The Modern Rules of Magento UX
October 23, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Have you ever thought: Why do websites fail? Have you ever think about Magento UX for your online eCommerce store? If your answer is No. Let’s check!

Ecommerce business owners spend a lot of money on building their online stores, but are all of them successful? The answer is obviously NO.

Not all websites, eCommerce portals, software, or apps are successful. The major reason behind this could be usability. Customers demand a lot of conveniences while using your website or app.

What’s the main aim of eCommerce online stores? – To make sales.

If your website is not designed keeping in mind the end-users, it is likely to fail. Your Magento eCommerce store won’t be successful if it is not designed as per the users’ expectations.

Good Magento User Experience is a must for the success of your online store.

Complex navigation and inaccurate product information can turn off users. Your sales may be negatively affected if your website has a terrible UX.

Every eCommerce website owner should focus on improving the Magento user experience in order to maximize the ROI.

Magento offers a lot of flexibility to the users, and eCommerce business owners can build a feature-rich web store with all the desired features and functionalities.


If you are happy with your sales, there is still a lot of scopes you can explore. It can be a good idea to explore opportunities and make more profits by improving Magento UX design. Optimizing the UX part of the web store would help you grab more customers.

This blog will explain to you how to improve the UX of your Magento store.


1. Easy Search

Customers demand ease of use when shopping online. You should make it easier for the visitors to search for the products they are looking for.

Easy navigation can help you reach great heights. You should improve the built-in search functionality so that even the first time visitors can reach to the desired web page easily.

It is advisable to add a search bar on the home page and all the major pages on your website. It helps the users reach the right page with a minimum number of clicks.

You should step yourselves into the shoes of the users, and think of all the sections required for your website. You can also place a hint section in the search bar so that it becomes easier for the users to search the products they are looking for.


2. Make search visible

Whether you want to place a search icon or a search bar, you should make sure that it is clearly visible to the users. You can place the search option on the home page and inner pages. You can talk to experienced web designers to help you place the search options on the web pages.


3. Uniform navigation

Did you know that most of the users leave the website if they are unable to find the products or information they’re looking for?

Intuitive and uniform navigation can guide visitors through the website. Select a hamburger or slide menu for displaying all the major links on your website. Talk to Magento experts to get an idea about the navigation for your site.



4. Product graphics

Visuals attract human beings more than the text. Hence, it is important to use high quality and clear product images to provide information to users.

When shoppers purchase things online, they are unable to touch or feel the products. Hence, they get an idea about the items by looking at the pictures. Make sure that your Magento eCommerce website has high-quality product images along with the description and the visitors would be able to understand how the products look like. Including a zoom option for the product, images are advisable for eCommerce stores.

Posting a 360-degree view of the products can be a good idea to give a better understanding of the users so that they can make the best buying decisions. Think about all the possible ways to improve the Magento user experience by posting the right product images.


5. Provide Filters

If a customer faces confusion while buying products from a store, they are likely to leave the site and look for other options.

Provide filters for your website to enable accurate product search. Optimize your product filtering option to maximize your sales.

You can include multiple filtering options for making it easier for the users to search the right products they are interested to buy.

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6. Optimize the shopping cart

Shopping cart is a sensitive section on your eCommerce website where the users take the decision of buying the products or leaving the website. Place the cart icon on the top right-hand corner so that the visitors can notice it easily.

It is essential to provide an option for the users to manage their cart easily. The users should be able to add or remove the items from the cart easily. An experienced Magento development agency can help you optimize your shopping cart and help you maximize your ROI.


7. Personalized offers

It can be a great idea to use upselling and cross-selling for improving the Magento user experience. Providing personalized suggestions to visitors in the form of relevant products can help you improve your sales and profits. Plan the best strategy for upselling and cross-selling to increase the ROI.


8. Customer reviews

Customer Product Reviews.

Customer Product Reviews.

Believe it or not, customer reviews have a great impact on the sales of any eCommerce store. Users are likely to make purchase decisions based on the users’ reviews. Experts suggest the use of extensions to integrate your eCommerce store with Facebook to display the reviews.

Never hide negative or neutral reviews as users may prefer to buy products that have mixed reviews too. They work better than positive reviews.


9. Wishlist

Sometimes, the user may like a product, but they may be confused about buying it. Providing such users an option of add to the wishlist can help. The users can add the items to their wishlist and purchase them in the future.

Opt for a UX-friendly wishlist design to help customers add items to their accounts and manage them. Place a ‘heart’ or any other icon on the product image so that potential customers can add the products to their wishlist.


10. Social media

Social media content posting

Integrating social media buttons on your website can boost the user experience. Your target audience would like to follow your brand on social platforms. Allow the users to share the products on their social media pages. Encourage the users to share the content on their social media channels to boost brand recognition and build awareness.

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In a Nutshell

Optimizing Magento UX requires a lot of homework and thought process. It is important to step into your target users’ shoes and think of designing attractive and smooth navigation UX that motivates them to purchase products or services from your store. Superior UX can help your business grow. You can hire expert Magento developers to help you get the best solutions without digging a hole in your pocket.

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