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June 17, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Magento is a powerful yet complex CMS used for building eCommerce websites. If you own a Magento web store, you may be looking for Magento website maintenance services. You can improve your ROI with ongoing Magento website maintenance services. A properly maintained eCommerce website can help to engage the users by providing an amazing shopping experience online.

If your website is not properly maintained, it could lead to financial loss, identity theft, reputation damages, and high processing fees. These are some of the major reasons why you should look for Magento website maintenance solutions.


Top Reasons To Opt for Magento Website Maintenance Services


1. Performance optimization

Firstly, One of the obvious benefits of Magento website maintenance services is that it helps to enhance performance. Experts at Solwin Infotech can help you improve the speed and ensure high performance. Improved performance and scalability are some of the reasons why you should choose website maintenance services.

Here’s what you can do:
  • Optimize hosting from a reliable service provider.
  • Enable cache to keep a track of the pages most visited by the users.
  • Make sure that your website loads faster.


2. Update to the latest versions

Magento releases new updates from time to time to fix the security issues. In addition, eCommerce website owners should make sure that their website is updated to the latest version. Updating your site to the latest available version can improve the overall stability of the website.

Being backed up with a team of expert certified professionals, we can help you integrate new features for your eCommerce store. And, our team will ensure that the extensions and themes are up-to-date.


3. Choose a trusted hosting provider

It is important to select a trusted and reputable hosting provider to ensure a smooth website performance. Monitor your server performance and make sure that the hosting plan you choose follows the latest industry performance. When you choose the best hosting provider, you’ll be able to avoid downtime and enhance website performance.


Before choosing a hosting service provider, you should talk to a few agencies and discuss the requirements of the Magento version. Depending on the size of your eCommerce store and the amount of traffic, you can choose the right hosting service provider. Avoid selecting cheap or free hosting services as they aren’t reliable and can put your brand at risk. Take into account the growth of your store.

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4. Magento store security

Without a doubt, eCommerce website owners should take every possible precaution to keep the users’ data safe and secure. Magento security center provides security patches and upgrades. The absence of security patches can increase the chances of cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, Magento is a secure eCommerce platform. You can also add the most suitable extensions for enhancing the security of the web stores. With the right security extensions, you can protect customer data, avoid lost productivity, and reduce the risks of hacking or cyber-attacks.


5. Proper website audit

In the same way, a proper website audit can help you analyze the third-party extensions and manage custom features. It can help you identify the changes required to improve the efficiency of your online store. An in-depth website audit can help to uncover the website’s weakness and suggest any kind of changes or upgrades for your website. If your website crashes at the time of traffic, website audits can help you fix those issues immediately.


6. Keep your SEO updated

Magento website requires regular maintenance to make sure that your site ranks higher in Google and search engines. Solid SEO practices can help your target users find you. eCommerce website owners can take advantage of monthly Magento website maintenance services. And, ensure that your site runs at its optimum performance level. Our experts can help you review your Google Analytics accounts to increase your website speed. Good search results can help you generate a good number of leads each month.

Google and SEO friendly


7. Install extensions from trusted sources

Last but not the least, when you need to install extensions to add the desired functionality to your eCommerce store. You should install them from reliable and trusted sources. Buy extensions from trusted sources by reading reviews from the service providers. Hire certified Magento developers to help you select and customize the extensions to match your exact requirements and business goals.


How to find the best agency for Magento maintenance services?

When it comes to hiring an agency for Magento maintenance services, it is important to focus on getting quality over cost. Avoid hiring service providers who charge low costs for maintenance packages. Reliable agencies may charge you a significant amount of money. But, it ensures that you get top quality services for your eCommerce store.


Here are some tricks to find the best agency for website maintenance services:

  • Look for an experienced team of professionals who have been in the industry for the last 3-5 years.
  • As the service providers would be provided your website data, sign an NDA before providing your website information.
  • Make sure that the professionals can deliver the best website maintenance services within the defined timeline.
  • Some agencies provide flexibility for maintenance services. Find out what kind of flexibility and scalability is offered by the service providers.
  • Hire an agency that is backed up with a team of certified Magento developers to cater to all types of maintenance services.

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In summary, Solwin Infotech is a leading Magento development agency offering the best maintenance services at affordable costs. We understand the clients’ requirements and offer custom solutions for website maintenance services. We can optimize your website and maintain your site in an effective and efficient manner. Discuss your requirements with us to get expert suggestions.

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