How To Reduce Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Rate
August 6, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

While the online world might seem easy and fascinating, it isn’t always the same. Cart Abandonment is one of the most faced problems by the majority of the Magento site owners.

Cart Abandonment can be explained as the customers abandoning the products in their shopping cart and leaving your site. When a customer visits your Magento store, he may go through some products and add them to their shopping cart, and move to the payment details yet decide to leave it abruptly and not proceeding.

This makes the products to be left on your cart list waiting for you to make the check-out. While this wouldn’t be a matter of concern for the customers, this is worrisome for the site owners.


Factors Regulating Cart Abandonment Magento 2 (Primary Reasons)

1. Customers forced to create accounts:

Certain online stores have provisions for the customers to register with an account before proceeding with the shopping primarily. While this might be a marketing strategy but for customers, this is quite boring and tiring.


In contrast, some customers are not always comfortable sharing personal information with every other site before even deciding on what to buy. Thus, this becomes one of the reasons that they opt-out of that site and choose other similar sites.

2. Aggressive Upselling:

Upselling is a terrific strategy to increase sales, but it can backfire if done excessively. Aggressive upselling irritates a lot of customers. They are prone to becoming sidetracked from their primary goal.

Customers may be interrupted by popups, which may redirect them to other websites.

3. Window Shopping:

The cart abandonment Magento 2 appears when customers have no intention of purchasing and are simply surfing for pleasure. They add the item to their cart but are not yet ready to purchase it.

window shopping

This can be anyone decreased if you can be able to show scarcity. You should limit the duration of the campaign or the number of products available. This will encourage individuals to make anticipated judgments sooner.

4. Extremely high shipping charges:

Shipping charges can be one of the bugging factors for cart abandonment Magento 2, and when such charges are high, this becomes one of the reasons for them to abandon the carts even after finalizing their choices.

Shipping Extra

Furthermore, the customers who do not plan on buying in bulk would find the charges high. Moreover, clients will not be satisfied if the product is not delivered within a few days. As a result, customers abandon the cart in search of a better solution.

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5. Hassled Confusing Check-out process:

Customers today expect simple, quick, and straightforward check-out processes since they want to complete the entire process quickly and efficiently.

Still, when the process has several steps to be fulfilled, this confuses the customers and can irritate them, who then plan to leave the site. This becomes straining for them complete long and complex check-out processes.

6. Unsatisfactory Return Policy:

Customers generally review the return policy while buying any product. They like a robust return policy, particularly when purchasing from a non-established brand. Customers may find it difficult to finish a purchase if the return policy is unclear or unacceptable.

7. Suspicions about payment security:

The customers do not always have faith in a website’s payment system. They are hesitant to reveal their personal and financial information because they believe it will be compromised. Only a few clients are willing to disclose their payment information, while others leave.


Techniques for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

While there can be a plethora of other reasons besides the ones mentioned here as to why the cart abandonment Magento 2 appears, it is crucial to focus on minimizing the cart abandonment Rate in your Magento Store. Here are some specific methods of achieving a seamless customer experience on your site:

1. Being Responsive:

Your Magento check-out page may look attractive and be suitable with a broad range of devices, from computers to mobile phones, if you use the extension. As a result, mobile users will be able to navigate your site without any issue, and they can do so from anywhere and from any device. The number of abandoned carts from this group of customers would reduce.

2. Provide Customers with choosing the delivery time and date:

Giving the customers the option of choosing when they want to receive their items can be one of the defense mechanisms. When customers obtain control of the orders, and when they can control when they want to receive, this can motivate customers to move with the shopping, reducing the abandonment rate.

happy customer

3. Guest Check-out Option:

Not every customer who visits your sites, especially those looking to make a one-time purchase, wants to register an account on your e-commerce site.

guest checkout page

Since this is one of the most disturbing and repealing factors, rather than imposing account creation, you might provide the option of checking out as a guest. You can ask customers to save their purchasing information if you want to collect e-mail addresses and other contact details.

4. Inclusive of Thumbnails of Products:

Customers can be reassured when thumbnails are included for products during the check-out process. Customers want to know that they are purchasing the exact item they consider when they make a buy. Product thumbnails will assist the customers in remembering what they want to buy throughout the check-out process.

5. Robust Return Policy:

Generally, customers value return policies because they aren’t always sure about the things they are purchasing. If you provide a good return policy, then this gives them a chance to trust you.

6. Progress Indicator in Check-out page:

You can use a progress indicator on the check-out page to show clients how far they still have to go. A near-completion progress bar might serve as a visible reminder to purchasers to complete their purchase. This would make them aware of the further steps they must undergo before making the final purchase, ultimately motivating them.

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Methods of Marketing to Prevent Cart Abandonment

These are some of few methods of marketing that can help prevent cart abandonment in Magento 2:

1. Easy Contact Method:

You can provide your contact information and make sure that the customers can reach out to you quickly. Customers may require assistance with product details or payment options at times. Making it easier for them to contact you will make them feel more confident and desire to use your goods.

2. Exit-intent popup:

You can include a feedback loop that will be triggered when clients abandon their shopping cart. You can provide a promotional discount or a coupon code with these popups, which can somehow influence your customers.

3. Use incredible discounts or offers to entice them:

Customers enjoy receiving goods discounts, especially when they are presented exclusively or unexpectedly. Giving your consumers a holiday discount, a seasonal sale or a product at the lowest possible price makes them feel special and keeps them coming back for more.

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4. Follow-up E-mails:

As a site owner, you can send individual follow-up e-mails by filling in a link to take them back to the precise point where they left off. You can also consider offering a minor discount. These e-mails also act as reminder e-mails for them to get aware that products are waiting in their carts.



Cart abandonment on Magento 2 store can be one of the biggest headaches, and this problem s faced by every e-commerce business owner. Thus, it is good to design a strategy and try several approaches to find what works best for your target market. These are some pointers that can undoubtedly assist you in optimizing your Magento store and lowering cart abandonment rates.

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