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December 29, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

2017 was a very dramatic and bold year in the perspective of Social Media. From Facebook tempting Snapchat users to Instagram, to Twitter changing its trademark of 140 characters to 280 characters limit, Social media has been boomed up in 2017 and has been in media all over the year. And, we have already presumed the game-changing things going to be in 2018.

It has been very clear to the open world that Social Media is not optional anymore, it is a necessity. It is a necessary platform for an individual as well as for Company or Organization.

Now, let me take you to the upcoming Social media marketing trends of 2018.

1. Employee Advocacy will Become a Competitive Edge

Employee advocacy platforms boost staff’s social media confidence, providing an easy, time-saving and risk-free way to share company content on social media. Putting your staff at the center of your online initiatives makes them feel valued and strengthens the relationship with the company. It helps companies innovate their digital strategy easily and cost-effectively.

In-fact brand awareness messages are re-shared 24x more frequently when distributed by staff vs brand’s official channels.

Employee advocacy

Simply you can ask your employees to share your posts on their social media profiles. If required, email them the content that you want them to share. To make it easier, add social sharing buttons at the bottom of each of the post. This enables you to have a wider reach on social media due to more shares.


2. Private Social Messaging will Grow Rapidly

Private messaging over social media sites is more like a huge trend that is growing day-by-day dramatically over the next year. Facebook Messenger is a great example that already has more than a billion active monthly users.

facebook messenger active users
This is also getting a place into the social media tactics as it enables deeper and two-way conversations online between the individuals or organizations to individuals. Apart, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots will provide brands to offer modified and better shopping experiences on messaging platforms such as Messenger including Whatsapp and Kik.


3. Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality remarkably shouts that ‘Future is here’ after the very first event hosted in Steve Jobs Theater, will announcing iPhone 8 and X. It says that both the devices have integrated with the new chip that will allow the phones to provide users with remarkable augmented reality experience.
Rise of Augmented Reality (AR)

And it is no new that Snapchat has already started supporting filters that allow users to take a selfie with their Bitmoji character via augmented reality. Soon a user will be able to take a selfie with their desired celebrity. This clearly defines that brands could soon be able to project their products into the timeline of social media users through special filters with augmented reality.


4. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories

It is no obscure about the fastest growing social media platform. Instagram is known by each and everyone, especially if one is in the age group of 18 to 35. Yes, it is pretty famous for youth and Instagram has over 700 million users in less 7 years. In a world that is changing on the rapid-speed, images will never end to drive the social media engagement.

snapchat Vs instagram Stories


And, after introducing Instagram stories similar to Snapchat, it has gain hell lot of attention of almost all the influencers and marketers to make it another source of income. 2018 estimation says that Instagram is going to overtake many other social media sites in the terms of popularity, and engagement with users under 35.


5. Continued Investment in Influencer Marketing

Talking about influencer marketing above, it is showing a lot of exposure and a trustworthy way of marketing. In the initial stage of influencer marketing, there were many questions appearing in this sector of marketing. But, in 2017, it exhibited and many giant companies like Hubspot, Rolex believed that it is successful.

Continued Investment in Influencer Marketing


According to many great organizations and companies who believed in social media-Influencer marketing strategies connect with new audiences and visitors, and also proved it as one of the most helpful for improving engagement with both returning and new visitors. Next year, it is likely that more brands will embrace influencer marketing as a brilliant strategy and source to connect with audiences who tend to ignore traditional strategies.


6. Expansion of Live Streaming

The thing that was once a just a lie or a gimmick has now become a mainstream of Social media. The live stream is up and rising the engagement and quality of a brand. Some of the brands that are medium-sized have even encountered a million impressions by live streaming effective content on Facebook.

At #WCAhmedabad with Mohanthal Sponsors Solwin Infotech

Posted by Baap WP on Friday, October 6, 2017

Live and unfiltered video are changing the game of social media entirely. A fastest growing social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has already launched their own live video streaming platforms. And, as they are getting an amazing response they all are already up to give many new things to it. Facebook Live is becoming so popular that many new media company is using Facebook live for creating stories.


7. Facebook Spaces goes mainstream

Facebook is not just a social media giant with super social powers like live streaming, Instagram assembled and largest audience in the world, it is also been working on a project known as Facebook Spaces that is designed to allow friends on Facebook to connect with each other in a VR space. It also owns Oculus, a VR hardware and software company, and it is no surprise that the Facebook is developing an out of the box technology.

Posted by Facebook Tips on Monday, April 17, 2017

Facebook is more likely to launch it Facebook Space project in 2018. If it is going to happen, it will be the first VR social media product at the scale that will be the big Social media game changers of 2018.

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