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July 17, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

In the competitive era, the promotion of your product is really essential for your online store. Generally, people came to know about your product from advertising. It is not possible that people visit your website each day. So, you have to promote your products on various online platforms, especially on social media.

Here in this blog, we will explain the best product promotional Magento 2 extension just for you. So, you can easily promote your online store products in an attractive way.

Let us just start with an amazing extension without any further trouble.


1. Promotional Banner – Extension For Magento 2

Promotional Banner Magento 2 extension is helpful to showcase your sales, discount on products, and various other promotions. It helps to attract more and more customers as well as increase sales on your Magento2 store.

Promotional Banner With Content

The most interesting thing about this extension is to provide more than 16 advertising patterns as well as 15+ exclusive hover effects to display your promotional banner in the different styles in your store.

It provides a customizable and mobile-friendly design. The online storekeeper can showcase the banner at any place on the website. And, the advertisement blogs controlled the admin panel on the tip of your fingers. You can also display more than one banner in an amazing slider.

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2. Responsive Banner Slider – Extension For Magento 2

Responsive Banner Slider is an awesome tool to promote your latest products or provides eye-catching slider effects to grab your visitor’s attention. It builds an amazing impression using various images in your store. Furthermore, the fully responsive banner slider permits you to develop wonderful hover banner sliders to display your products.

Responsive Banner Slider - Magento 2 Extension

In addition to this, this extension supports a great configuration option from an admin panel. Moreover, you can display a slider on any CMS page without any hurdle. Most importantly, permits you to touch swipe navigation in the mobile and other digital devices.

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3. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension

One of the most effective and visible ways to sell promoted products is showing promotion/notification bars. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension allows you to display eye-catching promo bars on flexible positions on any pages of your website.


You can create sticky banners to highlight up-launching or current promotion campaigns. Besides, these banners can be created to provide customers with the latest news, product updates, or call for newsletter subscription. Call-to-action text and links included in bars will help you to raise traffic and boost sales perfectly.

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4. Best Deals – Special Products With Countdown Magento 2 Extension

The Best Deal Magento 2 extension permits you to showcase special products with a stunning countdown timer on your online store. It is an amazing way to tell your customers that the deal is for a limited time. Furthermore, it is fully responsive to any device like mobile phones, tablets, and desktop. It is also totally customized with any kind of product.

Best Deals Magento 2 Extension - Hot Deals Page

The countdown clock appears on the product with the special offer, start date, and end date. You can also display product deals with any number of days, hours, and minutes. Using this extension, you can set the best deal link for easy access to your product. You can display products on multiple pages such as home page, store page, CMS page, product page, and many more.

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5. Advance Category Slider – Extension For Magento 2

Advance Category Slider Magento 2 extension permits you to display category sliders in your Magento 2 slider. It provides a fully customized interface. You can smoothly display category sliders on the various category pages with the category name and description using this extension.

Advanced Category Slider - Magento 2 Extesion - Category Page

You can also control the speed of the product slider, pause on the mouse hover as well as autoplay feature. Apart from the speed, you can also set the default image width to avoid the width issue on the product slider. It is really easy to call on any page of the store. It will help you to enhance your store performance and usability using the advertising number of banners.

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6. Featured Products – Extension For Magento 2

The Featured Products extension always helps the store owner to display the special products on the store with an attractive and awesome way in the grid and slider layout. It is a great way to boost the sale of some featured products.

Featured Products - Front-end Page

It has an amazing admin panel with a plethora of custom configuration settings. There are 3 ways to showcase special products. Firstly, as a stand-alone Magento 2 page. Secondly, the widget has a blog so you can add it anywhere in the store. Lastly, as a product slider on the right or left sidebar.

It provides the feature that consumers can directly add products to the wishlist, cart, or compare.

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7. Advanced Newsletter Popup – Extension For Magento 2

The Advanced Newsletter Popup Magento 2 extension permits you to showcase news

letter popup whenever consumers visit your store with the custom field and custom messages.

Advanced Newsletter layout

It is fully responsive to any kind of devices like a desktop, tablet, and smartphone. And, it always helps you to get increased newsletter scribers and more orders. It pops up one type of newsletter subscription form. And, the store owner can easily customize the newsletter popup like the background, title, subscription button text, and many more. Moreover, you can also set an auto-close option to avoid beating the store visitor. The most important thing about this extension is you can showcase the social media links on the popup to attract customers towards offers.

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8. Share On WhatsApp – Extension For Magento 2

The Share On WhatsApp Magento 2 extension permits customers to share products on WhatsApp with just one click. Moreover, extension demonstrates the WhatsApp sharing button on the product page to directly share the product information. It works with the mobile devices having the WhatsApp installed in it.

Share on WhatsApp - Mobile App Shre Link View

Furthermore, it provides a WhatsApp button in 3 different sizes like the small, medium as well as large. You can also customize the label button from the admin panel. Importantly, it will showcase the alert prompt when the customer tries to share the product data using desktop devices.

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9. Special Promotion For Magento 2

The special promotion for Magento 2 extension permits store owners to build as many as 16 promotional rules for affordable and expensive products. And, it allows customers to buy products in the form of a percentage or fixed discount. The store owner can change the rules at any time in the store.

Special Promotion For Magento 2 Extension

Furthermore, the main benefit of the extension is providing a special offer that curious customers to purchase products in bulk from the store. And that directly increases the revenue of the store.

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10. Advance Promotion For Magento 2

The Advance Promotion for Magento 2 extension allows you to develop advanced and personalized product promotion with the eye-catching your cart price rules. It provides 10 types of advance promotion rules as well as a various number of combination rules. It will help to make a product combo and provide discounts on it.

Advance Promotion For Magento 2 Extension

In addition to this, the advanced promotion module is a great way to motivate customers to buy the products. And it also helps to store dealers to make their product stock clear.

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11. Special Promotions Magento 2 Extension

The Special Promotion Magento 2 extension provides more than 20 promo actions for your store. It will run the promo campaigns based on affordable and expensive products, quantity steps, spend amount, and cart subtotal.

Special Promotions Magento 2 Extension

The store merchant can easily build amazing product promotions that can boost your product sale. As well as build fixed and the percentage discount on different products. Ultimately, it will help you to generate product sales in the store.

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12. Free Gift extension


Almost 90% of free gift receivers tend to buy more frequently from online retailers. 65% of free gift receivers share their experience with others online, and about half offline. 4 out of 5 American buyers share the gift-receiving experience with others offline about the shopping sites they visit.

Magento 2 Free Gifts extension allows store owners to offer customers free gifts with purchase – ‘surprise and delight moment’ attached with specific products. This module is an effective solution to build customer retention and boost sales significantly for online retailers. With free gifts, you can boost sales for targeted products, especially newly launched products. Attaching free gifts will help them become outstanding and more attractive when coming out of the market, hence increasing customer loyalty and improving brand awareness.

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Final Thought!

In this article, we explained amazing product promotion extensions for your store. We hope this article benefits you to demonstrate products in an eye-catching way to the store. Moreover, it really helps you to boost the revenue in your Magento2 store.

Still, if you have any doubts related to the product promotion extension for your Magento2 store, then contact us or let us know about it. We are always here to help you out.

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