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July 31, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Are you using these top 10 SEO tactics or losing business?

More than one-fourth of the business owners are unaware of the top tips and tricks for SEO. They hire SEO agencies and invest a lot of money, but most of the times, they get disappointed if they do not achieve ROI.

SEO is the backbone of any business. Whether you want to sell your products online or need walk-ins to your store, you need SEO services to pull the attention of the potential clients. Optimizing your website is a must in today’s world of high competition.

Here, we have listed the top 10 SEO techniques that should not be ignored by the business owners and SEO experts.


1. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Page Title and Description

Did you know that page titles and meta description play a crucial role in the success of any SEO campaign. Most of the SEO agencies and website owners make the mistake of ignoring the importance of page titles and meta descriptions. It is important to post relevant titles and meta description so that the crawlers can make your website visible for relevant keywords.

You should hire professional content writers to produce unique titles and meta description for each and every page on your website.


2. Selection of Keywords

LSI keywords

Keywords are a crucial part of any SEO campaign. It is important for SEO experts to choose the right keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business. Picking the right keywords helps your site rank higher in the most relevant keywords.

A lot of agencies forget the importance of keywords and select generic keywords for their business. This may result in loss. Keyword stuffing is another common mistake made by website owners. Using semantic words can be a great idea to maintain the optimum keyword density.

An in-depth keyword research is required before initiating any SEO campaign. Talk to the SEO agency you are planning to hire and figure out the most relevant and useful keywords that your target audience could be searching. Step into the shoes of your potential clients and think of all the terms they could use for searching your products or services.

Most of the business owners, as well as SEO professionals, pick high-volume keywords that have higher competition. It is not always a good idea to select such competitive keywords. You can start with low competition keywords and make your site rank higher with those. Later on, you can add competitive keywords to your list.


3. Backlinks


The sources from where you get backlinks is very important. It is essential to get backlinks from reliable and trusted sources. Some people don’t bother about the quality of backlinks and then end up losing a lot of business as well as money. Make sure that your website gets high-quality links from reputed websites only. You can hire a professional SEO company to help you avail the best quality backlinks that improve the visibility of your site.

Guest posting has been around since quite a few years now. It can be a great way to approach the bloggers and request them for posting guest blogs on their sites. Writing free content on any website can do wonders to your business.

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4. Content

What is Content Marketing?

Content is the king still. Having solid, high quality content on your site is important. Web content, posts on collaterals, social networking sites, and other platforms need to be informative and SEO friendly. Professional content writers should be hired for producing high quality content for your site.

Pay attention to quality over quantity when it comes to writing content for any platform. Having hundreds of pages without quality content on your site will do no good to your rankings. Focus on creating original content that engages the users and improves your search engine visibility.

Some of the website owners copy content from other sources and then reframe it. They post such content on their site. It is a big NO-NO as it can hurt your website credibility and your site may even get penalized.


5. Images

optimized Images

Images are the visual representation of the data and information posted on your site. Make sure that you have relevant images that convey the right message to the users. If you are picking some images from other websites, make sure that you mention the source.

Name the images in the correct format as poor image naming can hurt your reputation. Include Alt Text on all the images used on your site.


6. Fast loading site

page speed

Did you know that you just have less than 3 seconds to make the visitor interested in your products or services or make him/her leave your site?

Overlooking website loading speed can be one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make. Make sure that your site has fast loading web pages as slow loading pages can turn off the users.


7. Hosting

Web Hosting

Investing in a good hosting provider improves the website speed and makes the site faster. Avoid shared hosting and opt for the best hosting services to make your business website rank higher in Google and other search engines.


8. Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Friendly E commerce Site


Jack built his business site and invested a lot of money for SEO. He got a lot of visits on his site, but he was disappointed to see that the conversion rate was too low. He examined the trends of visitors and discovered that most of the visitors who left the site in a few seconds used their smartphones and tablets. With a high bounce rate, he started analyzing what could be the reasons for low conversion rates.

With in-depth analysis, he found that his website was not mobile-friendly, which turned off the visitors and made them leave the site within the first few seconds. He hired a website developer and converted his site into a responsive now. Within the first month, he could enjoy a lot of profits.

If you haven’t made your site responsive till now, you could be losing a lot of business. It becomes important to make sure that you have a mobile responsive site that works well on all the mobile platforms.


9. Local SEO

Local SEO

No matter what business you are into, local SEO is important. You should make sure that your site appears in the top searches of local SEO. Use the latest tactics to improve local SEO of your website. Try to collect reviews from existing and past clients to improve local Search engine optimization for your website. You can hire expert SEO professionals to make your site rank higher locally.


10. Analysis and testing

Analysis and testing

You cannot build a website, hire the SEO experts in India, and then sit back and wait for the results. You need to analyze the rankings from time to time, measure the performance of the site, and make changes in the SEO strategies. Hence, measure the results obtained by SEO campaigns on a regular basis and keep an eye on the latest industry trends so that you can incorporate them in your campaign.

Whether you are a small business looking for local clients, or a big brand planning to increase your sales online, it is important to stick to white hat SEO tactics to make your business reach new heights. Solwin Infotech has a team of expert SEO professionals who walk an extra mile to help you get the best ROI.

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