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December 20, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

The eCommerce business is growing at a faster pace and B2B is the most trending marketing strategy. Nowadays many B2C business owners are shifting their business to B2B. With Magento, you get many powerful extensions to help you create a potential B2B eCommerce store effectively.

Dealing in a B2B eCommerce business means selling products or services to other business owners. B2B store owners target large-scale buyers. So, you need more improved functionalities to scale up the selling process. Here, I have collected a list of useful Magento 2 Extensions to ease the performance of your B2B business.


1. Request For Quote:

Request For Quotation - Magento 2 Extension - Product View Page

Request for Quote offers a flexible pricing approach for both B2B and B2C customers. It’s an exceptionally powerful module that allows customers to create bulk orders from the front end. Another important feature of this extension is that it allows price negotiation of products.

Like in brick & mortar stores, in the online business, bargaining is not possible. But this extension gives the best bargaining solutions for your users. Just by clicking a single button on the product page, customers can easily send a quotation request for a particular product. Merchants can promote their buyers to buy more products at flexible price rates. He can also fix different price rates for B2B and B2C customers.

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2. Call For Price:

Call For Price - Product View Page

Call For Price – Product View Page

To control the visibility of product price you can use Call For Price Magento 2 Extension. It hides product price and Add to Cart button with a Call for price button.

There are many conditions when you have to hide product prices. It may be due to price fluctuation of products, out of stock, price based on the quantity of purchase, etc. This extension encourages users to contact the Merchant for product prices. To know the price of products, customers can request product prices by submitting a form on the product detail page, product list page, and search result page.

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3. Hide Product Price:

Hide Product Price - Product List Page

This is a fantastic module to hide product prices and Add to Chart button from non-registered customers. With the help of hide Product Price Magento 2 Extension, store owners can easily hide product prices from the product listing page and product detail page. It’s an exclusive extension to help you increase your eCommerce revenue.

There are many reasons to consider keeping your product price hiding from non-registered customers. Such as price fluctuation, private sales, increasing registration, and so on. Also, it will help you keep your product price secret from your competitors.

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4. Product Questions:

Product Questions - Magento 2 Extension

Product Questions is a powerful extension for Magento 2 store. It enables customers to ask any questions related to products on the product page. Store owners can provide a satisfactory answer to their questions. It helps them remove customers’ doubts and go for quick purchases.

To ask any question customer need to go to the Q& section and filling the form can add his question. As soon as this form is submitted, an e-mail gets generated and is sent to the store owner. With the approval of the store owner, this question with the requisite answer gets displayed under the Q & A section. There is one more advantage that customer gets using this extension, they can even ask private questions. This will help you gain customers’ trust and boost your sales.

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5. Reorder Products

With Magento 2 default, if customers want to reorder mass products, they have to reorder one by one. It will waste a lot of time. Also, they cannot check product availability before purchasing products again. Lanofcoder Magento 2 Reorder Products resolve these issues. The extension allows customers to select multiple products in bulk and add them to their cart at the same time. With the quick view popup, they can check the details of any product. Your customers also can search for previously ordered products quickly. Moreover, the REST API is supported to bring the best performance.

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6. Multi-User Account


This extension is useful if you have multiple users to manage your online stores. Usually, in the B2B online store, there involves a great management process like order approval, add products to the cart, etc. To tackle these complex procedures, this extension offers you the best solution. It allows you to create sub-accounts under the main customer account. This module allows each sub-account to perform different tasks such as manage orders, track sales, etc.

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7. Quick Order:


Quick Order offers a great solution for the B2B store owners to allow customers bulk purchases quickly and effortlessly. This is a highly useful module for both B2B and B2C Magento 2 stores. It supports a quick purchasing process for customers and helps them save valuable time. Customers can easily search for their required products by simply entering SKU or product name. The powerful AJAX search feature of the extension enables the auto-search of products.

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8. Wholesale:


This extension is specifically designed to meet the requirement of a wholesaler or a B2B eCommerce store. It’s packed with many compelling features for establishing a B2B store or a wholesale store. Using this powerful extension store owners can set the different prices of products for a different website. Moreover, it has got more features like Show products and categories only after login, Show price and add to cart button only after login, and lots more.

