Best Magento 2 Extensions For Better User Experience
September 30, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

If you want to be ahead of the competition, you need to make sure that your website is driven by a highly efficient e-commerce platform. Magento is a well-known e-commerce platform in the market and comes with a wide range of features. There are tons of Magento 2 extensions in the market that can help you create a highly efficient platform.

A bad user experience can have a negative impact on your business. By using Magento 2 extensions you can improve the user experience of your website. Magento 2 offers its users several features that help them achieve the best user experience. By installing the right extensions, you can make your store more engaging and easier to navigate. In this blog, we have listed the best Magento 2 extensions for creating a better website experience.

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20 Best Magento 2 Extensions To Improve User Experience


1. Product Questions

Product Questions - Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 Product Questions extension allows customers to ask questions about your products and write answers about them. This makes it easier for customers to buy products from you as they can learn more about the product before purchasing it.

Key Benefits:

  • Customers can ask product questions to remove their doubts.
  • Allows customers to ask private questions as well.
  • Shopping without any hesitation.
  • Get a better shopping experience.

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2. Site Maintenance & Coming Soon

Site Maintenance & Coming Soon - Background Color

The Magento 2 Site Maintenance Mode extension allows the admin to display the maintenance page on the website. The maintenance mode can also be displayed on the category, product page, or CMS pages of your store. This is very useful when you need to make any changes to your site without notifying your customer beforehand.

Key Benefits:

  • Get an idea about website up time for technical issues.
  • Get notified about the website launch date.

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3. Advanced News

Advanced News Magento 2 Extension - News List

Advanced News Magento 2 Extension is a useful Magento 2 extension that shows news on the website for customers and viewers. The news module will display news on the homepage, category pages, blog pages, and product pages. Get the latest news and events from your favorite brands and industry. This Magento 2 Extension is the perfect solution for you. It is easy to install and manage, and you can use it for any website.

Key Benefits:

  • Display updates of the store.
  • Improve the conversions rate and increase sale.
  • Increase the relevance of newsletters.

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4. Google Translate Integration

Google Translate Integration - Select Language Option

Magento 2 Google Translate integration extension allows you to translate your store content to any of the 90+ languages supported by Google Translate. With the help of this extension, you can easily offer your customers the possibility of translating your store content into their native language. Get more customers from all over the world by providing a multilingual e-commerce experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Target customers globally.
  • Increase conversion rates and boost sales.
  • Get a better shopping experience.

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5. Advanced Sorting

Advacned Sorting - Front-end Selection

Advanced Sorting Magento 2 extension helps the admin to add custom sorting options to the store for an easy search process. Sorting options in this extension will help you to sort the products according to the following fields: name, price, stock, position, SKU, categories, and so on.

Key Benefits:

  • Engage customers with different sorting options.
  • Enhance customer’s shopping experience.
  • Take purchase decisions quickly.
  • Product searching process will become easier.

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6. Most Viewed Products

MostViewed Magento 2 Extension - Frontend View

Magento 2 Most Viewed Products extension helps admin to showcase the most viewed products and easily attract the user’s attention. The module allows the admin to get the list of most viewed products by page, product category, or any other custom filter. With this Magento 2 extension, you can build a page that will keep your customers engaged and keep them coming back to your store.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily attract more customers to buy the most viewed products.
  • Saves customers time to find the best products.
  • Improve the conversions rate and increase sales.
  • Grab the visitor’s attention quickly.
  • Make purchase decisions easier.

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7. Product Zoom Pro

Product Zoom Pro – Magento 2 Extension – Basic Zoom

Magento 2 Product Zoom Pro extension is designed to give you an option to show zoom functionality over the product detail page for product images. It will help you to present a larger view of the product to your customers and increase sales. It comes with various features such as lightbox zoom, single image zoom, autozoom, and many more.

Key Benefits:

  • Encourage customers to make purchase decision.
  • Increase user engagement.
  • Deliver real touch experience to customers.
  • Customer satisfaction with product outlook.
  • Shopping without any hesitation.

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8. Shop By Brand

Our Brand - Brands List

Shop By Brand Magento 2 extension allows the store admin to create a well-organized Magento 2 store where customers can easily find their favorite brands. Users can simply search their favorite brands and see the popular products from these brands in the store. For each brand, users have a complete overview of the products that belong to that brand. The extension also provides you with some important features that are required to have a smooth shopping experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Gives a user-friendly interface to the customers
  • Improve online shopping experience.
  • Make purchase decisions easier.
  • Helps customers to save valuable time.

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9. Responsive Banner Slider

Responsive Banner Slider - Magento 2 Extension

Responsive Banner Slider is a clean and modern banner slider module for Magento 2. It allows you to create a beautiful banner slider with any text, images, or video content that will be displayed with awesome effects on the store’s home page. You can also easily display your latest products or offers in the slider.

Key Benefits:

  • Attract customer attention to special offers.
  • Promote offers, deals, etc. attractively in the slider.
  • Increase in conversion rate and boost sales.
  • Get a better shopping experience.

