Magento 2 Product Zoom Extensions
August 7, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Product image visibility plays an important role in any online ECommerce store. Just the high-quality images of the products will not attract more consumers or visitors but it also depends on the way you represent images on the store. Moreover, you can provide more detailed images to your customers for making them curious to buy products from your website. But, you have a question, how?, Right!

The short and simple answer to your question is by providing the Zoom feature on your available store product. Powerful high-resolution images are an important point in developing a website particularly when you suggest customers quality products with a number of attributes. So, today in this blog, we will explain the best Magento 2 Product Zoom Extensions for your amazing Magento 2 store.

Let’s just start with it without any further trouble.


1. Product Zoom Pro Extension For Magento 2

Product Zoom Pro is a powerful Magento 2 extension that provides your consumers to enhance or magnify product images on the hover. Moreover, this extension demonstrates the zoom in and zoom out preview features on product detail web pages. You can attach more than one image to the zoom at a time. It also supports enable, disable, and rich configuration options for setting up the images.

Product Zoom Pro – Magento 2 Extension – Basic Zoom

Furthermore, it supports window zoom, inner zoom, and lens zoom. In addition to this, the product zoom Magento 2 plugin works best with two images. First the low resolution of the visible image, and the other is high resolution for the zoom image. If you have one image available only, then it will still work and scale down the image. Apart from this, it provides a carousel for a gallery with the capability to change the position.

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2. Product Zoom Pro For Magento 2

The Product Zoom Pro is a crystal clear Magento 2 extension that provides your visitors and customers the ability to attractively view high-resolution images with an image zoom feature and responsive functionality. In addition to this, it supports the lightbox for big images with thumbnails to enhance, close, play, and pause the gallery. You can also set Thumbnails positions such as above, below, left side or right side the main product image, also set width, height, border size, border color, Scroll Arrow Color, and many more.

Product Zoom Pro For Magento 2

Moreover, it provides 3 different types of product zoom like inner zoom, window zoom as well as the lens zoom. Most importantly, the extension helps you keep product presentation at a top-level, make product pages appearance eye-catching, and boost your product page usability. This plugin also supports Vimeo and Youtube videos.

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3. Product Image Zoom

The Product Zoom Magento 2 extension helps you display the eye-catching visual details of your products by permitting zoom options on the product images on the website. It supports 9 types of magnifiers such as basic zoom, tint, inner zoom, lens zoom, easing, and many more for your product images.


Moreover, it will be helpful for your mobile visitors to smoothly magnify the product images. In addition to this, you can also enable the whole screen lightbox preview option to expand the image on the whole screen. You can build protocols to enable image zoom options for particular products. Apart from this, build customer trust in providing a product display crystal clean. It enhances customer engagement and as a result, you will get higher conversion rates on your Magento 2 store.

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4. M2 Lightbox Pro

The M2 Light Pro is an amazing Magento 2 extension that will get your customers engaged in a more favorable product appearance. In addition to this, using the Lightbox Pro module you will smoothly build a wonderful product image gallery. To improve the product image showcase, the extension permits us to use up to 3 kinds of popup layout.


Furthermore, the extension supports Magento 2 product gallery widgets. You can insert an image gallery to whatever store page. The gallery widget functionality permits uploading more than one image at the time. Also, you can set image size, sort order as well as drag an image to a new position. Most importantly, you can also alter a thumbnail width and height according to your requirements. You can alter the size of the main product images.

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5. Photo(Image) Gallery View Extension For Magento2

The Photo Gallery View is an amazing Magento 2 extension that helps you to display your product images gallery. In addition to this, you can insert an automatic slideshow of more than one picture of your product on a category or product listing page. It also supports the navigation button whenever consumers hover over the product images.


Furthermore, the custom templates or layouts are there for gallery view lightbox and popup various designs to choose the best among them for your online store. Apart from this, you can set up an autoplay slideshow of photos when customers hover over the photo. Ultimately, it will increase the shopping experience of visitors from your store. Most importantly, you can also permit consumers to download product images if they require them.

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6. Magic Zoom

The Magic Zoom is a powerful extension to showcase high-resolution images with zoom functionality. It will provide a fully responsive javascript image zoom. It also provides browser compatibility. Providing image zoom to your Magento 2 website is really smooth using Magic Zoom. Show gorgeous images and videos to boost conversions and engagement without writing a single line of code. You can use a magic zoom or other zoom magic tool to enhance the product image’s impact.


Increase conversions. Higher conversion means you’ll get more sales with the same amount of traffic. With Magic Zoom and Magic 360, you can easily add 360-degree spinning images to your product galleries. A must-have for fashion and luxury products. Magic Zoom supports SEO Friendly URLs. Vital for website high ranking in search engines.

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Final Thought!

In this article, we have explained the best product zoom extensions. Magento 2 product zoom extensions provide zoom in and zoom out features. It ultimately boosts the user experience in your online Magento 2 store. As well as, users will get high in detailed product preview of the image on your amazing Magento 2 store. Ultimately, it is an essential thing for your Magento 2 store because it will enhance the product experience to customers.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding these Magento 2 product zoom extensions, then feel free to contact us or let us know about it. We are always here to help you out.

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