Powerful Magento 2 Product Review Extensions
February 21, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Product reviews provide great impact to gain customer trust and encourage them to buy your product. Reviews of products from existing customers speak about the quality of your product to new customers. In this way, improve your store credibility using Magento 2 product review extensions and inspires new visitors to have faith in your product.


What is the purpose of adding reviews in your Magento 2 store?

The main purpose of product reviews is to build trust among your users. Product Reviews tell customers whether your product is worthy to buy or not.

If the product quality is good, you will get good reviews from the customers. It creates a matter of easy attraction for new visitors to buy your product without any doubt. But if your products don’t meet the requirement of the end-users, you will receive poor reviews. You need to check out your product and improve its quality as soon as possible. It will help you grow your business flawlessly.

Here is a collection of best Magento 2 Product Reviews Extensions for your eCommerce store.


1. Product Reviews:


Product Review is the best Magento 2 Extensions to get reviews from your online customers. Good product reviews always impart positive responses from new visitors. This is a perfect extension that helps customer share their reviews. Along with the review, customers can also share their images too. Uploading an image is very simple that needs no registration. Using this vital module allow your visitors to check all the customer reviews on a single page. It will increase the credit value of your store and help you boost your sales at large.

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2. Advanced Product Review:


This is again another excellent product review extension for Magento 2 store. This powerful Magento 2 extension, allows users to give their respective product reviews after purchasing products. It will help you develop trust for your brand and your new visitors will find a suitable reason to purchase your product without hesitation. It comes with Google reCaptcha that prevents spam reviews. Along with this extension, you get features such as show reviews with slider action, filter reviews, etc.

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3. Magento 2 Advanced Review:

If you wanna cultivate trust in your customers’ mind and heart, install this powerful Magento 2 Advanced Review extension. It’s a very simple and unique module to inspire your users to give reviews for your products. This extension comes with many useful features such as the prevention of fraud and spam reviews. There is another notable feature which is product review filter options. That helps customers to check product reviews by pros or cons, by date, rating, and helpfulness.

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4. Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension


If you’re looking to multiply your online sales, you need to have good product reviews against your products. So using this Advanced Product extension, display eye-catchy product reviews to your customers and motivate them to purchase your products. It allows users to upload images or videos while sharing their reviews about your products. Moreover, enabling the voting feature while giving reviews can even make the reviews more attractive.

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5. Product Reviews & Ratings:


Customers reviews act as a crucial part to help you generate more leads. The more perfectly you present it the more chance you get to convert your visitors. With Product Reviews & Ratings for Magento 2 extension, you will find getting a product review is quite an easy task. It’s an automated tool that manages to send automated product review requests via email to your existing customer. Isn’t it sound good? Like the rest of the module it also, allows customers to add an image along with their reviews. Another amazing feature of this extension is that it helps to add discount code to the customer. When a customer gives a review against the requested review email he receives a discount offer. This is an amazing technique to multiply your business.

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6. Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension:


Magento 2 Advanced Reviews is another unique extension to add product reviews on your Magento 2 store. This module supports video and image reviews along with ratings. Also, users can add comments to customer’s reviews. It helps to establish communication between customers to customers. No, matter what language your customer is familiar with because it supports multi-language. Further, this tool comes with features that allow users to upvote, downvote, or flag comments.

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7. Product Reviews & Rating Extension


It an impressive extension to help you manage and get customers reviews on your eCommerce Magento 2 store. This Magento 2 Product Reviews & Rating extension by Wilt Pixel offers a review section and a review form. So, customers can easily add reviews and ratings from any page of your website. It will help you make the review system of your business quite comfortable for the customers to add review.

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8. Import Export Product Reviews

Wanna best import export review extension for your Magento 2 store? Import Export Product Reviews by Magebees can be a perfect help for you. Just a with a single click and import or export reviews of your customer, guest or administrator. Isn’t it great? This is a very fantastic tool to import or export reviews of customers, guests or administrators with just a single click. It also provides multi-store and multi-website support. So, no matter if you are dealing with multiple websites.

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9. Vendor Product Review:

It’s again another handy tool for Magento 2 store. With the help of Vendor Product Review, the store owner can make changes or modifications against reviews provided by customers. He can either approve review if it’s good and also can delete or disapprove in case it’s poor. Also, the store owner even can edit the review.

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10. Import Export Product Reviews:


Reviews are very essential to improve your store credibility and increase the graph of your revenue. Import Export Product Reviews Magento 2 Extension by Soft Prodigy is also one more powerful tool to get reviews from customers. It allows admin to approve or disapprove reviews. After approval by the admin only, reviews get displayed in the product review section. Further, this extension comes with multi-store support. So, no problem even if you want to import or export reviews from your existing store to another store.

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11. Import Export Product Reviews:


Magento 2 product reviews extension allows your customers to express their feelings, evaluation, and satisfaction with your products by reviews and ratings. Let them talk about their genuine experience to enhance your store trustworthiness, attract more customers, and boost sales for your online shop.

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In Conclusion:

Product Reviews are necessary for both store owners and buyers. It assists customers to buy products without hesitation. So, you can use these Magento Product Review Extensions and hike your online sales drastically.

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