Advantages Of Magento Extensions
November 27, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Anyone who is using the Magento platform will get Benefits of Magento 2 Extensions, thereby increasing the efficiency of their platform. You can redesign your store quickly and give it a better feel all round. It has a large number of functions, which will increase your sales.

With over 250,000 e-commerce shop owners on the platform, Magento has managed to establish itself as a leading e-commerce platform. You get to build and manage your online store from the platform.


Why Should You Invest In Extensions?

Building a website can be daunting for anyone who does not have the skill. By investing in the Magento extension, you get to customize your online store as you wish. You get to have a user-friendly interface and enjoy multiple functionalities such as inventory management, Stock management, and efficiency, among others.

Before adding any extension onto your platform, you must consider why you need to do it. You must also be sure that you can use the extension on your own without having to depend too much on the Magento community or technical team. Even if you are not able to do it on your own, you can work with the development companies to increase customer engagement. The result is better brand loyalty.

With Magento, you get access to several extensions that will help with the running of your online store. The benefits include:-

  • The time-saving aspect because you do not need to learn to code or research before you can enjoy the benefits of the extensions. You only need to do is follow the installation prompts, and you are good to go.
  • No need to spend any money on coming up with your extension thus saving you quite a bit
  • With the ability to customize you can set your store apart from your competitors, thus allowing you to stand out
  • Give your customers a better experience because of the efficiency in running your business


What Are Some Of The Benefits You Can Hope To Get With The Magento Extensions?

There are many benefits to having Magento extensions, and these include:-


Inventory Management


Talk to anyone who deals with tangible products, and they will tell you that inventory management is a critical aspect of the business. Even those who operate on the online platform have to keep a close watch on their stock levels. If not, you could quickly run out of stock without realizing it, thus impacting on your business.

Magento extensions will assist with functionalities such as product inventory management and multi-store support. You also get to manage sales and orders. The other features you get to enjoy include inventory transaction log management, as well as inventory update push notifications.


Backend Efficiency

A lot that goes into running an e-commerce store; one of the most critical areas is the backend functions. You need an extension that will ease the process for you so that you can focus on other critical areas such as customer management.

The platform you use must also be mobile-friendly, and that is one of the aspects that enables Magento to trump most of its competitors. You will find several extensions that give you information such as reviews, sales reports, data, customer data, and account details, among others. Manage your store, products, and customers, even on multiple platforms. Get push notifications for any critical actions. You can manage your customer reviews, as well as get reports that will help with understanding your business better.

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On-Time Delivery and Tracking

The more your e-commerce platform grows, the more orders you will start to receive. You must put in place measures that will ensure that you deliver your products to the end consumer in a good time. It is very easy to destroy your business if the customers do not receive the goods they purchase on time. Gone are the days tracking your products manually. You also no longer have to send emails to your customers and alert them of the progress of shipping.

Taking advantage of extensions, such as Delivery Date Scheduling, will create efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction. A customer can choose when they would like the products delivered to them, clearly highlighting the date and time. The customer also has the option to set timelines and intervals between the order and actual delivery.

For the administrator, you get to create your time and date format. You also get to monitor the delivery process remotely. You also have the option of displaying delivery dates and times together with the charges.


Wider Audience Reach

If you are operating on the Global platform, you get access to an extensive customer base. You may, however, face particular challenges with regard to language. It can be challenging to communicate with people from different parts of the world. You may have to contend with cart abandonment, resulting in massive losses.

Magento has the Language Translator extension that will allow your customers to talk to you in whatever language through the translation facility. Therefore, customize the product details to whatever language you wish. You also get to translate mass or specific content. Besides, you can reserve your store and Translate bulk categories. You also get to use the WYSIWYG editor.


Cost-Saving Measures


You have the option of working with the Magento development company for any new extension. All you do is provide the details, agree on the costs, and wait for your app. You can also shop at the Magento marketplace, where you will find thousands of extensions that will suit your needs. You must, however, ensure that the plugin you opt for is compatible with your platform.


Better Performance and Scalability

better performance

If you are on the Magento 2 platform, you will enjoy better performance than the Magento 1 platform can give you. You can increase your query speed using the enhanced indexer. The indexing works by taking merchant data, then creating relevant tables which it continuously updates. The merchant data it uses for indexing includes prices, stores, users, and catalog data, among others. You also get to cache requests using the HTTP accelerator.

