May 19, 2020 khushbu padalia

WordPress for Enterprise [Why You Should Use?]

wordpress for enterprise

CNN to Facebook and eBay to Sony- All major media companies count upon WordPress as their default publishing tool. WordPress has evolved as a robust CMS from a blogging platform over the period. Forbes has appreciated WordPress as the “promised land” and a standard, multimedia-friendly, and easy-to-use platform for media companies and other enterprises. Today,

May 16, 2020 Mayur Dhudasia

How To Add Product Videos In Magento 2 Store?

Add product video in Magento 2 store

What is the best way to present your product in front of your customers? The product video presentation is the best option. Adding product videos on your Magento 2 store gives more customer engagement. Visitors give more attention to video content rather than reading textual content. It’s better to let your customer know your product

May 13, 2020 khushbu padalia

Top Rated WooCommerce Themes [Unique Collection]

Best woocommerce themes

When its time to build an eCommerce store, WordPress with WooCommerce is an excellent choice. Everyone knows that WooCommerce is the most suitable plugin & a perfect fit for an eStore. According to statistics, WooCommerce powers over 29.13% of all online stores. We have compiled the best WooCommerce WordPress themes for any kind of eCommerce

May 12, 2020 Mayur Dhudasia

Why Your Website Needs Product FAQ Page?

importance of product faq page

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions include all important information about your business, products, and services. These are common questions that arise in your customers’ minds frequently and you can answer these questions by adding an FAQ page in your eCommerce website or a Magento online store. Major FAQ benefits include: Build trust among your customers

September 12, 2020 Anupam Bhagat

How To Embed Social Media Feed On Your Website?

embed social media feeds on website

Embedding social media is a method to display social media profiles and posts on your website. By showcasing social media presence you can boost the engagement of your users on your website. Moreover, you can use it to built-up your social media accounts interest. There are various ways to embed social media feed on the

May 9, 2020 Mayur Dhudasia

Things to Do Before & After Installing Magento

things to do before and after magento installation

You have different options for the Magento installation. Magento is not just like other software. It can not run on the computer, but it needs a server to run successfully. After completing the installation of Magento, it is easy to become lost with the things that come next. In fact, installation is just the initial