Magento 2 Extensions To Boost Store Sales
September 27, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

If you are seeking the best eCommerce solution to start up an online business, there can be no better alternative than Magento. It’s the most powerful CMS platform that you can have full trust from business, security and SEO ranking perspective. Still, many upgrades are going on to make online shopping even better, faster and smoother both for store owners and shoppers.

Magento gives you a great possibility to let your online business grow progressively.

Today from start-up to well-developed eCommerce business owners are using Magento to sell their online products and services.

It has got lots of flexibility in the form of excellent Magento themes and extensions, that you can introduce on your online business effectively.

In this blog, I am going to suggest some widely used Magento 2 extensions. The function of the extension is to enhance extra features to your Magento website.

Addition of suitable extensions makes your web-store more easy to browse and operate. It also gives you an incredible opportunity to create a dynamic and sophisticate eCommerce store of your choice.


1. Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento 2 Extension:


It’s the desire of every entrepreneur to grow sales productivity of their respective Magento store to earn more profit. How is it possible? Definitely you must have to do something out of the box.

Cross-selling of products can be the right choice for you. Hence, suggest your customer-related products viewed by different purchasers while purchasing a particular product. That will assist them to see what other buyers are buying and this is a perfect trick to lure them buy more products.

The module “Who Viewed This Also Viewed” entitle you to display related products viewed by other customers to your current client. It encourages them to add more products to their purchasing list that they may find useful for their eCommerce store.

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2. Shop By Brand Magento 2 Extension:

Shop By Brand - Magento 2 Extension

As you know finding a suitable product consumes a lot of time. This is a big issue of every eCommerce store why visitors after visiting your site, hesitate to buy from your eCommerce store and moves way to another site. That’s why you must correct the search process of your website. Make the search process easier and smoother.

There are some customers who like to buy from selected brands only. Shop By Brand can be the perfect solution for them to find their desired brand quickly and effortlessly. It saves their time and passion as well as encourage them to make an additional purchase.

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3. Responsive Banner Slider – Extension for Magento 2


Responsive Banner Slider is one of the most useful and necessary tools you need to consider in your Magento store. This extension enables you to create a stunning banner slider to showcase your brands, promotional offers, and products on the homepage or any CMS pages.

As it automatically gets adjusted in each kind of electronic devices. So people can use your online portal with any devices such as a tablet, smart mobile phones, laptops and so on. With this module, you get a wonderful option to promote your latest products or offers in an amazing slider effect. Grabbing the attention of your customer towards your store and generating unlimited revenue can be very easy.

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4. Best Deals – Special Products with Countdown – Extension for Magento 2


Best deals – Magento 2 extension makes it quite easy to showcase your products with special products countdown. It enables you to set a countdown timer on special products to catch your customer’s attention. Basically, it helps to indicate special offer and deal starting time and date to your customers.

The main benefit of this extension is that you can set a countdown timer while sharing offers and deals. Customers can know the exact date and time when the offer or deal will start and end.

The store owner can easily manage and customize the timer block from back end (admin) side. Once the offer date is passed away, it automatically gets removed from the products.

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5. Advanced Newsletter Popup – Extension for Magento 2


Advanced Newsletter Popup Magento 2 extension allows displaying newsletter popup on your eCommerce store when a customer makes a visit.

Newsletter plays an important role in online marketing to get more orders and newsletter subscribers. It generates a single popup window per user with a newsletter subscription form. This extension is a sales booster tool for Magento store. Advantage of using this extension is that store owners can customize the newsletter popup with a custom title, message, subscribe button, etc.

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6. Gift Cart For Magento 2:

Gift Card For Magento 2

In these modern days, Gift Cart For Magento 2 Extension plays a crucial role to drive conversion rate. Sometimes you wish to gift dresses, cloths, etc. to your friends and relatives but you can’t. The reason is you don’t know what color, size, etc. fits him or her the best. So, here you get a better option to sort out this issue.

Using this module store owner can create virtual, physical or even combined type gift card products. A customer can purchase it from your eCommerce store and send it via email to his or her dear ones. And the receiver can use this Gift Card to purchase his/her desired products comfortably.

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7. Affiliate:

Affiliate for Magento 2

Online business has different ways to boost sales and affiliate marketing is one such tool. By the help of Magento 2 Affiliate Extension, you can create an affiliate program. It’s a fantastic way to sell products and also a perfect solution to advertise your brand and services through affiliates.

The affiliates get two types of commission based on “Pay per Sale” and “Pay Per Profit”. They act as an indirect means to promote your brand and because of them you will gain huge traffic without any effort.

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8. Zopim Chat:

Zopin Chat

Zopim Chat is a very essential element for an eCommerce store. It allows you to establish a good relationship between a store owner and a buyer. This extension gives you the fastest way to connect with your clients in real-time.

Zopim is a wonderful tool to help you interact live with your clients. It creates a great impact on your online business. Whenever a customer has any query he can chat with you live. Effectively, it will reduce time and patience to let them get a quick solution without waiting for hours to get an answer. Answer your client’s live. In order to let this extension work on your eCommerce site, you have to create an account at the Zendesk website.

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9. Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product options is a Magento 2 Extension for creating, customizing and managing product options based on the store. With this module, you can quickly add numerous options of product at once.

It enables you to create product options combinations with dependencies, add and optimize option’s image/color swatches and pricing. In addition to these features, it also facilitates to accurately track inventory and visual presentation of every product.

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10. Reward Points:

Magento 2 Reward Points Extension

Reward Points Magento 2 Extension enables you to boost your customer loyalty effortlessly from buyers to loyal customers. It provides you an option to build automatic points earning and spending system to convert your visitors into loyal customers. With this module, you will definitely increase sales in your online store.

Magento 2 Reward points pave an easy path for your potential customers to approach your store through social media platforms. With the help of this extension, you can encourage your customers to share your store products on social channels giving them a reward point for the same. In this way, the awareness of your brand will automatically get promoted at a much lower cost.

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Here you go! Get set ready to boost high sales using these dynamic Magento 2 extensions. Try out these tools to experience the real eCommerce benefits out of your Magento 2 store.

Have I missed out any other suitable extension in my list? You are most well-come to suggest me in the comment section.

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