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August 10, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you want to boost your sales? Are you looking for increasing your eCommerce sales? It can be a good idea to create a sense of urgency to push your target users to make a faster decision for buying your products or services. We all get attracted to online offers and discounts if it says “2 days left” or “few days left“. Don’t we?

There are several ways in which you can employ urgency in your marketing strategies and increase the conversion rate of your Magento eCommerce store. Revealing scarcity or urgency can inspire a lot of users to shop from your web store.

eCommerce countdown timers can be a great way to tell your customers about a particular deal in your store. Whether you want to sell particular products in a short span of time or want to offer free shipping for a certain period of time, countdown times can be an effective method to drive more eCommerce sales.

When a product is scarce, users may prefer stocking it up at their homes. False low stock level notices can tempt a lot of buyers to purchase particular products. Hence, eCommerce website owners should use different tricks to increase their sales.


How to use countdown timers effectively?

Countdown timers for sale ending soon or low stock notifications create urgency in the minds of consumers, and they make a purchase decision faster. You may have seen a countdown for delivery cut-off times on some of the reputed eCommerce websites and portals.

Best Deals Magento 2 Extension - Hot Deals Page

Let the customer know that if they order a specific product in “X” hours, they will get it by the next day. Users who want to receive the orders the next day will order items from your website quickly. It works for plenty of leading eCommerce stores, and so, this trick may work for you also!

Another way of using countdown timers is to provide a specific time to the users once they add an item to their cart. For instance, “product will remain in the cart for 30 minutes”. If the stock is limited, customers are likely to complete their purchase quickly.

Sending emails for abandoned carts can be a good idea to increase your sales. For example: Sending emails to users who have left the items in their carts with messages such as “Get 10% discount for the order” can boost your eCommerce sales.

We all know about the “Black Friday sale”. That’s the time when eCommerce store owners get the maximum sales online. Most of the consumers wait for such sales to get the best deals on the products.


Black Friday has become a competitive and popular means of increasing sales online. Most of the eCommerce owners offer their biggest deals on such occasions. On the other hand, people wait for this day to get the best bargains. It is easier to announce such special discounts and deals to attract new customers and get repeated sales from existing ones.


Essential tips to improve your eCommerce countdown:

1. Keep it simple and realistic


Being honest is the key to a successful countdown timer campaign for boosting your sales.

Some of the eCommerce owners make the mistake of creating a fake deadline to boost short-term sales but there are several risks to do so.

Imagine a scenario where a customer gets tempted to purchase a product as it shows an offer like “50% discount for the next 5 hours” or “Only 3 pieces left”. The user thinks that he got the best deal right. But after a couple of days, the same user comes across the same offer on your store. What would he feel? He may feel deceived and may not trust your brand anymore.

Make sure that you keep the countdown timer genuine to create a sense of trust among the users.


2. Stay relevant

It is important to keep an eye on the latest trends in the market and plan your countdown timer deals according to what your competitors are offering.


In today’s competitive times, customers prefer to compare the prices of products on multiple websites before making a decision. Hence, it is essential to know what kind of offers your competitors offer and what the hot-selling trends for various products are.

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3. Less is more

You cannot think of using eCommerce countdown timers for the same products every month as users may start ignoring your products or store. Avoid using countdown timers frequently. The users may lose interest and may not find the deals on your eCommerce store exciting or interesting.


Ecommerce website owners should identify the best occasions for using countdown timers. Then create a buzz in the market to increase the sales.


4. Scarcity increases value

Mathew wanted to buy his favorite coffee online. When he logged into the website, it showed “only 5 pieces left.” Though he wanted to purchase one pack, he added three of them to his cart and made a purchase. Mathew thought of stocking up flavored coffee as it might not be available at the online store once finished.

That’s how a countdown timer works. An eCommerce store owner can choose to stock some of the items in low quantities and show the same on the website’s home page or other strategic locations to increase the value.


5. Place the timers at the right places

The position of eCommerce countdown timers is an important factor to consider that will have a huge impact on its effectiveness. The major goal of a timer is to engage the users and encourage a purchase online.

Shoptica Magento 2 Theme - Home Special Deal Block

Placing a website banner at the home page can promote your offers and boost your sales online. You can also place the banner on internal pages but make sure that the countdown timer is visually appealing and eye-catchy. The design of the timer should match your website design and feel of the brand.


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Wrap up

It is advisable to use the right Magento extensions to place the countdown to drive eCommerce sales. Magento 2 Best deals extension helps you display special products with a countdown timer to secure more sales. Website owners can customize the timer blocks and display special offers or deals on their Magento eCommerce store to make more sales and profits online.

Get in touch with us to know how to boost eCommerce sales with countdown timers. Our experts will help you with the most valuable suggestions to make more profits.

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