SEO Copywriting Tips To Improve Website Rankings
July 22, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

SEO copywriting for WordPress is of vital importance to stay ahead of the curve. Here are ten tips for an effective content strategy on your WordPress website.

It becomes increasingly difficult for the companies to get and retain high ranking of their websites on search engines. The reasons are many but intensifying online competition, mobile-friendliness, and ever-changing SEO standards are to name a few.

Digital marketing agencies implement various techniques for their corporate clients to maintain their ranking on SERPs. Out of them, SEO has become a widely adopted online marketing strategy. The SEO campaign can be successfully run by incorporating the thoughtfully created content strategy. It is the best and highly efficient way to secure a top position for your websites on major search engines like Google.

Simply put, SEO plan that is aligned with engaging and creative content can improve ranking and boost sales in short time, as users prefer your website over your competitors and are more likely to become your customers. Undoubtedly, quality content plays a vital role in attracting organic traffic for your WordPress website. There, SEO copywriting for WordPress comes into the picture.

Thankfully, there are not any hard and fast rules for SEO copywriting of your WordPress website. So, all you need to keep several steps in mind for managing an SEO campaign with creative content.

Here we give a list of ten handy tips to effectively implement the SEO copywriting for WordPress. But, before that, let’s understand two key concepts in brief- SEO and copywriting.


What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, the SEO techniques are useful to optimize or improve the website’s positioning or ranking on search pages. Here, the web content is optimized by placing keywords smartly to secure a high rank and improve visibility of the page.

Though SEO gives result in a medium to long-term, it is one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing techniques in the online world.

Specific keywords are identified by the webmasters for embedding SEO into your website or webpage. These keywords are found through intense research and data analysis. Therefore, it gives useful information about what users are searching on the internet or they want to get or purchase.


What is copywriting?


You might have heard of the popular quote’ Content is the King’, copywriting is simply a copy or content that is created to drive customers or targeted audience to particular products. It has been written with the marketing purpose and promotes the product and services. Catchy marketing copy has a potential of persuading customers to take the desired action.


What is SEO copywriting?

Good quality content can improve the ranking and visibility of the website. The major purpose of merging SEO with copywriting is to create a technical sound copy that search engine crawlers can easily read and understand. For example, if your WordPress website has an easy to read & high-quality content, chances are high to get a good position on search pages.

In SEO copywriting for WordPress, you need to focus on:

• Making a copy search engine friendly: Whatever it is you are writing on, it should be generic and gives accurate information about things that your targeted customers are curious about. A copy that addresses keywords and other on-page tactics is the perfect SEO-friendly copy.

• Make copy relevant to the brand: A quality content or copy is only useful when it is relevant to the brand or products. It should be justified by Google’s latest algorithm as Google changes algorithm time to time to ensure that the content maintains quality and is not plagiarised.


Tips for incorporating Content strategy with an SEO plan:

If you want to improve the ranking of your WordPress website through copywriting, you can just follow these simple steps.


1. Sound understanding of a service or a product

Before your writers write a copy, give them a detailed understanding of the products or services. You can also give them hands-on experience of certain products for better expression in writing. There is a specific purpose behind every writtern copy that compel readers to take action.

A well-written copy is a key to higher sales number. Writers must have good knowledge of the main aspects of the topic and the products. A successful copy fetches attention easily with intelligently curated content.


2. Keyword research

Keywords are the words that users type into a search box of a search engine. There are two types of keywords:

Focus keyword: The main keyword of your copy.

Long-tail keywords: This type of keyword is more specific and SEO- friendly. For example, if a user is searching ‘Diamond rings’, then ‘diamond rings’ is a focus keyword, whereas ‘Princess cut diamond rings’ is a long-tail keyword.

Keep in mind; long-tail keywords are more effective in fetching traffic to a website as compared to the focus keywords. They are specific and don’t support keyword stuffing.

For creating SEO-friendly content, the copywriter must do the keywords research. Tools like Google search, Google trends, Buzz word can help the copywriters in brilliant keyword research. Just put the keyword into the search box and you will see the keyword suggestions below the text on Google search engine.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner that offers accurate data of the number of times a particular keyword is searched monthly or yearly.


3. Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis

Competition analysis is a valuable part of SEO practice. To get SEO copywriting for WordPress that stands out in the crowd, you must know about the content that is already there and popular among the users. There are some useful and handy tools like Google Search, Mozbar, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo are available for performing the content analysis.


4. Eye-catchy headlines

The pleasing and appealing headline is the first step toward a great copywriting. Users get attracted towards a crispy content that starts from creating an eye catchy headline. In order to curate better headlines, tools like CoSchedule works best. Simply write the headline into the box and you will get an overall overview of the headline and ways to improve it.


5. Structure of copy

Once you finish the keyword research, competitor analysis, and headline, you are almost ready to write a copy. It is recommended that you prepare a rough outline of your copy. You can keep this order in mind for outlining the copy:

(i) Introduction
(ii) Features and Benefits
(iii) Advantages & Disadvantages
(iv) The End


6. Write

Once you are done with the procedure, it’s time to write a copy. The first paragraph of a blog post should be catchy. It’s like writing a summary of a blog that you are going to elaborate further. So, make sure the first sentence and paragraphs are appealing.

Try embedding focus keyword in the first sentence or paragraph; it makes your content SEO- friendly. Content should be simple and formed with short sentences. Avoid long paragraphs and passive voice.


7. Eye-pleasing design

A purpose of writing a copy is to promote your products or services, which is only possible if your copy looks good. It means that the copy should be an impressive design. Make sure the design or layout of the blog is eye-pleasing and unique. A reliable digital marketing agency can help you with attractive web design.

Useful Reading: Step-By-Step Guide To Website Design And Development Process


8. Content analyses and SEO check

In this step, you have to examine the copy or a blog post. Edit the content and make it SEO-friendly by removing misleading or repeated information. Go for Yoast SEO plugin for the editing. It works best with SEO copywriting for a WordPress website.


9. Target the right traffic

Share content on other mediums, it’s like diverting traffic to the destination website. In this way, you will reach out to a variety of audiences like influencers and bloggers. They can really help you promote your business and you can reach a vast audience with ease.


10. Keep refreshing the content

Internet is dynamic, it keeps on adding and removing information, because of that you need to keep up with the changing digital world. Keep updating the posts; add new information, links or fresh statics. It makes your content up-to-date, relevant, and engaging.


Concluding lines

The search engine giant Google keeps on changing standards for SEO. Therefore, it is fair to mention that SEO is here to stay and creative content will certainly boost your SEO efforts.

These ten tips of SEO copywriting for WordPress are useful for small businesses and startups. However, it is better to consult a reliable and reputed SEO agency to run an effective SEO campaign for your business website.

At Solwin Infotech, our teams of digital marketing and WordPress developers stay updated with the latest announcements and notifications in SEO practices and WordPress web development. If you want to promote your WordPress-based website, we can help you out with the advanced online marketing strategies and dedicated efforts with a visible outcome.

Just connect us with your requirements at and our executives will get back to you soon.

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