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September 11, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Modern customers have a lot of choices for buying different products online. As we live in a customer-centric world of eCommerce, it is important to pay attention to customer experience.

Magento 2 personalization can help you please your visitors and create a sales funnel that is short. In reality, a seamless shopping experience can help you increase your conversion rate.

You need a tailored approach for building your Magento 2 store and personalize the customer experience in order to make more sales and profits online.

B2B and B2C eCommerce websites require the right direction to engage the visitors and make them interested in your products. Give them a valid reason to purchase products from your online store.

Good Magento 2 store personalization can help you deliver an awesome experience to the end-users.


Why should eCommerce store owners personalize the user experience with Magento 2?

  • It helps you grab the attention of potential customers.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface for an enhanced shopping experience.
  • You can get more repeated customers.
  • It increases conversion rates and profits.
  • It creates a sense of loyalty among your customers.


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How to offer the best Magento 2 personalization to the shoppers?

1. Design eCommerce website for shoppers’ convenience

What would you do if you are not able to find products on a website you are looking for? You are likely to leave the site and look for similar products elsewhere.

When it comes to Magento 2 personalization, you should focus on making a good impression on the shoppers. Try to attract users by showcasing hot deals or promotions on the homepage.

Magento homepage customization can help you increase traffic and make more sales.



2. Shorten Magento 2 checkout process

Nobody would like to fill in a lot of information when it comes to purchasing products online. When the customers face less hassle during checkout, they would be happier.


Magento 2 one step checkout helps you to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Make sure that your eCommerce store has the shortest possible checkout process and customers should be able to save time and effort while buying products from your store.


3. Show related products

When personalizing Magento 2 user experience, you can use related products on the product pages so that the users get more options and ideas for the items they want to purchase. This would encourage online shoppers to buy similar products from your store and enjoy more sales. For instance, if a customer is planning to purchase a pair of running shoes, you can show them different types of sneakers, hiking shoes, and travel pouches also.



4. Upsell and cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling is a great tactic to increase your sales. When you show the customers more expensive products depending on the products they are viewing, it helps them buy better quality products.

The aim of upselling is to encourage customers to buy similar products by spending more money.


Cross-selling products can be displayed once the user adds specific products to their cart. Such products add value to customers as they buy additional items from your store. For example: When a customer is purchasing mobile from your store, show them mobile covers and other accessories also. Label these products as “Customers who bought this item also bought” or “Who Viewed This Also Viewed” or “More recommendations“.

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5. Reward programs

If you want to increase your sales online, offer rewards to your customers so that they keep coming back to your store for purchasing products.


Magento 2 personalization through rewards can help you drive more traffic and sales online. Plan the best rewards program for your customers depending on their behavior and shopping history. Some of the good ways to run reward programs are:

  • Once a customer makes a purchase, they get 10% points in their wallet. They can exchange points for currency. Example: 100 points = $1.
  • When a user subscribes to your newsletter, they get a coupon code.
  • Referring to friends to your eCommerce store entitles the users to get a discount code.
  • If a user shares your products on social media, they receive points.

You can run contests or promote your reward program on social media networks to drive more traffic to your website. Running ads on Facebook or Google AdWords can also be a good idea to increase your sales online and make huge profits.


6. Use email marketing

Sending regular emails to potential clients and target customers can help you build brand loyalty. You can think of sending behavioral-triggered emails to consumers to skyrocket your sales.

Creating an email automation workflow can be a good idea to make more revenues from your Magento 2 personalization campaigns.

Email list


7. Display customer reviews and testimonials

Make sure that you collect ratings and reviews from the customers who have purchased products from your store and post them on your website and other platforms.

Customer Product Reviews.

A lot of online shoppers trust product ratings and reviews while buying anything online. Dedicate a corner on your website to showcase client testimonials to help customers make the right purchase decisions.

Encourage users to provide text and video testimonials to build brand credibility.

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Final Words

Magento 2 personalization can help your business stand out from the competition and let you make more profits. Consumers demand convenience and ease of access when they shop for products online.

It is important to understand user behaviour and personalize the shopping experience for the users. Solwin Infotech is an experienced Magento development company that can help you maximise your ROI with Magento 2 store personalization.

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