How To Get Magento 2 Certification
January 29, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Magento 2 was released in July 2015. It has been 4 years of research, study, and experiment with Magento 2 system for the developers.

The first Magento 2 certification exam was taken in March 2018 with the name Magento 2 Certified Developer.

Today, Magento provides five types of Magento 2 certifications for developers and Magento experts. However, it is a great way to test your Magento knowledge and skills.

Here is a comprehensive guide to Magento 2 certification exams.


Magento 2 Certifications- Types of Exams

Magento 2 certificate exams are designed to help Magento developers validate their skills and insight of Magento 2. These exams not only offer them certificates but also open the doors of new opportunities in career. Magento 2 certifications also play a vital role in building trust among customers. Thereby it also increases the number of customers over the period.

Here are five types of Magento 2 Certification exams.

1. Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist


This exam needs a thorough understanding of making advantages of Magento 2 functionality to benefit the client’s eCommerce business. The certified solution specialists can effectively align business objectives with Magento 2 functionality. As well as avoid unnecessary customization, and optimize necessary features.

This exam can be given by a merchant, manager, consultant, and developer. As well as analysts who have at least one or one and a half years of experience. It is not meant only for the Magento 2 developers.

Magento 2 certified solution specialist exam has 75 multiple-choice questions. 90 minutes is the maximum time a candidate gets to complete this exam. All questions are related to Magento Community Edition (2.0.x or 2.1.x) and Magento Enterprise Edition (2.0.x or 2.1.x).



2. Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer


It needs a proper understanding and good practice of customizing the source code of Magento 2. This exam is designed to evaluate the essential skills and knowledge to customize Magento 2. The aspects of UI modifications, database changes, checkout process customizations, admin modifications, order management customizations, functionality changes, and catalog structure.

Just like the Magento 2 Solution Specialists certification exam, this exam also needs experience. So, to appear in this exam you need around 1-1.5 years of working experience in the Magento 2 domain. It contains 60 multiple-choice questions. Candidates get 90 minutes’ time to answer these questions.

The exam has a passing standard of 64% or higher percentages. Magento 2 certified professional developers’ exam is based on Magneto Open Source (2.2) and Magento Commerce (2.2).



3. Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer


This exam is specifically for beginners. Any fresher of Magento 2 development can validate their skills and basic knowledge of various areas of Magento 2. Though this exam does not require any working experience with Magento 2. The participants must have a good knowledge of the fundamentals of Magento Open Source (2.2) and Magento Commerce (2.2).

The exam has 60 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. The candidate needs 68% or higher to pass this exam.



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4. Magento 2 Certified Professional Front-end Developer


This exam aims to evaluate the necessary skills and operational knowledge of Magento 2 front-end. So, to pass this exam you need good working experience with Magento 2 theme components and user interface modification.

It has 60 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. 63% or higher score is needed to pass this Magento Open Source (2.2) and Magento Commerce (2.2)-based exam.



5. Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer

The scope of this exam is limited to the required skill-set. As well as to get insights to build new JavaScript extensions for Magento 2. As well as customize the existing one. It does not require any working experience; however, if the participants have worked on JavaScript extensions, they are in a better position to crack this exam.

Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions. The time limit is 90 minutes and the candidates have to secure 63% or higher to pass this exam.



Magento 2 Certificate Exams Process:

Magento 2 Certifaction


How To Register?

Firstly, the registration process is quite simple for Magento 2 certifications. Developers or Magento enthusiasts can go through the list of exams and select any one exam of their choice. Then, after selecting the exam, they have to complete the checkout to buy the exam voucher.

Magento 2 certification exams’ costs are different and in the range from $195 to $260.

After getting the voucher code via an email or through the My Product and Services section of the Account page. The candidates can click on the “Find a Testing Center and register for Exam” button. It’s available on the detailed page of each exam. Click on this button will redirect them to the Webassessor page where they can register for a new exam.

The candidates have two options for giving an exam: Onsite (At the testing center) or Online.
After selecting any one option what’s next? Now the candidate can choose the suitable dates and times (in line with their time zones) and enter a voucher-code. Once the process gets completed, a confirmation email is sent along with the necessary details.


How To Prepare?


There are three different ways to prepare for Magento 2 Certification exams.

1. Study guide for Magento 2 Certifications

Magento provides FREE study guides for all its certification exams.

You can download these guides from the detailed information page of every certification exam. These study guides can assist you to know what to learn and revise. As well as practice to achieve good scores and get the certificates.

Here is the information provided in the study guide for the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer exam.

• Exam topics and revision questions for every topic covered
• The percentage or weightage of topics covered in the exam (For example, Magento Architecture and Customization Techniques have 18%. Request Flow Processing has 12%).
• Magento 2 certification sample questions
• Answer key and other details

Click HERE to download the free Magento 2 certifications study guide.


2. Magento Blogs

Magento Developers community is thriving and offers tremendous support to Magento developers worldwide.

Many active and enthusiastic Magento developers share their insight and experiences in different forums like StackExchange and StackOverflow. Some technical blogs dedicated to Magento such as DLTR, Magento Blog, Practical Ecommerce, Magento Training, Magento Quickies, etc. These blogs are also useful for preparing for Magento 2 Certifications.

What’s more, almost two years have been passed since the first exam was taken in the year 2018. To date, many developers, online retailers, and experts have got their certificates. Therefore, candidates can have more online instructions and useful tips on how to pass Magento 2 certification exams.

It is easy to find such blogs with just a few clicks on Google. Blogs on M2 certification exams contain all necessary information to get the desired result in the exam.

Freshers can also consult experienced or senior Magento developers for having good insights on various exam-related topics.


3. Magento 2 Courses

Some paid training courses are also helpful for the developers to prepare for these certification exams. Here is a table of Magento U suggesting training courses for each and every certification exam.

Name of Certification ExamRecommended Course
Magento 2 Certified Solution SpecialistManaging Your Magento 2 Store (A course designed for Merchants/Marketers/Developers/Business Analysts)
Magento 2 Certified Professional DeveloperM2 Certified Developer Study Group, M2 Development Essentials
Magento 2 Certified Associate DeveloperM2 Development Essentials
Magento 2 Certified Professional Front-End DeveloperCore Principles for Theming in Magento 2 ( Courseware )
Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript DeveloperJavaScript Development in M2

Also, some training courses offered by Magento are useful for having additional useful knowledge of this platform. Further, Magento offers paid courses for developers from a beginner to an advanced level.


Interesting Information for Magento 2 Developers and Enthusiasts

The developers, who have passed the Magento 2 certification exams, can see their names on the Magento 2 Certification Directory. Merchants and other people can also find their names on the list. All in all, it assists the developers to boost their trustworthiness among people.

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In Conclusion:

Thus, Magento 2 certifications offer a better way for developers. It provides them the ability to prove their skills on the basis of working experience with this wonderful platform. Thus, Magento 2 developers can use these certifications to boost their careers and grab opportunities in the future.

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Test Yourself: Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Practice Test

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