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July 29, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

You plan to start your own eCommerce store and you talk to a few experts. They give you some information about eCommerce platforms and you choose the Magento platform for building your first eCommerce store. You can start with some research online and search for the advantages Of Magento 2.

Did you know that thousands of online stores across different industries have been built with Magento?

Being an open-source eCommerce platform, Magento is a popular CMS for users and developers. It is used for building feature-rich and easy to navigate websites for small and large businesses.

With the latest version Magento 2, enhanced and most advanced features have been added to the platform. It is a scalable and robust CMS eCommerce solution for all the different businesses. Being faster to load and with enhanced security features, Magento 2 offers great customization options.

With thousands of developers worldwide, Magento has an extensive community of programmers and professionals. They are always there to support the users if they are stuck with Magento 2 development. Magento 2 offers a lot of extensions (free and paid) to add the desired functionality to your store.

You can hire Magento developers to build custom extensions from scratch. Being a leading Magento development agency, we have worked on several eCommerce development projects for our clients worldwide. You need to know the advantages of Magento eCommerce.

Still, not convinced for choosing Magento for building your next eCommerce store? Keep reading on.


1. Improved performance and scalability

Performance And Scalability

If you are looking for high performance and robust eCommerce websites, then you should definitely opt for Magento 2. This platform can cater to all the different types of requirements and offer the ultimate user experience.

A fast loading website can have a great impact on your sales. With Magento 2, you can get a fast loading website that helps you generate more profits.


2. Multi-store Functionality

Do you have multiple stores to manage?

Are you facing the problem of managing all the eCommerce stores on your own?

Magento can help you solve this problem as it is known for its multi-store functionality. This means that you can manage all your eCommerce online shops with a single admin panel. You’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort with Magento development. This unique feature makes Magento 2 a trusted choice of several eCommerce business and portal owners.


3. Mobile friendly

We all use mobile devices to shop for the products online. Don’t we? What would you do if you need to purchase a pen drive? Would you prefer to use a desktop or laptop or mobile phone for placing the order? Order placement with mobile devices is a common trend these days. Magento 2 comes with the responsive nature of websites. Hence, you can expect greater sales and profits with Magento 2.


4. Enhanced Security

website security

Ecommerce websites require some basic as well as confidential information from the customers. Your users may be hesitant to enter their credit card details on your website. With Magento 2, you can expect higher security for the website. More importantly, it makes your website safe and secure for all the online payment transactions to build customer trust.


5. Advanced Search

Advanced Search

A majority of shoppers are tech-savvy and they prefer to browse through the items directly. Users love to search for the products they are looking for. That is why it is important to have a filtered search to make it easy for the users to find the products they are interested to buy.

Intelligent search option for your Magento 2 store will help you gain more customers. Irrespective of the size of your eCommerce store, you should incorporate advanced search option and navigation options for newbies also.

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6. Easy checkout

Easy checkout


Your users may be turned off if they have to add a lot of personal information at the time of checkout. If you want to achieve a higher conversion rate, you should streamline the checkout process. Allow the end users to place orders with minimum phases. Doing this will reduce your cart abandonment rates also.


7. Marketplace Integration

Magento 2 allows the integration of popular marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Retailers can create an omnichannel experience through a wider reach across multiple platforms. Magento 2 helps the eCommerce website owners reach a large number of audiences and enjoy more profits.


8. Product listings made easy

Any eCommerce website owner would look for easy options to add, edit, and manage products on his online store. With Magento 2, you get an easy-to-use product listing interface, high level of product control as well as feedback. Anyone can manage the admin panel and post or delete the products without any technical knowledge or expertise. Therefore, it is considered as the best platform for online business. Magento supports simple products, grouped products, virtual products, and bundled products.


9. Reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Once the store is built, eCommerce owner would love to see the detailed reports. The reports like sales reports, most viewed products, most bought items, cart abandonment, and a lot more. Magento 2 provides detailed analytics reports so that you can have a solid visibility on your eCommerce store’s performance each month. This will help you make some changes and alterations to maximize the profits.

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10. Shipping management

Shipping the orders can be a great headache for eCommerce business owners. With the Magento website, you get a lot of options to configure tools in order to make the shipping process easier for the store owners.

Right from support for local postcode calculators and shipping estimates, Magento 2 offers plenty of features. It will definitely reduce your stress for shipping the orders.

The Magento store owners can create their own shipping rules and that’s what most of the users love about it. Managing the cost of freight becomes a lot easier when you select Magento website development for your retail or eCommerce business.


In conclusion

Still confused for using Magento 2 for eCommerce web development? We’ve just listed 10 benefits of this platform. Above all, there are several other features that make Magento web development a preferred choice of millions of users and developers. Indeed, Magento 2 offers endless customization options. You can customize your online store the way you want to and make your business stand out from the crowd. With easy installation of themes, extensions, and custom development, you can get a feature-rich web store. That can help you generate thousands of dollars each month.

Being a highly flexible platform, it helps the developers build multi-lingual and Ajax friendly websites. Moreover,  it allows developers easy management of multiple stores under one roof. Indeed, there are endless possibilities with Magento 2. All you need to do is look for the best Magento web development company to help you create a user-friendly website.

We’re backed up with a team of expert certified Magento developers who have worked on several projects for our clients across the globe. You can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements so that we can provide you a suitable solution. Both Magento Community and Enterprise editions have the best features for any eCommerce store. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and our team of experts would be happy to guide you.

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