Magento Developer Skills You Need To Have
June 10, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Undergoing eCommerce development is going to bring many challenges. The biggest of which is screening Magento developers. Magento is one of the most trusted eCommerce development technologies that offer maximum flexibility and scalability. But technology is as good as the developer that knows to utilize it for developing high-end products.

Furthermore, the web application needs to be speedy, stable, and secure. A developer should be known of all the utilities and solutions that can help them build a product that stands upright on these metrics. The open-source platform offers you all these utilities. It comes with brilliant tools that offer amazing flexibilities to build feature-rich applications. You can use it to make high-end eCommerce applications. All you need next is Magento developer skills to bring your dream to life.


Top Magento Developer Skills

Magento is a powerful tool for eCommerce websites. It is sophisticated and makes it easy for a developer to achieve the modern standards of an eCommerce website. You can operate the business well as it gives you the necessary tools to build interactive solutions for managing your business. It allows you to integrate all the necessary tools, 3rd party APIs helpful in building brand visibility.

You must look for a developer that can only develop efficient eCommerce websites on Magento. That requires not only technical skillsets but also industrial knowledge and soft skills. It includes knowledge of version control software application, Git, creating a chain of command, and other abilities.

Most importantly, a budding Magento developer must spend time with the most in-demand IDEs that are currently in use. Automation, vital industry knowledge, cutting crucial downtime, etc., having knowledge of IDEs is important. Here is a list of technical skills that you must look for.

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1. Technical Skills

The success of a Magento project depends largely on Magento developer skills in the technical domain. It is crucial to look for a resource that has a wide understanding of the best practices in the field. It would boost the development of websites largely. The Magento developer would know what frameworks are required and how different platforms work. Plus, they should have hands-on experience in technology.

Friendly Code

a. Programming languages

The most important thing a Magento developer should be proficient in is PHP, as the technology uses PHP as a programming language. However, a web developer should also be efficient in other development skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They would help them interpret the vision well and follow the necessary development skills.

  • Modular Development
  • Experience with MVC architecture
  • Knowledge of object-oriented development
  • MySQL for database management and seamless interaction with data
  • Technical skills in XML for configuring modules

Look for developers with a bit of design experience. Hire someone with experience in CSS pre-processors like SaSS and Stylus. Significant experience in the working mechanism of search engines, expertise in building a responsive website, etc.

  • JavaScript
  • PHP, JQuery, Node.JS
  • Grunt, Gulp, BootStrap

b. Magento Certification

Magento certified exam would allow you to test the skillsets of a Magento developer. It shows relevant technical knowledge and experience in Magento development. The test also includes some areas where it tests the other skillsets of Magento developers too.

You need in-depth knowledge of programming and the field to ensure the success of your project. It shows creativity in solving the tasks. You would want these Magento developer skills to work on your project.

c. Themes, Modules, and Extensions

A Magento developer must know to work on different platforms, work on hybrid development, and create a website that demonstrates high-end skillsets and knowledge and different levels. A creative Magento developer knows the advantage and benefit of using different themes, modules, extensions to improve the functionality and scalability of your Magento website.

d. Ecommerce Migration

A bi-directional channel between an eCommerce website and inventory is crucial. It helps the Magento web developer to know about eCommerce integration. The integration work allows the developer to automate the entire workflow and saves lots of time spent on the development. It also eliminates the redundancy of data and processes. This also reduces the cost of development.

e. Clean code and testing

There is a chance of a missed integrity in the system. It is important that the code is clean so as to increase the performance of the website. With many people working on a single project, it is very likely that integrity would be lost. The problem can be solved easily by following a few things.

To ensure the performance of your website, testing can help you largely. Testing the system using GitHub can allow you to result in smoother website development, high-functionality. You need people experienced in these areas, and that know the best practices of it.


2. Soft Skills

Apart from good Magento developer technical skills, you must look for soft skills too. We have listed some of them here:

a. Multitasking

There is so much more to look for in a developer than just the technical skillset. With experience, they gain a lot of knowledge and experience of working with different technologies that allow them to provide a better experience on their product. You need people with experience in various programming languages and frameworks. You need people with versatile experience in their profiles.

Also, they should be efficient in handling multiple tasks at once. This would allow you to efficiently meet the varied requirements for their websites.

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b. Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is essential to look for in a Magento developer. There are numerous problems that arise in the development work. To solve the problems with data, MySQL, and other technical issues, you must look for someone with zeal to solve problems and also technical knowledge.

c. Responsibility

Time management is very crucial as a delayed project is going to increase the development cost. You need people that understand their responsibilities towards your business. Ask for the developers to give you a proper timeline for the project’s progress. Timely reporting, efficient implementation of project management tools, advanced communication tools are very crucial for the success of the project.

d. Communication skillset

Communication is a necessary asset, especially if you are working with an offshore development team. They must understand your language to know the requirement of the client. Also, since you would be in constant communication with them for the changes, improvements, implementations, and new development in the project, accurate communication is essential.

Most businesses are not technically equipped to accommodate the needs of a development project. It is always better to know of their infrastructure capabilities and communicating with them prior to discuss your concerns about the work.

e. Teamwork

Teamwork is another essential Magento quality as it is not just about a single developer working on your project. You would be needed to hire a professional team with expertise in different areas. It is imperative for the resources to be team players and work together to achieve the common goals of the organization.



Hiring a proficient team of Magento developers is not going to be easy. But using the information in the blog, we are sure you would be able to hire the right candidate for your project and develop a great product.

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