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May 27, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Creating a multi-language website is very essential if you want to take your online business to the next level. We are fortunate enough that Magento 2 allows us to create multilingual stores to grasp the global market. Here you will find a step-by-step guide to help you set up your own Magento 2 multi-language store¬†from the backend. Let’s dive in….!

There are 3 different ways through which you can create a multi-lingual Magento 2 store.

Create A Website: This method allows you to create a new website with a unique name. Additionally, it will enable you to create multiple stores and assign store views to it.

Create A New Store: In this method, you can create a brand new store within the existing website. You can apply this method if you are willing not only to localize version of your business but an online store with extensive differences.

Create A New Store View: Creating a new store is very easy. It easily lets you add a localized version to your current store.


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Step 1. Create A New Website:

  1. To create a new website you have to log in to Magento 2 admin.
  2. Go to Stores > Configuration > All Stores.
  3. Now click Create Website button and fill the website information which are Name, Code and Sort Order
  4. After completing these steps, click the ‘Save Website‘ button. As soon as you save it, your job is done. Now you can check the website on the store grid.




Step 2. Create A New Store:

  1. To create a new store visit admin, click Store > Settings > All Stores
  2. Now click the ‘Create Store‘ button.
  3. Fill the store information as shown in the image.

Web Site: Choose the website name from the drop-down menu.
Name: Enter a store name for identification.
Code: To identify your store enter a unique code.
Root Category: Choose the root category from the drop-down menu.


After completing these steps, click the Save Store button. Now you can see the new store on the Stores grid.


Step 3: Create A New Store View:

  1. Go to Admin, Click Store > All Stores > Create Store View.
  2. Next, fill the Store View information as per requirement.

Store: Select the store that is related to this store view.
Name: Enter a name for the store view
Code: Enter a unique code
Status: Select enabled option.


After completing the above steps click ‘Save Store View‘ button.

You can check the new store view on the Stores grid.

I think you might have checked these 3 different steps. Now if you want to localize the new store view, go to Stores>Configuration>Locale Options. Select the language from the drop-down menu of the language option. Next click the ‘Save Config‘ button.


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Well! It’s done. You have learned how to create Magento 2 multi-language store. Don’t forget to install and enable Magento 2 Language Pack. It is a must to enable language translation facility on your Magento 2 store.

If you face any problem while following these steps feel free to contact our Magento experts.

However, if you are looking for a simple and ready-made solution, get Google Translate Integration Magento 2 Extension. It is a very simple extension that helps to translate more than 90 different languages.

I think by now you can expand your online business worldwide without any language barrier. Get more customers from different regions of the world and easily increase your revenue.


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