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August 17, 2013 Sanjay Dabhoya

Several programming languages have been used for web designing, but the most popular and extensively used languages are PHP and ASP.Net. It is quite difficult to judge both the programming languages. Both the systems use MVC model. ASP.Net has an “official” add on that comes directly from Microsoft while the most popular MVC implementation is CakePHP. Both the platforms have their pros and cons.

Both have their own cons and Pros and also the use of both the languages should be based on the type of your project. Here is a comparison Which One Is Better? PHP or Asp.Net:

Development and Designing Cost:

Being an open source, PHP is free to download and it has many free modules that can be downloaded. One can also use the plugins available for PHP. PHP programmers can download the free modules and plugins and develop feature-rich websites by using this open source platform.

When you use ASP.Net, you would require a series of Microsoft product like Windows, Visual Studio or Adobe Dreamweaver for programming. The cost of developing with ASP.Net would be higher as compared to PHP.

Also, a point to notice is that PHP can be used and develop on Mac, Windows, or Linux machines while ASP.NET developing service are only available and works on Windows machines. And, if you want to use ASP.NET, you have to use a mono project to use it on Mac or Linux.

App performance:

PHP is directly run from the code. On the other hand, .Net is a compiled and optimized language. PHP is light in weight and requires minimum coding. ASP.Net requires extensive coding and it’s not easy to understand this language.


PHP is considered to be highly flexible as it uses MySQL for database connectivity. For database connectivity, ASP.Net is quite expensive as it requires MySQL product of Microsoft.

Development time frame:

PHP is much quicker as compared to ASP.Net.

Background language support:

ASP is similar to Visual basic type of syntax. It can be linked to Microsoft products easily. PHP codes are based on C++ language and syntax. C/C++ is preferred by many software programmers as it is one of the finest programming languages.

PHP: Pros and Cons


  • It is an open source that makes it free to use and is continuously improving with a large number of people rather than an individual company.
  • PHP is ideal for large projects like Facebook, or some websites like White House.
  • There are thousands of Expert PHP developers more than ASP.Net in the market.
  • Low cost and easy to learn, coding and pick up.
  • PHP has one of the large community of a programmer.


  • Compared to ASP.NET, it has poor coding and it allows customization that causes bugs.
  • Compared to other websites, PHP applications run slower.
  • PHP error handling is typically poor when compared to other programming languages.
  • It takes more time to discover why a popular piece of code isn’t working.

ASP.NET: Pros and Cons


  • Microsoft owns it.
  • Supports almost all programming languages and works great with either app or C# or C++.
  • Works best with Windows.
  • An ideal platform for enterprise applications.
  • Superior User Intelligence for developers.
  • Quick development with loads of pre-coded options.
  • It comes with tools and features to support programmers.


  • The support community is small.
  • It can be operated on Windows server only.
  • Not better than PHP in terms of Website development.
  • Base on closed source technology.
  • Not at all easy and complicated to understand.

So, now you know almost everything about these two languages PHP and ASP.Net. Choose the language according to your requirements. Don’t forget to ask us anything if you have any kind of questions in the comment section below or request your quote here. Or else you connect with us at Facebook or Twitter, we can have a great conversation there.

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