Product Sorting In Magento 2 Store
July 3, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Are you expecting a higher rate of conversion in your Magento 2 store in 2020? You should first configure the default product sorting process for the end-users.

People are very busy all the time. They don’t want to waste time searching for their required products while shopping online. They always want to make quick purchases.

A website with a good user-interface always gets a better conversion rate. So, you must optimize your website with effective sorting options. It will encourage customers to find and buy products quickly and comfortably.


Let’s explore how to configure product sorting in a Magento 2 Store?

Step 1. On the admin sidebar, Navigate to Catalog > Categories

Step 2. If required, choose the Store View on the top of the page.

Step 3. Now choose the required category that you want to edit from the category tree.

Step 4: Next expand the Products in the Category section, and then click the tiles icon to display the product tiles in a grid.

Step 5. You can sort products either by Manual Method or by Automatic Method.


Method 1. Manual Sorting:

  1. First set Sort Order as per your preference from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then update any invalid indexers if required, and click on Save Category to save the sort order.


Method 2. Automatic sorting:

    1. Select the Yes option available in the Match products by rule field.
    2. Set Automatic Sorting as per your preference from the drop-down menu.


  1. To add conditions to the category click on the Add condition button.
  2. Then choose the required Attribute for your rule
  3. Next set the Operator from the following options.
    • Equal
    • Not equal
    • Greater than
    • Greater than or equal to
    • Less than
    • Less than or equal to
    • Contains
  4. Now fill in the appropriate value.
  5. If you want to another condition, click on the Add Condition button and repeat the steps.
  6. When you are done with all the process, click on Save Category and also clean the cache.
  7. Now go to the storefront to check whether the new product selection, sorting, and category rules working or not.


Alternate Tool:

Alternatively, if you are looking for a handy tool to enhance the product sorting process you can opt Advanced Sorting Magento 2 Extension. This is a highly advanced extension that allows adding custom sorting options in your Magento 2 store to make the product search process easier for your users.

Advanced sorting by solwin
Using this extension, enable your users to sort products – by Best Sellers, Most Viewed, Rating, and lots more. It will make the product sorting process faster and quicker for your customers.


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In Conclusion:

Creating a better user experience on the website plays a key role in the success of an online business. Follow the above steps to create a highly configurable product sorting option in your eCommerce store. However, if you need any help for creating perfect product sorting options, feel free to contact our highly trained Magento experts.

We hope you find this blog useful for your project. Stay tuned for more upcoming useful content that will help you grow your online business effectively.

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