Tips For Successful Cross Selling On Magento Store
March 23, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

How cross-selling on Magento 2 can help to increase conversions? If you do not use Magento 2 Cross Sell on an eCommerce store, you could be losing a lot of money.

How many times have you shopped for additional products by looking at the product recommendations? Have you ever got attracted to buy new products by viewing the “Customers also bought” section on the eCommerce sites? We all do get attracted to such features in eCommerce stores.

Online shoppers may get influenced by cross-selling techniques. Recommending different products related to the users’ shopping trends and browsing experience can help to deliver an amazing customer experience. And it will also, increase the sales of your Magento 2 store. It adds value to the initial purchase as the customers buy additional products from your store too.

Whether you own a small eCommerce website selling a few products or a large online portal selling thousands of products under different categories. This guide will help you understand the importance of cross-selling on Magento 2.


How does cross-selling work?


In simple terms, cross-selling means suggesting related products to visitors based on their browsing experiences or shopping trends. Have you ever visited McDonald’s outlet? And the person taking your order asks you, “Would you like to add some extra cheese to your burger?” or “Would you like to add Coke to your order for an extra $X?” This is the perfect example of cross-selling.


Cross-selling in Magento eCommerce

There are several reasons why Magento eCommerce owners use cross-selling for making their business grow. One of the obvious benefits of cross-selling for Magento 2 eCommerce store owners is enhanced profits with impulse buying behavior of customers.

When a customer buys a mobile phone online, he may be interested in mobile accessories also. So, when a customer is looking for mobile phones, product recommendations for him could be mobile covers, stands, and other accessories.

Another example, if a customer is shopping for pet food supply, adding other related products to the recommendation may help. He may be interested in buying other pet supplies also along with the food items. Magento 2 website owners can enjoy increased sales and profits with cross-selling techniques for their stores.

You might have seen “Who viewed this also viewed” on some Magento stores. This entices the users to have a look at what products other users are buying. You can install the right Magento 2 extension for cross-selling on your eCommerce website.

One major advantage of cross-selling on Magento 2 stores is improved customer experience. Users would be happy to receive relevant product recommendations. They would be able to save a lot of time and effort when the right suggestions are provided to them. Cross-selling also helps eCommerce store owners get increased customer retention.


To sum up, the following are the benefits of cross-selling for Magento stores:

A. Increased sales and profits
B. Enhanced customer experience
C. Get Happy and satisfied customers
D. More repeat business from existing clients
E. New customers acquisition


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Easy and effective cross-selling tactics that really work:

Don’t be too pushy when it comes to planning an effective cross-selling technique for your Magento store. Customers would prefer to add new additional products to their carts. But they would not like to be pressurized for the same. We’ve listed some of the important tactics that can help you with cross-selling techniques for your eCommerce store:


1. Know your customers first


It is important to understand your target audience and what exactly they want. Different customer groups may have different choices and preferences for shopping online. Identify the users before you plan any cross-selling strategy.


2. Sell only relevant products

You need to make sure that you showcase relevant products to the customers. Else they are likely to leave your website and never return back. Make sure that you make use of automated AI tools. It helps to select the best and most relevant products for shoppers.


3. Email marketing


This can be a good way to market your products and services. If your customers have purchased certain items from your store, you can send an email to them. An email with additional product recommendations would catch their attention again and they may purchase products from your site again.


4. Shopping cart


Before the customer makes the payment, show a few more expensive or relevant products on the cart page. It will help the user to make the right decision. This is a great technique of upselling that can influence customers. As well as it makes them change their mind while shopping online.


5. Offer a limited number of relevant items

If you provide an overwhelming choice of relevant or recommended items to the users. It can make them confused. As a result, this may increase your cart abandonment rate. Offer only 5-6 relevant choices to the users so that they can make the right decision.


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Wrapping Up!

Magento offers different ways in which you can cross-sell on Magento 2 store and skyrocket your sales. It can be a good idea to look for the best Magento development company. They will help you with the best plugin for adding cross-selling features on your web store. No matter what your requirements may be. Solwin Infotech can help you get the best solutions without digging a hole in your pocket.

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