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October 26, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Engagement – It is one of the buzzwords in the 21st Century that has led most businesses to succeed. Social media allows different brands to connect with users to offer them great services. Magento 2 offers a wide range of customizations and greater flexibility as compared to other CMS. Ecommerce owners can use the right Magento extensions and add the desired functionality to your store. With an embed Instagram feeds on your website, you can build a stronger community of your brand. It will directly help you get more visitors to your website.

Embedding different social media posts on the store would increase engagement. Also, it would make it easier for you to manage all different channels. Embedded social media widgets would increase the visitor’s duration on your website. It would reduce different bounce rates and you will be able to get information on engaging content. Do you embed Instagram feed on the Magento website?


Instagram Marketing is good for your brand

If you want to build a large brand and would like to get more users. You can use Instagram marketing for more information. An Instagram would allow you to build engaging content that you can share on your Instagram feed. You can make use of your content to make your marketing effective.

You can follow some basic tips that would assist you to get your feed attractive

Make sure that you upload images that are relevant to users. Also, don’t forget to give users a good vibe when they explore your account. Also, you need to follow a theme that would allow you to build a unique design for your brand.

You need to make good combinations of colors that you can incorporate with your brand logos and websites. You can make a pattern in your Instagram feed such as grid patterns. Different tools and technologies are available that allow you to build such designs and patterns. Embed Instagram feed on the website and see the power of social media.

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Here are some reasons why you should embed a social media feed on your website

Nowadays, everyone is active on social media, so it can be the best way to encourage users’ engagement. Using hashtags or tagging your social media account would be part of your website. All such users would act like marketers for your brand. And, many users would feel connected with the brand.

If you embed social media on your website then, you can assist transparency with all your visitors. If you display all kinds of posts including those negative, then it brings more transparency to your brand.

With a social media feed on your website, you can share details on different events and seminars as well. You can use it to showcase your social walls on digital screens. Also, different tools would allow you to use different features.


If you want to announce an opportunity, then you can do it uniquely and engagingly. It’d offer you a distinctive and interactive way to attract a large number of users and convey them the essential messages.

Furthermore, it is a good marketing technique that can assist you to increase brand value like it was never before. Moreover, it has become the ideal solution for your website and marketing problems you face.

When you embed Instagram feeds on your website, it would lend you to have great attractiveness. And, it would make the customer experience more vibrant for your users.

Instagram widget soaks the website traffic and brings more engagement. It would open up different ways to get more users to your website. By embedding Instagram feeds on your website, you can easily get visitors.

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How to Integrate Instagram Widget Magento 2 Extension On Website?

Instagram Widget Magento 2 extension by Solwin Infotech is a great tool to integrate your Instagram account in the Magento 2 store. You won’t find any inbuilt feature in Magento that allows you to integrate the Instagram feed. This extension will help eCommerce website owners boost the products and gain more customers.

Instagram Widget - Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 Instagram Widget would assist you to upload images from Instagram based on user hashtags and usernames. With the help of the extension, you can tag your different store products and Instagram images. There is no need to get any permissions or authorizations from Instagram while using this extension.

It displays the Instagram feed on your webpage and displays an Instagram field according to your user account.

You can select the number of images that you would like to display in your Instagram feed.


Different features of Magento 2 store Instagram Widget

  • A feature would assist you to customize different Instagram feeds with different backgrounds, themes colors, fonts, and much more.
  • A widget would allow you to eliminate the unwanted and irrelevant content that would
    restrict your Instagram feeds and make your widget clean.
  • Such widgets are easy to insert in and offer inbuilt analytics that allows you to check the performance of the Instagram feed.
  • With an Instagram Widget, you can integrate it on any website.
  • All embedding feeds are offered with regular updates and whenever you make a post it gets updated on the website.


How to get the best rank on Instagram Feed?

You should follow content that matches your niches. If you follow a large number of accounts on Instagram that offer the same content, your chances to get such content is more.

If you use Instagram less often then Instagram would show you only relevant posts that are related to your content.

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In Conclusion

Embedding a social media channel to your website would attract a large number of visitors. Such a feature would make your website look attractive to different visitors. It might not only give you visitors but would assist you to generate a huge return on investment. Hence we can conclude that social media is a great medium to sell products and services online. With a widget, you can connect with your users and appreciate their content on Instagram.

Feel free to discuss if you need any help to embed the Instagram feed on Website. We have a team of expert Magento 2 developers for assistance.

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