How to promote content in Magento 2
July 12, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Some Magento website owners think that their job is completed once their eCommerce site is live. They outsource web design projects to a leading Magento development company and then sit back to wait for the results. The fact is that your job will start after your site is developed. One of the important components of an online store marketing campaign is promoting its content to make it discoverable by search engines and, consequently, to bring more traffic to your website. While there are common content promotion techniques, Magento 2 has some inherent features that you can use to increase your online store traffic.

Have you just launched a Magento 2 store, then it is time to promote your content? Online store marketing campaigns become successful to bring traffic to one’s websites when the right Search engines optimization method is used. It is very critical for online business!

The online merchants require to do their Magento store content marketing to promote their E-commerce business! The keywords used in the SEO will promote the page in the search results. The need is to make available the viewers who look for their searches, best rankings on top! Immediately, the checking of the desired product will take place. And, without wasting any further time the customer will order his required goods! This exercise becomes a major boost for the E-commerce owners’ business!

Tips to Promote Magento 2 Store Content for Maximizing Sales


1. Use keywords effectively

There are many tools one can use for the right optimization. Google offers a free tool called Google Keyword Planner, which advises on the right keyword. The person using it will find the best keywords which help in searches.

Source: YouTube[Google Ads]

Thus, a successful SEO campaign can be launched! This tool is very effective for users, who get to know about the keywords just right for one’s business. The online traffic increases significantly. The listing of the keywords and also the regular check-ins for its effectiveness are needed. One can change the keyword rankings and see if the desired search results happen and it helps the customer!


2. Promotional Notification Bar:

One can take the help of a promo bar. The online merchants use the promo bar extension for Magento 2 to deliver more content. One can add more slides beyond the limit and get a successful display of multiple contents or slides. The promotional bar is placed majorly on all pages at the top of the page.

The customer can view Promotional Bar on top position, which it displays on all the pages.

The page header, page header content, and also before the page footer. The web administrator also can create and edit online content as he desires with the help of WYSIWYG! This methodology helps in customizing the content, even if the person has little knowledge of coding.

So, a new entrant to web management can also customize their content for the end-users to use! In Magento store content promotion, in the back end, web administrators get to see live previews about their editing. This helps him changing the content as and when required and gets the customer’s attention always!


3. XML sitemap Configuration:

Sitemap creation helps to improve one’s website’s index by search engines. It is one of the best Magento store content promotions available for users! The sitemap creation helps in indicating the pages and images of the website which need to be indexed.

One needs to list one’s content, and set the required frequency, and create the site map. It can be easily configured in the stores set up on the Magento Admin panel. The next step after successful creation is to submit it to the search engines for indexing.


4. Creation of Blog content:

The blog creation works as a useful tool on the Magento web store. All products can be referred, can do the URLs inclusion to other pages, placement of keywords in a required manner, and create engaging content! Targeting the right audience becomes easier with blogs.

They get proper knowledge through the blogs and enjoy the interesting content laid down for them. One can use the blog for backlinking to other content information. Blogs have become a great source of lead generation. One can build multiple links among pages, product references, and blog posts.

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5. Performance of one’s website needs to be maintained:

There are many factors to improve the performance of a website. It is the hosting provider, software version, size of the images, etc. The optimal performance needs to be maintained regularly.

Performance And Scalability

The top reason being, people do not have patience for a slow-loading website. The customer will turn impatient and close the website. Each and everyone would like to get faster and immediate results.


6. Perfect Application of canonical tags:

Duplicate content always reduces the effectiveness of SEO fiercely. It is highly required to use the right Magento configuration options need to use canonical tags. If not then there is always a chance of Magento creating duplicate content in Magento store content promotion.

The canonical tags need to be enabled in one’s Catalog settings on the Magento Admin panel. This helps to prevent the SEO crawlers to avoid duplicate content.


7. Magento 2 Follow up Emails:

These allow one to launch intelligent email campaigns in boosting conversation and manage customer interactions effectively. The increase in sales is guaranteed. There are many triggers available to send transaction emails automatically. This methodology enables customers to send coupons, gift vouchers for birthdays, anniversaries, new registrations, or any major purchase as per the promotion conducted. The customer falls for this intelligent trap, as he gets excited and becomes loyal to the store owner and his products.

There is another major advantage of Magento follow–up Emails which is smart cart recovery to engage a customer in Magento store content promotion. Here, the E-commerce owner will locate the neglected carts and can convert them into new orders.

The Website administrator can track their email campaign performance using Google Analytics. The coupons are set with an expiry date using Auto-generated coupon codes which help in making the customer buy the products in the stipulated time! Here, again sales take place without hindrance! This is a major methodology used by the E-commerce marketer to attract customers and sell his wares!



Magento 2 is a well-used platform for many obvious reasons! It offers highly operational features and wide solutions for an E-commerce online store owner. Magento extensions help in improving customer confidence and boosting business! The customer will remain loyal and will buy goods regularly if the offerings of Magento 2 lure the customer again and again. That’s why major website owners of E-Commerce use it and manage a roaring business successfully!

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