How To Increase Mobile Conversion Rate
October 2, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Jason built his eCommerce website and was expecting great sales in the first few months after his site launch. After three months, he was disappointed and started looking for digital marketing agency to help him increase his conversion rates.

After detailed analysis, experts discovered that he had been following a desktop approach for the campaigns and so, he had been losing out on mobile visitors. Experts suggested him to optimize the campaigns for mobile devices, and he started getting amazing results from the first month itself. He was amazed to get more traffic from mobile devices from the first month itself.

We all know that mobile is the current trend for each and every industry. With the growing usage of mobile devices, you need to focus on mobile-friendly websites and interactive mobile applications to increase the conversion rate. The behavior pattern of mobile users is completely different from that of desktop users.

Hence, website owners should understand the best tactics to improve the conversion rate through mobile device optimization.

We’ve listed top 7 tricks to help you increase mobile conversion rate. You can follow one or multiple techniques and make your business grow.


1. Optimize the performance of your site

Optimize the performance

Slow-loading websites can make the visitors feel frustrated and so, you need to make sure that your site has fast loading pages.

According to a recent study, 53% of the users leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load on their respective browsers.

The first trick to increase the mobile conversion rate is to make the website pages load faster. You will be able to double your conversion rate when you reduce the page loading speed. With that, you can notice a reduction in bounce rate when you have a fast loading website.

You need to run diagnostics to check the number of server requests and prioritize the elements that need to be displayed first. There are various online tools available to help you determine your mobile site performance and discover ways to boost mobile conversion rates.


2. Use Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets

One of the main reasons why users abandon carts is that they find the checkout process very lengthy and time consuming. Users may not prefer to type in tons of information for completing their purchases.

Mobile users find it difficult to type all the information such as name, contact number, email ID, address, credit card details, and more. If the users find it to be a cumbersome task while shopping from their mobile devices, they may abandon their carts.

So how to overcome this problem?

You can provide an option of guest checkout to the customers. You can also add digital wallets on your site. The use of digital wallets is considered to be a secure method where the users can save their payment details and make the purchase online without any hassle. Mobile wallets have multiple layers of encryption integrated and so, they are convenient for the eCommerce website as well as consumers.

Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are some of the most popular digital wallets that are used worldwide. So, if you want to increase the mobile conversion rate, you should definitely think of integrating one or multiple digital wallets to your online store.


3. Improve navigation


If your website is not easy to navigate, there are chances that you could be losing a lot of business. If a visitor is not able to locate the items or sections they are looking for, they are likely to leave your website. Make sure that your website delivers a great user experience as it can improve your mobile conversion rates.

Step into the users’ shoes and think of the simplest way of arranging all the elements for easy navigation. Arrange all the pages in a systematic way so that users can land up to the desired pages with minimum efforts. Responsive website design can help you increase your sales easily.

Make sure that your page has good number of relevant and high quality images with the right CTA buttons so that users can take the necessary actions effortlessly. An uncluttered web page can increase the conversion rate of your website.


4. Optimize mobile SEO

improve SEO

It is essential to optimize your website so that mobile users can find your content and relevant pages while browsing. Google’s mobile testing tool can help to check the performance of your website and provide suggestions on how to fix the issues. Optimize the content for mobile devices first and then pay special attention to mobile SEO.

A good SEO company can help you identify the loopholes and make sure that your site is optimized for SEO.

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5. Create clear category pages

One of the most important aspects that a lot of website owners ignore is the product category pages. The mobile version of the website would have limited visibility on each page, and so, it is important to pay attention to the category pages. The way in which your website has categories impacts the purchase decisions of the buyers using their mobile devices.


6. Use attractive images

Your website should include high quality and original images of the products to grab the visitor’s attention. On the other hand, too many images and videos may make your website slow to load. Hence, compress all the images used on your website. Resize the images so that they don’t hamper the speed of your website.


7. Build solid social media reputation


Trust is an important factor for online buyers. You can post client reviews and testimonials to build brand credibility. You can also create social media profiles and post relevant information to make the users trust your brand. Place your contact information on all the channels so that new users can trust your company easily. Hire an experienced social media marketing agency to help you plan the best strategies that help your business grow.


In a nutshell

There are endless ways for mobile conversion optimization. You should keep an eye on the latest market trends and look for new ways to increase mobile conversion rate. Implement the best suitable tactics to improve your mobile conversion rate to skyrocket your sales.

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