Magento 2 Navigation Extensions For Better User Experience
October 25, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Are you looking for a fast, simple and user-friendly solution that promises better navigation for your Magento 2 store? These Magento 2 navigation extensions are the key model that allows you to add extra navigation into your eCommerce store.

In this era of the digital world, eCommerce stands as a powerful medium to earn profit especially using Magneto.

Online business is in high demand. So, if you wanna get grand success in your online trading, your online store should provide an easy interface for customers to search for their required products. In short, your website should be easy to navigate that allows your customers to find any product conveniently.

Easy navigation process not only improves the SEO ranking of your website but also gives a better shopping experience to your customers.

Magento makes it easy, it has great numbers of powerful extensions that fulfill your requirement. With the use of such suitable extensions, you can fuel the search functionality of your Magento store and make it work better and smoother.

In this blog you will get some selected extensions that promise proper navigation process, yielding a high-purchase volume. Let’s check out here:


1. Advanced Sorting

Advacned Sorting - Front-end Selection

Advanced Sorting is a very effective module for an eCommerce store. It facilitates your users to search for the right products in the easiest and simplest manner.

This extension gives effective options to the end-users for product sorting options. By the help of this extension they can search different products by Best Sellers, Most Viewed, Biggest Saving, Rating, and many more. Above all, this extension is a great choice for those who want to enables multiple sorting options for their customers.

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2. Shop By Brand

Shop by brand provides a smart way to your customers to find their favorite brands. It makes the navigation process very easy and simple. It consumes very less time for your shoppers to help them find a brand they are looking for. With just a single click, it allows getting their desired brand.

It’s very simple and easy to use the module. Admin can set shop by brands slider both in sidebar block as well as on home-page with custom header title and brand limit. It will turn your website unique and facilitate an easy and quick purchasing process.

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3. Previous Next Product Navigation

Previous Next Product Navigation Magento 2 Extension –view 4

Would you like to optimize the product search process in your Magento 2 store? Then, you must use the Previous Next Product Navigation. It is the best tool that allows users to view all products from one page. With just a single click on the next or previous button, a user can view all the products on your Magento 2 store. You can either use images or text for these buttons. It allows displaying products in ascending or descending order, sort by name, price, etc.

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4. Advanced Category Slider

Advanced Category Slider - Magento 2 Extesion - Home page

Advanced Category Slider is an effective tool to increase sales on your Magento 2 store. It allows adding an attractive category slider on your web-page. This module empowers you to advertise your latest products on any category page with attractive sliders.

Store owners can easily set the slider speed from admin. Again, the slider supports pause on mouse hover and auto-play features. So, using this extension you can easily showcase a particular category page with Category thumbnail, category name, and description.

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5. 7 in 1 Catalog Slider

7 in 1 catalog magento 2 extension by solwin

One of the best extension that every Magento store need is 7 in 1 Catalog Slider. This is a perfect extension fully packed with powerful features to help you improve your sales.

It allows displaying Best deals, Best-sellers, Last Ordered, Most Viewed, New, Promotional and All products on your store with sliders. Displaying these products on the home page with slider effects can really attract the eyes of your audience with great ease. In addition, you can also set it as a widget like a blog anywhere in your eCommerce store.

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6. Google Custom Search Integration

Google Custom Search Integration - Frontend Search Page

Do you like to improve the product search process in your Magento 2 store? If so, this extension is the right choice for you. It helps to integrate Google CSE to your website, which improves the search functionality of your store. It makes your website SEO friendly and gives you a better opportunity to improve the ranking of your online store.

The best part of this extension is that it supports the Multi-store environment. So, if you have multiple online stores, this product can be a wise option to improve your sales.

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7. Improved Layered Navigation


This is one of the most useful and reliable extensions for Magento. It supports both Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores. It is a well-coded module to drastically improve the navigation process on your website.

This extension offers a user-friendly navigation process for online shoppers. It can be a great choice for you because it provides so many powerful features to enable your customers to find and filter products as quickly as possible. It makes the purchasing process quick and effective.

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8. Mega Menu

Would you like to display your products with an attractive layout using the best extension ever? Mega Menu Magento 2 extension is an ideal solution. It allows creating appealing animation effects to attract your targeted audience easily on your website. Additionally, it offers a drag and drop menu, sticky menu and more. With the help of a mega menu, customers can find any products quickly and effortlessly.

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9. Infinite Scroll


Infinite Scroll enables easy and smooth browsing process. This extension is a great boon for a Magento store that allows customers to auto-load products on the next page without any effort. It is developed with the latest Ajax technology that supports the auto-loading of product images as you scroll down. It reduces the loading time of your website for better performance.

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10. Ajax Search for Magento 2

Ajax Search

Mageplaza Ajax Search is the perfect solution that will eliminate all Magento 2 default searching weaknesses. Customers will see the searching result instantly, no delay after entering the keywords by Autocomplete search feature so that they can search quickly and save more time. Moreover, this Magento 2 module is also the best choice for the large-scale E-commerce store with the enormous number of products because this extension supports more than a million SKUs for the quickly searching system.

If you are looking for a module that will make your website more optimized and flexible in searching for products, as well as get more satisfied customers and more sales, Magento 2 Ajax Search will be the best choice for you.

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11. Store Locator


Allowing your customers to know the exact location of your online store is one of the best tips to improve your sales. This Store Locator extension acts as a guide to your physical store on Google map. Customers can easily find your offline store and along with online sales, you can also boost offline sales tremendously.

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12. Delivery Date for Magento 2

Delivery Date for Magento 2 extension

The unavailability of customers at their homes on delivery time may be the biggest problem in the online shopping system. Many customers want the products delivered at their place on their selected date & time. Delivery Date Magento 2 Extension allows you to do the same. Using this extension, your customers will able to select their selected date & time period for product delivery. When delivery is done, buyers can do comment regarding delivery too. You can eliminate the days off from the delivery agenda.

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In Conclusion:

This is the fastest-growing world, people like to buy products as quickly as possible. They have many activities to carry on. That’s why it’s mandatory to upgrade the navigation process of your digital store. In order to get more engagement, you must provide a flexible shopping environment for your clients.

With the help of these excellent Magento 2 extensions, you can surely make the navigation process easy and effective. The ultimate goal of these extensions is to ensure easy navigation experience to your customers aiming to get more conversions. At last but not least, deploy these tools in your Magento 2 store to get good results.

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