Magento 2 Order Management Extensions
November 29, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

You’ve built a Magento 2 eCommerce store to boost your business and sales, but now how do you maintain and manage those orders? Some CMSs like Joomla and Drupal allow for direct limited order management options. However, you should be looking for something that will make managing your orders process as easy as possible.

To help you find the right order management solution, we’ve looked at hundreds of extensions on the marketplace and created a list of the top 10.

We’ve done the footwork so you don’t have to! Whether it’s shipping, inventory management, order management, multi-store support, or customer service, all of the top ten tools will be on our list! We’ll keep this page updated with our top-rated tools as they happen.

These extensions ranked as the best-selling Magento 2 extension for order management in 2022. It has all the key features necessary for making it easy to manage thousands of orders.


Top 10 Magento 2 Order Management Extensions

We’ve got the top 10 extensions for you now so that you can be prepared for what’s coming in the future. Our additions are easy to implement, let your customers change their orders after checkout, are super-reliable, and have excellent reviews from other users.


1. Cancel Order By Customer | Solwin

Cancel Order By Customer

The Magento 2 Cancel Order By Customer extension offers a simple method to cancel pending orders so you can easily repeat the customer checkout process, avoid negative reviews and start over.

Store owners can set a custom mail template for order cancelation from the admin side. Customers can add comments when canceling orders. Store owners can also change the header text and the cancelation note of the cancelation email.

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2. Magento 2 Order Delivery Date | Bsscommerce

Cancel Order By Customer

Order Delivery Date gives clients the opportunity to choose their delivery dates and times to receive orders.

Among U.S shoppers, 83.5% would not re-purchase after a poor delivery experience. Thirty percent of this group cited unexpected shipping or delivery dates as their main issue.

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3. Order Editor extension for Magento 2 | Mageworx

Cancel Order By Customer

Magento 2 doesn’t offer such functionality by default. You have to cancel an order to be able to modify it. This, in turn, causes a lot of inconveniences when managing and analyzing order data. But now, Take your business to next level with this Magento 2 extension that allows business owners and managers to edit any orders without having to cancel the first.

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4. Better Order Grid for Magento 2 | Mageplaza

rder Status Highlighter Extension for Magento 2

A typical data grid has very limited options for displaying data. To solve the problem, Magento 2 Order Grid extension adds more columns, attribute to the order the grid, and group them logically. Order Grid extension helps admins easily view order grid, manage and process orders.

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5. Order Status Highlighter | CreativeMinds

Cancel Order By Customer

The Order Status Highlighter extension for Magento helps you view your order grid easily by adding colors and additional fields.

The store admin can add highlights in different colors for pending orders, or multiple types of orders, or even customers with multiple orders that are still pending.

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6. Order Success Page for Magento 2 | Aheadworks

Cancel Order By Customer

Improve customer shopping experience with an upgraded order success page.

Magento 2 Thank You Page extension enriches the order success page via adding relevant content, basing on customer and order data. Next, the content of your order success page is defined by the rules you set up. More to that, this Magento 2 Custom Thank You, Page, takes care of displaying cross-sells account and newsletter signup, and the links to your pages in social networks.

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7. Custom Order Number | Amasty

Custom Order Number

Easily meet your local invoice numbering requirements With the help of the Magento 2 custom invoice number module you can set necessary invoice numbering that meets jurisdiction requirements of your country or region in a couple of clicks.

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8. Magento 2 Order Tracking and SMS Notification | weltpixel

Custom Order Number

The user experience with your website, services, and products is not a thing of the past. A great buying experience and a hassle-free post-purchase experience keep dictating how fast can scale customer satisfaction.

Today, having complete control over the shipment and customer tracking experience is essential. An easy-to-use Magento order tracking extension that puts you in the best possible position to serve your customers.

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9. Bulk Order Processing for Magento 2 | Webkul

Custom Order Number

Bulk Order Processing for Magento 2: Using this module, the store admin can manage multiple orders at once.

Also, you can create invoices, generate shipments, add tracking numbers, and change order status for multiple orders. Order status can be changed to – pending, processing, or complete.

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10. Order Management for Magento 2 | Mirasvit

Custom Order Number

This module helps you manage orders faster while making fewer mistakes.

It adds all necessary information to the orders grid. It also allows you to edit any order in your store in place, without canceling. You can change the order’s items, shipping or billing information, apply discounts, and so on.

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Final Words

The purpose of this blog is to help you choose the best order management extension for your business. We hope you enjoyed our article. These order Management extensions for Magento 2 will save your time so you can focus on generating more sales.

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