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August 16, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Are you worried about the conversion rate of your website? Do you want to increase your sales and profits? If you have a Magento eCommerce store, you would need a smooth checkout process to improve the conversion rate.

A complicated checkout process can increase the abandon rate of your eCommerce website. Customers demand an easy and fast checkout process.

Well, there are several options to help you design engaging Magento checkout page for improving the conversion rate of your website.

Magento one page checkout extensions can help you retain your customers. There are a lot of Magento 2 extensions available to improve your sales and increase your customers.


How Magento checkout extensions can improve your sales?

It may be quite fascinating to see such words on the screen while checkout: “You’re just a click away” or “easy steps for checkout.” Customers would be happy with such an option on your Magento eCommerce store.

In order to pull the attention of more and more customers, you should choose the right extensions for your Magento eCommerce website.

Magento checkout page extensions can help you gain quick attention from your users. One-step checkout can be a good option to increase your online sales.

Optimizing the checkout process will boost your sales. Along with such extensions, you should personalize the content, manage the inventory and shipping should be done properly. It will provide the best user experience to the shoppers.

If you want to take full advantage of Magento’s features and functionality, you need to design your website keeping in mind the target audience.

Users would not like to waste time on checkout process once they have decided to purchase particular products from your online store.

How important is a well-designed Magento checkout page?

Easy checkout

While designing an eCommerce store, many people think that once the customer has clicked on the “Buy” button, they would surely make a purchase. The fact is that the “Add to cart” option does not guarantee a purchase. Even after the products are added to the cart by customers, there is one more hurdle for eCommerce store owners – the checkout page.

According to a recent survey, 36% of the users leave the website without making a purchase while they reach on the checkout page. Reason – The checkout process is not easy to understand.

The complicated and time-consuming checkout process can be frustrating for the customers. You could be losing a lot of business and revenue if the checkout process on your website is not streamlined.

Do not worry if you want to improve your conversion rates for your Magento eCommerce stores. There are several options to improve your sales.

You can look for an experienced Magento development agency to help you choose the best tactics to make more sales.

In this blog post, we shall throw some light on the tips and tricks to increase your conversion rate by designing an effective Magento checkout page:

1. Transparency in the costs

Be as transparent as possible for the prices of the products. Nobody would like surprises at the time of checkout.

If the shipping or handling charges are applied, make sure that you mention the same on the products page itself so that the customers are aware of the same.

If you offer, free shipping, you should mention the same on products as well as the checkout page.

2. Avoid redirecting users to a different payment portal

Users may not be comfortable with a different URL and some of them may be reluctant about entering their payment details on a different portal. They may feel suspicious to put in their credit card information on a new website.

Make sure that your domain name and checkout page URL is similar so that the users may not get turned off.

3. Guest checkout option increases sales

Some customers do not wish to register on websites and portals as they think they would get a lot of notifications from the site. Some others do not wish to spend time registering on portals.

A few customers who may want to make a one-time purchase may not be comfortable to register on your website.

Offering them a guest checkout option can be a good idea. You would see a boost in your sales and conversion rates by providing a guest checkout option on your website.

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4. Make the forms as easy as possible


Who would like to spend a few minutes entering the personal information that is not mandatory for making a purchase? Keep the forms precise and collect only mandatory information. Lengthy forms can be turn off your users. Try to keep the forms as short as possible.

5. Send reminders to customers for abandoned carts

Just because a customer left your website without making a purchase does not mean that he would not return.

How many times did you add a product to your cart and then got busy with another work?

Sometimes, the customers forget to complete the purchase. Sending email follow-ups to the customers can be a good idea to grab their attention to your store to make a purchase.

Magento ecommerce store owners should send email or SMS reminders to such users. Automated emails can be set for personalizing the messages sent to the users who abandon their carts on your ecommerce website.

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6. Responsive website

Mobile Friendly E commerce Site

Mobile Friendly E commerce Site

You could be losing a lot of business if your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

The user may try to access your site from different mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, desktop, or more. A mobile-optimized website that works seamlessly across different platforms can help you boost your sales.

You should ask the Magento website development agency to make your website optimized for mobile so that the user experience is great no matter what type of device the customer accesses it on.

7. Offer advantage to returning customers

If your user comes back to your website to make another purchase, you should offer them the auto-fill option of the forms as they would be happy to see that.

Auto-fill option of their personal information will make them feel special and they would love to shop from your Magento online store.

There are several Magento extensions that save the customers’ information and the same is reflected whenever the user comes back to the store.

In a nutshell

While designing Magento checkout page for better conversions, make sure that you step into the customers’ shoes and see what it is to make a seamless checkout.

With minimum efforts and time, the user should be able to place an order without any hassle. Hire the best Magento experts to make your checkout seamless and user-friendly.

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