you may make highly customized purchasing offers and increase sales revenue.

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8. Magento 2 Email Quote | Meetanshi

Magento 2 Email Quote by Meetanshi

Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Email Quote allows consumers to quote for products by emailing the shopping cart to the administrator, and it also assists the administrator in creating orders for the requested quotations from the backend.

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9. Request For Quote M2 | Milople

Request For Quote M2 by Milople

Magento 2 Request for quote extension helps buyers submit a product inquiry. Magento 2 Quotation Extension connects admin and user directly with a quote button.

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10. B2B Cart to Quote | Aheadworks

Request For Quote M2 by Aheadworks

Simplify the quoting process and satisfy customer expectations, resulting in more revenue! Clients may quickly shape quote requests while exploring catalogs and adding to carts with the module. Admins can monitor quotations, recommend counter-offers, establish email notifications, and respond to responses with the change of quotation status – all in the blink of an eye – to shape the order and complete the transaction.

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Final word

The goal of this blog is to help you in selecting the best quotation extensions for your brand. We hope you found our article interesting.

Start enjoying the benefits of a fully-featured Magento 2 store that will enhance your customers’ experiences and keep them coming back for more.

You might also be interested in Magento 2 Order Management Extensions that can boost conversion rates.

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