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January 25, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

There are a lot of premium Magento 2 themes available in the market and it may be difficult for website owners to pick the right one. Whether you want to create a new store or revamp an existing one, you should explore the Magento 2 themes, and check the features before making the decision. There’s no doubt that Magento offers a wide range of feature-rich and attractive themes that can help you build eye-catchy eCommerce stores.

1. User-friendly interface


The first impression of your website is the most important factor that should be considered while opting for Magento 2 website development. Magento offers clean and easy to use themes. You should search for themes that are simple to use, easy to navigate, and easy to locate buttons. Every eCommerce owner needs interactive themes that can attract a lot of visitors to your site.


2. Theme customization

It is important to select a theme that is easy to customize. Choosing a customizable Magento theme will allow you to personalize the website as per your requirements. Most business owners look for Magento themes that allow the users to place the CMS blocks anywhere according to their business needs. The theme you select should have changeable colors and add extensions for adding the desired functionality to your web store.


3. Compatibility

It is advisable to pick a theme that can be easily viewed on multiple platforms and devices. This will help you reach a wider audience as you would be able to build a responsive website with the right theme.


4. SEO friendly

No doubt that Magento is an SEO-friendly platform. Most of the themes come with social sharing options to increase your chances of organic rankings. You should enable social sharing settings and look for other enhanced features.


5. Fast loading theme

website loading

You would need a fast-loading online store to reduce the bounce rate. Overloading graphics and features may slow down your website. If the visitors would have to wait for the web pages to load, they would leave the site without taking the appropriate actions. Make sure that you should choose a fast-loading Magento 2 theme.


Additional tips to select Magento 2 theme

    1. A pre-built theme can help you design or redesign your Magento eCommerce store. Prepare a list of features you would need, and choose a theme that includes all the different types of functionality required by you. Some of the examples include: Twitter post feed, contact us forms, social media buttons, recently viewed items, and more.
    2. Magento is known for its multi-store functionality. If you are looking for building multiple stores having different look and feel, you should look for relevant themes offering different types of layouts.
    3. There are multiple Magento editions: Community, Enterprise, and Professional. You can hire the best Magento developers to help you select the right theme matching your business requirements.
    4. You can read the reviews before making the decision of choosing Magento 2 themes.

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Things to Know before purchasing Magento 2 theme

      1. Buying a Magento 2 theme is not easy as it may seem. Before you click on the “Buy” button, you should do enough research and homework to make sure that you get the maximum ROI. Avoid paying attention to the name of the themes. A “garment store” theme can be used for any niche. All you need to do is substitute the graphics of apparel for your products’ graphics.
      2. Some business owners make the mistake of judging the themes by looking at the home page. Consider the overall framework and inner page layout to make the right choice for Magento 2 themes. One should pay special attention to the products pages as more and more visitors would land up on your products pages if you own an eCommerce store.
      3. You can change the fonts and colors along with the graphics used on the themes.
      4. One should have a look at the navigation bar and search bar also. If you are looking for layered navigation or unique website designs, you should look for cost-effective options for Magento themes.
      5. It is advisable to buy themes that include layered PSD files so that you can save a lot of time if you want Magento developers to modify something.
      6. You can check the “Live demo” of the Magento 2 themes and see how all the pages look. It is not advisable to select a theme that provides a Live Demo so that you can test it and get an idea of how it would appear to the end-users. While checking the demo, you should access the theme on different browsers, tablets, mobiles, and desktop.
      7. Always read the user manual, if available. Read all the features before buying a theme.
      8. You can seek help from an experienced Magento developer to help you make the right decision.


Pre-built Magento 2 themes or custom theme development – Which one to choose?

If you want to build a website, you would have two options: You can choose a pre-built theme or look for custom Magento 2 theme development solutions. No matter what option you choose, you need to build an engaging and user-friendly website with flawless UI and UX to attract the target audience.


Reasons to choose pre-built themes:

      1. People who want to launch their website quickly may consider pre-built themes to save time and enjoy a faster time to market. You will be able to save development costs also by opting for readymade Magento 2 themes.
      2. Startups and small businesses should choose pre-built themes to avoid the risks of investment. Without spending a fortune, you can get a complete web store.
      3. Though pre-built Magento themes have a lot of features, there are some limitations for customization. They may have limited features and customization options. If you have a tight schedule or limited budget, you should certainly opt for pre-built themes for your eCommerce store.

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Why should you select custom Magento 2 theme development?

      1. Website owners get complete control over their online store when they select custom-made Magento themes. Design your eCommerce website the way you want to, and make your site look unique. You can have a powerful online presence with Magento 2 custom theme development.
      2. The major cons of having a custom theme are that you will have to experience a slower time to market and pay hefty costs for developing the theme from the scratch. The cost of Magento 2 theme development depends on the complexity of the project, type, and size of the website.

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