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9. B2B eCommerce Suite:


If you are seeking a customized solution for your setting your existing B2C to B2B Magento 2 store, then consider using this magnificent extension. It powers your B2B business store to a greater level. This extension offers special login features that allow only B2B customers to log in to your B2B portal. Furthermore, it allows new customers to send access requests for a new account who want to make a bulk purchase at a wholesale rate. This module is loaded with many powerful features including a product ordering matrix, account credit limits, custom quoting functionality, and more.

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10. Better Tier Price:


Better Tier Price is a magnificent module for Magento 2 store. This extension is designed to enable a simplified purchasing process. It comes with an Automated Tier Pricing table that allows store owners to create different tier groups. Also, store owners can assign each tire group with a different price rate. Again, this extension allows store owners to assign product prices effectively based on the selection of the number of products.

Tier pricing is a wonderful means that encourage customers to buy more products. The more they would purchase the more discount they would receive. In short, tier pricing attracts customers to buy products in large quantities to get maximum discounts.

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11. Price Per Customer

Price Per Customer
If you are seeking a smart pricing tool for your Magento 2 store, Price Per Customer will be a perfect match. This module is a unique and highly advanced tool for eCommerce business. It allows store owners to set different prices for the same products depending upon the quantity of product purchase. Also, it helps them to offer a discounted price for a product category to their customers. Apart from these, it allows us to fix the price or tier price per customer. This extension motivates buyers to buy products with special price in large quantities and helps to leverage your profit margin.

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12. Extra Fee For Magento 2

Extra Fees Magento 2 extension

As the name suggests, Extra Fee For Magento 2 extension allows you to set up extra charges for your services with ease. The extension ensures the precise application for all the types of orders in your store. You can apply various fees including, product, category, and shipping. It will allow you to show the extra fees on the shopping cart & checkout page. You can change the fee standards in the future, too, if you require it. The extension automatically calculates extra fees and additional shipping fees.

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13. Magento 2 Marketplace Pro – EE

Let’s put your Magento 2 website on top by allowing sellers to control lots of items with ease. With Landofcoder Magento 2 Marketplace Pro EE, you can totally automate your e-commerce store like a variety of well-known marketplace in the world such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy… This Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension is specially developed for enterprises. Take your Magento 2 store to the next level by letting unlimited suppliers/vendors upload, sell and manage their products. At the same time, boost the shopping experience of your customers by giving them more choices to buy from numerous products of different categories. Simultaneously, the products and services are also can be judged by customers through review and rating functions.

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14. Magento 2 Company Account


The shopping process of B2B companies is usually more complicated since customers tend to place larger orders, resulting in a much longer buying cycle and requires more advanced technology.

Your Magento online store can increase its operating efficiency and solve the difficulties often associated with B2B customers by using the Magento 2 company account extension, which simplifies the corporate shopping process. This allows customers to build several sub-accounts with varying responsibilities and permissions depending on the user’s organizational level.

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15. B2B Extension Package

category permisson - magento 2 b2b extension

This Magento 2 B2B extension package is an all-in-one solution for every wholesale eCommerce website to improve performance. It suits B2B, B2B2C, and even B2B Marketplace websites that are built on Magento Open Source edition but lack essential B2B features to operate smoothly.

The solution helps merchants to optimize their wholesale websites from log in to Checkout, covering a full customer purchase process. In addition, it also provides the store administrator better store management for customers, pricing, refund, and so on.

Let’s explore awesome functions supported by this Magento 2 B2B extension package:

  • Hide certain pages or the whole website from the non-login customers
  • Restrict access to specific pages on the website
  • Create a B2B registration form to collect more information from wholesale customers
  • Support company accounts and multi-user system
  • Build a sales rep team to create a closer relationship with customers
  • Hide product prices on product pages, and category pages from customer groups
  • Customize product pricing for different customer groups
  • Support quote requests for price negotiation
  • Support a quick order form and the function of adding multiple products to cart
  • Optimize the option display and order process for configurable products
  • Set up shipping and payment methods for each customer group
  • Allow customers to use company credit for payment
  • Retain customers by refunding them via store credits

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In Conclusion:

There is a huge demand for the B2B eCommerce business. It’s the most profitable marketing strategy. These are exclusive Magento 2 modules to generate new opportunities for your B2B eCommerce store. Yes, you can hire a Magento developer if you want to get any assistance to develop your B2B website in a professional way.

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