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July 27, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of making changes to the website so that it is better placed to show up in the search engine results. While a lot of companies understand this, not all companies understand how to properly take advantage of SEO. This blog will look at why you should not ignore SEO and why it is so important to a company’s online presence.

Upgrading your website and blog is a really important element in your content marketing strategy. While nowadays SEO is changing, it will stay on the top in the market as it is a wonderful way to bring more and more visitors to your website and it directly affects your company’s sales.

Moreover, the SEO techniques are constantly enhancing because of the users changing perspective constantly. Generally, it is not that easy to stay on top using a successful optimization technique, with many companies falling into the trap of doing incorrect SEO. Rather than getting huge traffic and boost conversion rates, the result will be different.

There are various SEO mistakes that you have to avoid. However, testing optimization approaches are also hard due to the fact that you can not validate your technique in the real world scenario since search engines’ rules are difficult to predict.

So, let just start with the most common SEO mistakes that you should avoid and bring the wonderful result that you want for your company.

15 Biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021


1. Selecting Keywords Without Research

Optimizing is all about the keywords that you require for your website to rank. But, do you select the right keyword?

One of the biggest SEO mistakes made with the SEO strategies is to focus on nonstrategic keywords. Normally, many companies waste their time targeting the keywords that they think that people are searching for or choosing keywords that are too competitive to rank on the search engine.


However, SEO experts can show keywords that will generate various searches with less competition. Moreover, they have to search for the synonyms, competitor brands as well as similar articles that your buyer may be researching.

It is best to do background research before you start optimization. You can use various tools like the Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer that help to find trending and adequate keywords on the search engines.


2. Building Content That Is Not About Your Keywords

Another common mistake in SEO optimization is building content that is not generally related to your keywords. The trouble is that you need to rank for a few keywords, however, you fail to focus the data on your target topic.

Moreover, search engines such as Google try to deliver their visitors with the most relevant content for people’s search terms. Ultimately, if your content does not answer visitor’s requirements, then it won’t rank well on Google.


Your essential goal should be to develop content that is truly related to the questions and requirements of your target audience with the right search term. Then the search engines will be able to determine your content as matching the keywords you optimize for.


3. Developing Low-Quality Content

The main goal of the search engine is to help visitors to find the quality and related information fastly. Nowadays, search engines are becoming more effective in filtering poor content from search results.


The common mistake is to purchase lower-quality content for just having content on the website. So, low-quality content never helps you to enhance your search engine ranking, particularly when your competitor’s content is really strong.

If you want people to find your website, then you have to invest your time and money to produce quality content.


4. Carrying Duplicate Content

Duplicate content simply means that the same content is on more than one place on the World Wide Web. Containing duplicate content on your website is not good for SEO, perhaps you could get your content removed from the search results.



Source: neilpatel.com


Search engines hardly display duplicate content, but when it appears, they may discover the original source of data. So, you have to make sure that all your content is unique and original, and do not use the same content in different places on your website.

Duplicate content simply does not work. Copying and plagiarizing content looks like a spammy practice and it is highly discouraged.


5. Just Focusing On the On-Site SEO

Mostly, some companies still think that SEO is only done on-site. Optimizing your website is an important component to ranking, however, you will not ignore the off-site method.

It is also really important that you have to build engaging content for the website.


6. Skipping Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Optimizing your content does not complete once you add a target keyword in your article or blog. Moreover, title tags and meta descriptions are really important elements of SEO. Skipping them is a big potential for the content. However, if you are cleverly doing it, then it definitely improves your content performance.

Apart from this, the other technical information is that some content markers forget to add image tags. But, the alter tags of the visuals in your content are essential. In addition to this, the search bots can not see your image but they can read alter tags as well as insert data in the way they index your web pages.


7. Missing Quality Links

To get great SEO, nowadays content marketers should understand that the quality of external links added in the content is more beneficial compared to their quantity. That is the reason it is amazing to make sure you link to appropriate, well-ranking websites with eminent reputations, but not just any website.

Moreover, It is helpful to link back to websites that have linked to you, as this will get back traffic in the forthcoming years.

Another unfavorable practice whenever it comes to links is using worthless anchor text. Actually, it wastes valuable SEO opportunities, as the anchor texts indicate to the reader and to search bots what the link is all about and how it can be advantageous to the visitors.

Therefore, avoid using “click here” as an anchor text and make sure you opt for a number of anchor texts, as applying the same text again and again will be seen as spammy.

