How To Learn and Become a Magento Developer
May 27, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce development platforms that offer a definite solution for businesses of all sizes and types. It gives you the flexibility to add more capabilities to your current system and allows you to move on the go. It is a scalable, affordable, and feature-rich platform that also gives the convenience of development to the developers for building eCommerce applications.

If you are thinking of learning Magento, you have made a good decision. There is a huge scope offered by the technology; even after the launch of competitive technologies such as WooCommerce, the growth of Magento has been unaffected. In fact, it has been retaining its no.1 position for years. A technology that has ruled the market steadily and sparks innovations, this is a combination that would never fail. So, here we are helping you in finding the top platform where you can learn Magento easily and join the clan of Magento Developers.


Let’s start with the basics

There are over 170,000 websites built over Magento. And this says a lot about the demand it has in the tech domain. It is very important for any enterprise to choose the best technology to power their eCommerce stores. And since Magento has different variants to provide cost-effective solutions for businesses of every size, it is one of the best solutions available in the market, which allows easy upgrades.

To become a Magento developer, you must make yourself familiar with the basics of web application development; you must deepen your understanding of app functionality and development tools used for boosting the development process.

Start with basic programming knowledge and then widen your understanding of Magento sites. Explore the following aspects of development:

  • Learn to create your own code.
  • Learn to work with Photoshop editor.
  • Improve your communication skills, learn to use the right technical jargon to improve communication.
  • Upgrade your knowledge with new technologies and learn to implement different solutions.
  • Work on constant self-development.


The next stage in the learning process:

1. Learn about the functioning of Magento

Understanding the functioning of Magento will help you become familiar with the right development process. It would reduce the chances of confusion and speed up learning. You would learn about specific areas of development, general recommendations and also make a stronger theoretical base. It would also improve your practical skills.

2. Enroll in an online Magento Course

Enrolling in a Magento course would allow you to learn from professionals. Not only do they share the knowledge and help you learn to code, but also their experience comes in very handy in understanding the challenges of development.

  • A course helps you to improve your basic skills required for Magento development.
  • It helps you to develop your programming skills.
  • Advice you on improving the effectiveness of the technology and solutions.
  • Provides practical exposure, which is a great way to learn on the go.

You can find many Magento course providers. There are many trusted ones that have the best tutors, and they would give you a legitimate certificate that can help you get employed or start off with freelancing. Also, the regular projects can serve as a good portfolio for you to get started.

3. Freelancing


Freelancing allows you to test your knowledge on a project. Of course, you would not be able to work on a very complex project, but you can start simple and use your knowledge and experience to grow. It would help you practically test your theoretical knowledge and independently use the tools and functionality of the site. It allows you to test the technological features, check the integration and deployment of the solutions.

The opportunity also helps you to achieve high-level professionalism and puts you in a challenging environment.

4. Magento Course for certification

Certificates play a very important role in making people believe in your skills and the professional level. As a developer, you must never ignore its importance, especially if you are freelancing. They increase your worth in the market and would help you attract more leads. It makes conversation much easy and therefore after the completion of the course, for confirming your skillsets you must have a certificate. It makes it much easier to respond to the job offers and compete with other Magento developers.

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5. Magento Events and Conferences

Magento Events

For development and professional growth, you must not ignore the importance of specialized events. These events allow you to stay abreast with the modern trends in the market, learn about modern development practices, upcoming technologies, etc. You can attend virtual events, go to online conferences and ensure your continued growth and development. Since eCommerce is one of the biggest markets today, you can fast-track your growth at each stage and become a Magento developer with skills and knowledge.

This surely looks like a long journey, but it is important to understand that knowledge takes time to develop and skills take time to evolve. So, if you have set your heart on becoming a developer with all the knowledge of Magento, there cannot be any shortcuts.

However, you can use these tips that we have found very effective in enhancing the knowledge and experience of a developer. It gives you a clearer pathway to reach your goals and assures your growth in your short-term and long-term professional journey.


Tips to Become a Good Magento Developer:

1. Basics By Heart

Basics are the founding rules of anything. They make things the way they are. No matter how experienced you become in programming, you have to start with the basics whenever you are embarking on something new. It would help you understand the rules and make things more clear for you in the long run. Once you have achieved that, you would not have to go back again and again to the basics to understand the logic behind something. Also, it comes in very handy when you are pulling off something very new in the market.

Learning Magento requires you to start off with basics. It would make you a better programmer. For this, if you have some basic technical knowledge, start by watching tutorials from a trusted source. You can check out their profile to know what kind of experience they have in the field. Forums and discussion sites are equally beneficial too.

2. Magento Certified Developer Exam

Magento 2 Certification

Organizations have their own screening process and if you want to be hired faster, go for a certification exam. There are many online certification exams you can take. It would become a highlight of our professional journey. The best thing is you can take the test to be recognized as a Magento developer. Also, these exams are super easy; they mostly test your hold on the basics.

Secondly, these exams help you to find where do you stand in the market. If you find yourself not doing so great in a particular area, you can start learning about it and develop your skillset in that direction. This would give you more capabilities as a developer.

3. Follow Magento-related News and Blogs

Magento has a huge following, and there is almost every day a new blog or article being posted daily. You can follow the blogs and news to understand the technological advancement happening in the tech domain and decide about your services better. These blogs help you manage the challenges better and allow you to evolve as a professional.

Forums and discussion portals also help you to resolve these queries faster, you can post your query, and thousands of experts around the globe can help you overcome that.

4. Analyze your work

As you start coding, you must analyze it over and over again. It gives you time to optimize the code and improve the overall functioning of the program. You can gain some valuable insights by comparing the code of similar products. Mistakes are bound to happen; only you can take time to correct them there and then rather than finding them later and increasing your problems.

5. Learn on the go

The technology domain is very dynamic; almost every day, you will have something amazing to learn. If you want to become the best Magento developer, you have to keep on learning. Make learning a part of your professional life, use your experiences to identify the challenges in the project before starting the work. Learn about the best practices. Focus on value than on the quantity of work you do. Sharing your views would help you in starting a dialogue with Magento’s vast community and improve your knowledge and understanding of Magento.

Most of all, don’t forget to improve your understanding of different industries. In the end, utilizing technology is all about finding amazing ways to optimize the internal and external operations of an industry. Focus on the problems of businesses at different stages of their business lifecycle, and then try to find ways to resolve them.

6. Keep track of changes

There are various tools you can use in collaboration with the technology to improve your coding. Use GIT for version control to track the changes. It would help you in finding problems in the code. Also, start using project management tools to bring more transparency to the work environment.

7. Putting Question Tags

There are good developers, and there are just developers. There is a huge gap between the two, and as a developer, it is your goal to get identified as a good developer. To do that, you must make yourself proficient in code execution. Technically you might have a solution for the problem, but implementing that practice is going to a huge challenge. You must dig deep and understand the functionality and usability of everything that you decide on doing in a particular development process. So, before you code, ask yourself why and how to not waste the development time and make things easier for you.


Wrapping Up

Technical skillsets take time to develop as they hugely depend on the kind of exposure you get and the way you use your experience and knowledge. Each day brings with it new learnings; make sure you are always willing to learn new things. And all the best to you on your journey to becoming a Magento developer.

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