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October 31, 2015 Sanjay Dabhoya

If you’re looking for an effective budget managing iOS application, then stop your search now. Expense Manager Ultimate is a stable, simple, instinctive, and completely a feature-rich  Expense Manager application which is crafted just for your convenience. We, the well-known IT firm, Solwin Infotech have recently launched the new product for all iOS Devices, named Expense Manager Ultimate. You just need your fingertips to manage your incomes and expenses. It is a brand new 100% Free app with full features and no hidden in-app purchases or charges.

The Importance of Expense Manager Ultimate

It is not only the application for your iOS device, it is your real friend who helps you to control your monthly expenses. Human nature that plays into the role when it comes to saving or spending. You might observed that first 15days of every month passes very easily but for the second half is very critical. Why?, because for the first half, the pocket is full with money (salary) and we never bother about tracking the expenses and spending out of limit, and in second half of the month we would start thinking how to limit expenditure to survive for the month. The only solution to this problem is ‘Expense Manager Ultimate’ which helps you to control the movement of your money and keep you on the track for better living.

This iOS user interface consists of many essential features with cool and informative Home Screen; segmented income/expense listing; Reports for tracking incomes and expenses as per week, month, and year; transactions exhibited by day, week, month and year; income or expense categories with option to add your own category of your choice. Organizing your expenses allow you to have a better control over your money and you can get the clear idea about  the movements of your income, which is the prime importance in this era. Solution to every problems of money management can be found within the application.

Core features of Expense Manager Ultimate :

  • Add/ Edit Income/Expense records.
  • Add Custom Category for Income/Expense for better grouping your transactions.
  • Review report by monthly, quarter yearly, half yearly and yearly.
  • Currency option to change currency.
  • Delete and Edit options for transactions records and categories too.
  • Chart representation for easy understanding your transactions.
  • Total balance and transaction records at one place.

iOS Application Screens includes :

  1. Home Screen : Home screen is the main dashboard  to summarize all the incomes, expenses and total available balance, with the total transactions at  one place. Slide menu on the home screen have options to ‘Add Transactions, Reports, Setting, Help etc.. for easy navigation through the application. On the Detail screen, one can see the list of his  incomes including salary (for current month) and bank interest, and expenses of travel (trip), and food and drinks (anniversary celebration) will be showcased along with the current date in this app.
  2. Add Transaction  Screen : Add Transaction will let to you add the Incomes or Expenses you have made on the food, party, movie etc  by choosing appropriate category from the list or can add your own for easy remembering. This screen also shows your recent transaction for that particular month to get the clear idea of the funds you are left with in your pocket for that month.
  3. Report Screen : Next screen on application will cover the current months (expense) spent on Food and Drinks, Travel, Anniversary Celebrations every month and year. Your current month (Expense, be it on trip, food or any other celebration) and your current month (Income) with your current salary and bank interest will be easily available on the app page with the latest dates.The Report page highlights current year’s Income, Expense details as per monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and yearly basis with a beautiful and easily understandable graphs.
  4. Setting Screen :  It provides you an option to set currency of your choice for showing the transactions.  Default USD is selected, but once after user set the currency, it will be saved permanently and get reflected at all the pages.
  5. Help Screen : though application is very simple and easy to use, we also provided a help screen to get the idea on how to use ‘Expense Manager Ultimate’

Why Expense Manager Ultimate is better than other iPhone apps?

Expense Manager Ultimate will be the best iOS app that can be easily installed and used handily by you. This app is accessible for Free, and is really very valuable for daily use and summerizing  your incomes and expenses at the same place. Developed and designed with by making  surveys from the real time users and understanding their needs from the budget tracking applications, it coverup all the pithole and limitations of the existing expense manger applications in the market. This application is developed With various noteworthy features in this app, this iOS app will surely benefit you immensely, and it beats the other iPhone apps in competition.

Therefore, get set for an appealing iOS application – “Expense Manager Ultimate” launched by Solwin Infotech. If you have any questions in mind including feature request, you can directly contact our  support team  who are always ready to help you know the details of Expense Manager Ultimate. Do visit our website to be familiar with our new products!

Start managing your incomes and expenses with full featured “Expense Manager Ultimate”. Available for FREE on apple store.


Apart from the ‘Expense Manager Ultimate’, Solwin Infotech recently  launched various  cool applications for both iOS and Android devices, which includes :

  • Quote’s Book – for fresh quotes from various authors. Available for iPhone and iPad
  • Unit converter Advance – for  conversions between all the possible  units. Available for iOS + Android  Devices.
  • Land Unit Converter – for all the land related conversions. Available for iOS + Android  Devices  and many more
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