Some of the factors which allow for scalability include:-

  • Faster delivery due to web page optimization
  • Better server response time
  • Higher efficiency for backend operations
  • Greater efficiency during peak times due to database scalability and flexibility.
  • An increase in your ability to process orders by up to 39%
  • Instant server response time thus making it convenient for anyone who is browsing through your catalog
  • Up to 66% faster response for your add to cart functionalities
  • Up to 51% faster checkout times for your end to end function
  • The ability to perform tests using the performance toolkit to ensure that the platform is running properly
  • Customer Support

When you operate on the Magento platform, you will especially be impressed with the level of customer support. The business is customer-oriented, and you always feel like there is someone at hand to help you out anytime you need it.

Some of the Magento Extensions to Consider:


1. WordPress

WordPress is excellent for anyone who likes to blog. With the right content, you get to increase the traffic to your website. You can also share special updates or any other announcements that you would want your audiences to know about. You now have the option of integrating WordPress into your Magento online store.

Magento WordPress Integration Plugin

With the Magento WordPress integration plugin, you get WordPress and Magento, thus giving you a wide range of functionality. The integration will allow you to improve your SEO, as well as the ability to publish great content on your online store. The WordPress integration is free and will work on both Magento 1 and 2. You also get the Magento community and Magento Enterprise support.


2. OneSaas


OneSaas is fantastic for your finance and accounts needs. Some of the functionalities include billing, invoicing, inventory management, eCommerce, and email marketing. You can link a single account to multiple sales channels. You also get to keep an eye on your stocks, thus ensuring you always have the necessary product levels. As well as eliminate errors that could come from human handling of some of the processes. You also automate all your data, whether customer, product, stock billing, among others.

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3. Instagram Widget For Magento 2

Instagram Widget – Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension

Instagram Widget for Magento 2 will help with your marketing and advertising on the popular Instagram platform. You get to have all the posts from your Instagram onto your Magento 2 store. You can display images anywhere on the store or the product page. Then hashtag the image onto your Instagram pictures, thereby allowing more people to see what you have in your store.


4. Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM will help with a customer management process. You get to define and conduct various sales and marketing activities to the target audiences. You are also better able to manage customer account information, as well as keep a watch on their purchase history.


5. Product Videos

Advanced Product Video - Videos on Product view Page

Advanced Product Video – Videos on Product view Page

Product videos are another powerful marketing tool for anyone who is on the Magento platform. Visitors will interact better with content that is in video format. They also get a lot of information from the reviews. Using Advanced Product Video Magento 2 extension, you can embed custom videos into different sites such as Vimeo, social media, YouTube, among others. The process is straightforward; with the click of a button, you get to showcase your products to a broad audience base.


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6. Stripe

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe allows online visitors to use the stripe payment Gateway on the e-commerce platform. The customers use the stripe.js token to pay for their purchases. You also get to manage refunds and order cancellations easily. The payment method is secure, and best of all, it is free to install onto your Magento platform.


7. Magento One-Step Checkout

Many people will abandon their carts if the Checkout process is too complicated, or if they end up incurring costs they had not factored in. As a business owner on the online platform, you must ensure that you deal with any issues that may hinder the smooth running of the Checkout process. The Magenta one step checkout is available for Magento 1 and 2 platforms.

Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2

It puts everything into one single page, making the process easier for anyone who is purchasing any products from your online store. You get access to the Magento community if you have any issues with it.


8. Fraud Prevention Extension

Fraud Prevention Extension

The fraud extension plugin will help minimize fraud cases in your online store. You manage it through the admin panel and will not pay any costs or subscription fees.


9. Magento Google Tag Manager

Magento Google Tag Manager

Magento Google Tag Manager will help with analyzing the performance of your online store. It will help with AdWords conversion, Google Analytics reporting, remarketing, among others.


10. Magento Facebook pixel


Facebook has become a potent platform, and many businesses are taking advantage of everything it has to offer. It is now possible for you to integrate your Facebook pixel with your Magento online store. You get to optimize your ads and ensure that they reach your target audience, thus better conversion for you.


11. Region and City Manager

Magento City and Region Manager

The Magento Region and City Manager allow you to add different states, cities, or regions from all over the world. You then get to access them on a drop-down menu, which will help with billing and shipping. The extension is available on both Magento 1 and 2 platforms.


12. Magento Booking

Magento Booking

Magento 2 Booking Extension will turn your store into an online booking page, making it easy for customers to book appointments and tickets. It is very suitable for hotel, restaurant, cinema, hospital, etc.

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The Magento eCommerce platform is an excellent platform for eCommerce. You also get to benefit from a large number of extensions, thus improving the efficiency of your online store. We have looked at some of the benefits and extensions you can use in different aspects of running your store. Take advantage of everything Magento has to offer to elevate your business to the next level.

You must, however, be careful about the number of extensions you add. Some may have a cost implication, which could make the running of your online store more expensive. Also, make sure you only download what you need because too many plugins can slow down your website.

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