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June 29, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Are you looking for an effective online presence for your business? Your website will be a strong foundation for your online identity. But, it is important to pick the right platform for developing your first business site. Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that powers millions of online websites these days. Magento eCommerce website development has gained popularity because of its amazing features, unique functionality, awesome capabilities, and a wide range of built-in themes.

You can hire Magento developers to customize the themes or design a custom theme to match your exact business requirements.

If you are planning to build an online store, then hire certified Magento developers to help you. There are several Magento development companies having diverse experience in the industry.

You should conduct online research and hire the best Magento development agency. That will help you build the right website that helps you achieve your business objectives.


What are the advantages of choosing Magento for eCommerce development?


1. Open Source Platform

Before you choose Magento, you should know what makes it the best CMS platform. It is an open-source platform that is transparent to work with any other platform. As the users, as well as developers, get a lot of freedom with the Magento open-source platform. They can add the desired functionality.

Magento offers inbuilt CMS for creating landing pages. It provides a lot of customization options and integration options too.

Without any huge investment, startups and small businesses can create their website. One doesn’t have to worry about paying the licensing fees.


2. Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly E commerce Site

Secondly, as Magento keeps up with mobile web design standards, it offers a great experience to mobile users. In today’s modern times, most of the shoppers use mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it could drive away mobile users. You could be losing a lot of business if you don’t have a responsive website.

Magento includes a very mobile-friendly checkout experience to the users. It offers a touch-friendly admin panel.  That makes it easier for website owners to manage their online store from their mobile devices.

Magento 2 platform includes responsive themes so that the website can be viewed well on all the devices and on different screen resolutions.


3. Advanced SEO features

Did you know what is the main source for driving traffic to your eCommerce store?

Organic search helps to drive most of the traffic on your site. A properly optimized website with Magento 2 helps you get a lot of visitors and boost your conversion rate.

Also, one major benefit of Magento website development is that you get integrated Google Sitemap, SEO-friendly URLs, and meta-implementation options. Also, you get other advanced SEO features to help raise your search engine rankings.

Magento eCommerce website owners can implement custom SEO to receive the maximum organic traffic in an effective manner.


4. Easy third-party integrations

Magento supports third-party integrations, allowing the users to customize their store the way they want to. You can integrate popular payment gateways such as PayPal, World Pay, Sage Pay, and others.

Magento can also be integrated with marketing tools such as MailChimp, eBay, or others. It is easy to integrate the Magento website with various web applications like Google Shopping, QuickBooks, etc.


5. Two Different Editions

Magento comes with 2 different versions:

a) Community Edition (open source)
Firstly, it provides the essential features required to build an online store from scratch. If you are looking for a low-cost solution for eCommerce store development, Magento community edition can be the right option. However, it is easy to deploy and provides enhanced security to the website owners and users.

b) Enterprise Edition
Secondly, the Magento Enterprise edition offers innovative features to deliver an amazing shopping experience to the users. It enables you to transform your business with out-of-the-box features of enterprise edition.


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6. Multi-store management

Do you want to manage multi-stores from one single platform? Magento offers a built-in feature to manage multiple sites from a single admin panel. This can be the right choice for Magento store owners who have various eCommerce sites.

A single admin panel can be used to manage various stores with ease. You’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort when you choose Magento for managing multiple stores.


7. Better User Experience

User Experience

Converting your visitors into paying customers can be a challenging task for any website owner. With the Magento eCommerce platform, you can engage the users and deliver a great user experience. As well as Magento offers a fast loading website that provides an awesome experience to the users.


8. Increased sales

Magento has been built with unique eCommerce functionalities keeping sales in mind. Also, it is one of the best CMS platforms for driving conversions and profits.

Magento website owners can tailor the promotions and send coupons to the existing customers and potential leads. With upselling and cross-selling options, you can enjoy greater sales with the Magento eCommerce store. As it offers a one-page checkout, customers are less likely to abandon their carts.


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9. Huge Community

As Magento is an open-source platform, it has a vast community of developers and businesses across the globe. However, the Magento community is available for support, development, and customization.

The platform also has a huge library of third-party extensions to add the desired functionality to your eCommerce store. Also, you can get support and assistance if you are stuck with the development of an online store.

Magento Events


10. Customizable Security Features

With Magento, website owners and developers can customize multiple levels of security permissions and there are several security benefits of choosing Magento 2. Such as login screen with Google reCAPTCHA, the secondary password prompt, and PCI data security as a standard. Also, you can add additional security and protection against site attacks and hacking.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your eCommerce store. Enhanced security features in Magento 2 protect your online website fully.

Magento monitors the security of its platform and releases new security patches from time to time. Thus it helps Magento merchants build a secure web store and keep the data safe.


11. Faster Search

Lastly, Magento 2 has come with extensive search improvements to help the visitors find the right products more effectively and efficiently. Intelligent search options help to improve user experience. Faster search results enhance better shopping experiences as well as higher revenues for your business.


In Conclusion

Magento is surely a great eCommerce platform for startup businesses to large enterprise stores. Whether you sell one single product or thousands of products under different categories. All in all, Magento 2 website development can be the right choice.

Due to its amazing features, Magento has become one of the favorite choices for developers, business owners, and digital marketers. Start looking for an experienced Magento development company to build a feature-rich website for helping your business succeed.

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