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10. FAQ Manager

FAQ Manager Magento 2 Extension - Frontend View

Magento 2 FAQ Manager extension helps to get questions and answers from the store owners. It is the best solution for stores to get customer satisfaction, which can help you reduce the costs of live chat or call center. It is a way for you to engage in direct communication with your clients and make sure that all their concerns are answered before making a purchase.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance online shopping experience.
  • Improve the conversions rate.
  • Encourage customers to make a purchase decision.
  • Submit a product-related question easily.

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11. Size Chart

Sizechart Magento 2 Extension – Product View Page Popup

With this Size Chart Magento 2 Extension, the store owner can easily configure to add a new size chart image from the admin panel. Also, it can be automatically displayed based on each group by using conditions. This extension helps the store owner to create charts with pictures of the products that can be displayed in a popup or directly on the page.

Key Benefits:

  • Make it easy for customers to make a purchase decision.
  • Customers can easily find a size that will fit them.
  • Increase in conversion rate and boost sales.

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12. Store Locator

Store Locator Magento 2 Extension – Store Directions

This Store Locator Magento 2 extension is used to show multiple stores on the map. If the admin wants to allow customers to search for stores in a specific country, state, city, or zip code and highlight the store on Google Maps, this extension will be the best option for store owners. It will display all the details of selected stores with store name, store logo/image, store address, telephone, fax, email, website, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to list all the stores on a map.
  • Customers get the store’s details in few clicks.
  • Increase online shopping experience.
  • Customers can also see a street view of the store.

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13. Ajax Scroll

Ajax Scroll-magento-extension

If the store owner wants to make its store more efficient, use Ajax Scroll Magento 2 Extension. This extension allows loading products without refreshing the page. This Magento 2 extension is quite popular because it improves the performance of online stores. The store owner can customize the load more button, no more content, and after loading image text.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide a fast and comfortable shopping experience.
  • Improving the website loading speed
  • It saves customers valuable time
  • Increase in conversion rate and boost sales.

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14. Most Viewed & Sold Product Count

Most Viewed and Sold Product Count

Most Viewed and Sold Product Count Magento 2 extension can be very effective in increasing the sales of your products. Products most viewed on store sites are likely to be in high demand, so store owners can show customers how many times a particular product has been viewed on the website. This extension allows displaying the sold products count on the product detail page. This will make products more valuable and demandable.

Key Benefits:

  • Grab customer’s attention towards products easily.
  • Increase sales & product demand.
  • Make purchase decisions easier.

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15. Share On WhatsApp

Share on WhatsApp – Mobile App Shre Link View

This Magento 2 WhatsApp Share extension makes it easy for customers to share the product details page along with the description, name, price, discount, special price, URL, etc. with their WhatsApp contacts in just one touch. It allows the store owner to enable this extension category-wise & product-wise.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase user engagement.
  • Increase product visibility easily.
  • Customers can share products with others and take views about products instantly.

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16. Who Viewed This Also Viewed

Who Viewed is Also Viewed – Product List

This Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento 2 extension shows most viewed products on the Magento 2 product page. Products that were looked at most by other website visitors will show up on the product page. Related products are displayed to the visitors of the website through smart algorithms.

Key Benefits:

  • Encourage customers to make purchase decision.
  • Improve the conversions rate and increase sale.
  • Get better shopping experience.
  • Increase user engagement.

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17. Mega Menu

Mega Menu Magento 2 Full Width

With the Magento 2 Mega Menu extension, owners can display categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop-down menu. The extension also allows the promotion of items, banners, and clips right in the Mega Menu. The store owners can enhance their store content and sales. This extension allows a store owners to organize all the content in a single, long, easy-to-use column.

Key Benefits:

  • Impress your customers right at first sight.
  • Customers can find all desired products quickly.
  • Grab visitors attention quickly.

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18. Easy Contact Form Widget

Easy Contact Form Widget – Sidebar

The Easy Contact Form Widget extension helps the eCommerce store owner to provide customers with a way to contact them by including an inquiry/contact/feedback form on the site. This extension helps eCommerce store owners easily integrate a contact form with their store by using a widget.

Key Benefits:

  • Owner can collect additional contact information from visitors.
  • Customers can share their feedback with the store owner.
  • It’s allows customers to ask any questions related to the product/service to the admin.

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19. Scroll To Top

Scroll To Top Magento 2 Extension – Top icon at Right side

This Magento 2 Scroll To Top Extension makes your customers scroll a page from bottom to top with one simple click. The Scroll To Top button is visible only when the page is scrolled down. Store owners can display scroll-to-top on any pages of websites like home, category, product and cms pages, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance the store performance.
  • Improve customers’ shopping experience.
  • Scroll bottom to top in a single click.

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20. Instagram Widget

Instagram M2 Extension – Front View

There is no inbuilt feature in Magento to integrate and display an Instagram feed. Therefore, we have designed the Instagram Widget Extension to equip this service in the Magento store. This Instagram Widget Magento 2 Extension will help you connect your business’ Instagram profile with the existing Magento store.

Key Benefits:

    • Increase the time spent on site.
    • Give an attractive look to your online store.
    • Increase social visibility and attract more potential customers.
    • Grow the number of Instagram followers.

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In this blog, we have mentioned the 20 best Magento 2 extensions for a better user experience that can support various areas of the website. We hope this blog will help you in your Magento store. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us. In the previous blog post, we have listed out the best free Magento 2 extensions to boost your store sales. If you missed the previous blog post, you can check it out here.

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