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8. Shortage Of Unique Keyword Targeting

Appropriate keyword targeting on a web page by web page basis is one important thing that appears to be usually missed. Moreover, each and every web page should have specific keyword targets in mind and they should come across generally in the URL, content, title, and many others.

Wonderfully designed websites are great, however, if you want people to search your website, then you cannot overlook the content. Moreover, the simple content arrangement can have huge impacts on the ranking and traffic of your website.


9. Ignoring User Experience

Google has frequently declared that the number one priority is to give an amazing user experience to the visitors. That is the reason your website will never rank on top if you do not meet Google’s criteria for a satisfactory user experience.

The following factors can affect your rank on a web browser if you properly follow them.

(A) Speed
Nowadays users want the website to load faster on the Internet. Google always measures the speed of the website. And, if your website loads slowly then it adversely affects ranking on the browser.

(B) Safety
Safety is the foremost priority for any kind of online business. If Google found your website is not safe, then it may display a warning on your website. And, in some cases that may block your website. Ultimately, it will generate a negative impact on your business brand. So, you can use HTTPS to secure your site from hackers and build trust with your visitors.


10. Not Providing Fast and Mobile-Friendly Experience

SEO optimization is not just about content and keywords. Moreover, it is also about the quality of the website, especially on mobile devices. The various search engines can identify when your website is not mobile-friendly.

mobile friendly website

If you do not consider a smooth mobile experience for your visitor, then your ranking on the search engines can be very lawful. In addition to this, the same things go for website load speed. You are not surprised that the slow speed leads to low search engine ranks.

You can use tools such as Pingdom and GT Metrix to research exactly where the speed problems occur as well as how to resolve it.


11. Not Running Daily Website Audits

An audit reviews your website’s performance from the visitor’s viewpoint and from the view of a search engine. Is your website navigation user-friendly? How faster does the mobile version launch? Is proper information smooth to find?

An accurate analysis discovers ways to enhance your website. Moreover, an audit looks at SEO, loading speed, content quality, the checkout process, and various other things.


12. Overlook About Analytics

By tracking progress, you came to know that if your SEO optimization, as well as content efforts, work or not. The various merchants would ignore the numbers, however, it is a serious problem.

Setting up and daily reviewing your website analytics is important for your optimization results.

Furthermore, Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools are two main tools in which you can measure and get an overview of your website’s performance. Using these, you can get how your optimization is working for the various types of content and using different strategies you are trying out.


13. Use the ‘Black Hat’ Technique for Fast Gains

Because the risk is so high, before you select the SEO vendor, you have to understand the 2 SEO methods. So, here we explain both the methods.

(A) Black Hat
This is the method that affects the search results by breaching the search engine guidelines. Moreover, common tactics such as keyword stuffing, link exchange, purchased links, hidden text, and links, blog comment spam, and many others.

Furthermore, you can sometimes catch fast gains using these particular methods; but, it is much riskier. Due to search engines (like Google) fully monitor, penalize, or even ban your websites that try to cheat the whole system.

(B) White Hat
These are the decent methods that are accepted and determined by search engines. Moreover, they contain the best deal of research and analysis, enhance the overall user experience, last for a long time, and make your website and efficiency of search results better for everyone.

The best practice is to use only white hat techniques for your website.


14. Not Acclimate to Search Engine Changes

Search engines constantly change the algorithms to enhance the quality of searches and repel cheaters who are trying to manipulate the whole system. In addition to this, there have been 3 major changes in the Google algorithm in the past 5 years. But, multiple smaller updates significantly changed the way of ranking websites on the Google search engine.

Keeping on top of the most latest updates is the criteria to gain the greatest search ranking. So, you have to be updated with the latest SEO trends.


15. Not Using Power of Influencer For Social Media Interaction

Optimization has a social media aspect as well. Whenever you are posting your content on social media, one of the main goals is to get the attention of visitors who have significant online influence. It simply means that your content is noticed by both visitors as well as the search engine.

Creating relationships and making structure using influencers is an essential part of SEO marketing strategy.


Final Thought!

Search engine optimization is a vital part of any content marketing strategy nowadays. However, we find a number of online advice, making some number of SEO mistakes is common. So, it is better to learn from other’s mistakes and avoid them in your marketing strategies.

So, read carefully our article on SEO common mistakes, and try to avoid it.

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Still, if you have any doubts related to this topic, feel free to drop a comment and let us know about it. We are always happy to help you!

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