Best Practices For Kickass Call To Action Buttons - Part 1
March 22, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

So you have a great page with lots of amazing graphics and good content, still no actions??

Have you noticed your action driving elements closely? With action driving elements, we mean the buttons or links that converts a visitor into customer or permanent member. Today we will explain how to make your action buttons as persuasive as possible.

It is really important to understand your goals as well as your demographics. You may loose building connection with your potential customer, if you are not using the right call to action word. The button should be enough magical and sending a straight away message to clients that they will take that critical decision to click the button.

So lets take a look at some NOT-TO-IGNORE steps for driving clicks on your call to action buttons:

Appealing Colors:

Although it is the small element in comparison to whole landing page, it should have its own strong impact. So make sure, you design the button using attractive colors and shape, depending on your website’s theme.

Use contrast colored button considering your webpage’s background color. Rounded buttons, rectangle buttons are common but you cannot deny that these shapes work for some. Try using these shapes and check which one is working for you.

If you are going to follow this article in real terms, start with this piece of advice. Ask your web-designer to show you some samples of call-to-action buttons. Think yourself as a customer and choose which buttons catches your attention first. You can read this article published in leading The guardian: Why Google has put engineers over designers

Color matters, hence Gmail tested shades of blue to check which one works for them.

Powerful Words:

Strong words are that evoke emotions, should be used. Remember you don’t have enough room to write more content on the button, so find out the stronger verbs that will urge the customers to click right away. At the same time it should be short and sweet but conveying an emotion like “Let’s do it” instead of “get started

With latest technologies like QR codes, it is even more easy to drive conversions. If you can offer scanning QR codes for your products and they will love it. Like, you can offer discounts on scanning QR codes besides your products. QR code is not a call to action button, but it will definitely lead your visitors to click on button placed around it.

We came across Narendra Modi app which urged people to share their views on Demonetization. The wise marketing team might have thought that public will be lazy in visiting the play-store and then download the app. The website offered shortcut to scan the QR code and the app is accessible.

Narendra Modi App

Narendra Modi App

Right Emplacement:

Location also plays important role in getting attention. Try putting your CTA buttons above the fold, below the fold or anywhere on your webpage and track which position is best. Although, position is not the matter if your page, product or service is compelling enough to convince customers. But we should not miss any opportunity, so try this one out. We placed the buttons above the fold because its free and we want customers to read that the WordPress blog theme is available for FREE:

wordpress blog theme

Perfect Timing:

Timing also matters the most for CTA buttons. With the increasing video commercials, you would like to show your customers what you offer and then quickly give them CTA button. Like watching an commercial on donating old clothes to orphanage, don’t just let them forget about it. Give them the button when the essence of the video is still on their mind.

If your aim is to gain likes and fans on Social media platforms, connect them well using CTA buttons. Stop asking your visitors to like your page instead give them a reason why they should like your page. Introduce a button which says “Like & get 10% OFF” This is called result oriented button. You are showing the result they will get when they like your page.

Want, Need, Save are few desires, you can focus upon.

Negative Words:

While we researched some good marketing blogs, one of the biggest take away from Neil Patel’s blog is the negative words. Yes, negative words like “No, I don’t want this free PDF” will grab user’s attention twice. They will read that again at least to see what they are reading and the button is clearly stating that they are loosing the opportunity to get free PDF. For example see the image below:

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel Blog

Act Emotionally:

Problem solving approach always work, even on buttons. Use words like “End your worries here”, “your” will make them feel like their own. If this is not working use “My or me” possessive words. “End my worries” will make them feel possessive and this may hit.

You can also use time frame words on buttons like “Now, Today, Before, End”. For example “Grab now or miss it” “Get my free stuff today” Grab it before anyone else do” “Deal ending soon” . These phrases will force the customers to decide quickly. You can see that any of this button will ultimately make your customers decide now rather than later.

Do not give them time to think, just get them do it now!

What works for your audience, can only be determined after experimenting. Try these tricks and keep a track of what has helped more in conversions. Optimize as per the results you get by continuously testing it for few weeks or months.

There is lot more on driving sales with call to action buttons, that we can discuss if you are interested. Our SEO team at Solwin Infotech can help you monitor your strategies of call-to-action buttons. At Solwin Infotech, We can design such crazy effective CTA buttons for you. Reach us now! Gear up for the next campaign, All the best, folks!

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